LAPT Punta del Este: Ramdin, Akkari eliminated in one-two punch

Things looked dire for Victor Ramdin. With the blinds up to 500-1000 with a 100 ante, Ramdin had only 4,900 left -- barely enough to survive two orbits. With the action folded around, the button moved all in, having Ramdin well-covered. The small blind folded and Ramdin peeked at his cards. The A♠-4♣ looked good to him and he slid his stack into the middle, cringing when his opponent turned up pocket nines.

The flop was Q♦-J♠-5♣. Most players would be out of their chair and gathering their things at that point. But this is Victor Ramdin, folks.

The turn? The 4♥. The river? The A♦. And just like that, the jovial, Bronx-based pro had life again with 12,200 in chips. Unfortunately, his reprieve wouldn't last for long.

A short time later, Ramdin moved in with pocket aces and was called by an opponent with pocket eights. Safe flop, safe turn... but an eight on the river sent him off to the bar. Or the craps pit.


Victor Ramdin, all-in and awaiting his fate

Almost immediately afterward, Andre Akkari was crippled in similar fashion. All in with Q-Q against 5-5, Akkari's opponent spiked a set on the river to chop out most of the Brazilian's stack. Though Akkari was able to double up against Alex Brenes on a subsequent hand, he met his end on the very next deal, getting his money in with K-9 against A-8. An ace hit the flop, the king on the turn gave him a ray of hope, but the eight on the river sealed his elimination.


Queens cracked

And with that, Andre Akkari wins the (very fact completely fabricated) Team PokerStars Pro last-longer.