LAPT Punta del Este: The fall and rise of Victor Ramdin

It's not exactly the cheeriest term, but for those of us in the poker media, the word "deathwatch" is our shorthand for "lost most of his stack, about to bust". After taking a walk around the tournament room, we noticed that Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin's starting stack of 10,000 had all but evaporated, leaving him with only a small collection of black 100-denomination chips, totaling just over 1,000.

Victor Ramdin was officially on deathwatch. Members of the media, this reporter included, kept a close eye on his table, hoping to catch either his final hand, or a much-needed double-up.


How dare you put me on "deathwatch?"

"If Victor had 150,000 chips right now, he'd be on deathwatch," joked one tournament official, noting Ramdin's aggressive, swingy style of play.

"Yeah, I've seen him do this a million times," added a fellow journalist. "He'll lose 90% of his stack in the first few levels and in the blink of an eye, he'll have it all back."

Only a few moments ago, we caught Ramdin power-walking out the door. Fearing he'd busted, we hurried over to his table to see if we could piece together what had happened.

There were 9,700 chips in front of his empty chair. Ramdin had just tripled up, and could finally afford to miss a few hands and grab a bathroom break.

Guess we can cross him off that list.