LAPT Punta del Este: Song of the serial satellite winner

Melina Villegas offered to eat a wax candle holder a couple of nights ago.

"I'll do it for $3,700," she said.

The thing was bigger than a grapefruit. It hardly seemed healthy. So, I undercut her and offered to do it for $1,000 (she was painfully unaware that I have eaten a lot of wax for money in the past and would probably do it again for the right price).

Villegas has become a friend over the course of our time on the LAPT circuit (she also happens to be the older and much wiser sister of our chip counting monkey Alex Villegas). Her offer to eat the candle holder was largely in jest. Even though she wasn't going to shell out the $3,700 buy-in to play today, she was a lock to win a seat in one of the super satellites. We say that because she's done it at the last three LAPT events. She shows up, plays a satellite, and gets her seat. It's just what she does.

And that's what she did this time.

The PokerStars Video Blog team caught up with Villegas a little bit ago and got a report on her early Day 1 action. As far as we could see, it didn't involve eating wax.

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