LAPT Punta del Este: One room to one table

When we began the Latin American Poker Tour event in Punte del Este yesterday, the 327 starting players were scattered over three rooms. Today, with 64 players remaining, we've moved to one room. By the time the day ends, we'll only need one table.

When we last left our fearless poker players, those 64 left the room behind chip leader Oliver Rowe. Just one step and 1,000 chips behind him was second place Alberto Font.

When we begin the day here in a few minutes, players will be coming back to 1,200/2,400/300 blinds. To replace the flowing prose from yesterday, we're going to give you run-and-gun coverage as we head toward the money bubble. The top 36 will get paid. The final nine will get one more day in the tournament.

Today also begins feature table coverage by the ESPN crew in the room. The TV lights are on and the featured table is ready for its players.


Play begins in just a few minutes.