LAPT Punta del Este: Speed in a can

It's always a pleasure to chat with Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck. One of Latin American poker's great success stories, Maridu used to... well... do our job as a writer for PokerStars' Brazilian blog before she started cashing in major events left and right, leading to her present status as a PokerStars sponsored player. The Rio de Janiero native now makes her home in Austin, Texas where she lives with her boyfriend Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet and U.K. transplant Steven "stevie444" Chidwick. Her hair streaked blonde from the sun and a luscious caramel leather Balenciaga bag slung across the back of her chair, Maridu is presently sharing a table with Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips, whom, according to her, was apparently quite adamant about keeping his table energized.


Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck

Phillips, perhaps a bit weary from the 6,000+ mile flight to Uruguay, was jonesing for some Red Bull and sought the assistance of a waiter at one of the Mantra Resort's restaurants in the hopes of procuring some of the fizzy, sugary energy drink. The restaurant didn't have any Red Bull, but did have a few servings on hand of its Uruguayan equivalent, joke... "Speed Unlimited." Phillips requested ten cans, one for each player at his table. Apparently, his order was enough to buy the entire restaurant out of their Speed supply, and the waiter hurried into town by taxi to purchase enough to keep Phillips & Co. sufficiently awake and alert


Phillips, in the midst of a "speed" binge

Both Phillips and Mayrinck are still hovering near their starting stacks. From what we can tell, LAPT Vina del Mar champion Fabian Ortiz is the room's current chip leader, with 26,000 in his stack. For a look at how the rest of the field is stacking up, check out the LAPT Punta del Este chip counts, which were just updated at the start of Level 3.