LAPT Punta del Este: Three days in the sunshine

If the breeze wasn't an issue, we would just pick up the tables here at the Mantra Resort and Casino and play this tournament outside. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the temperatures are perfect for kicking back for a few hands of poker. Alas, we're going to play this one inside as normal.

Fortunately, we still get to watch this thing under the shining sun's face. The Uruguayan flag hangs around the tournament room as we begin to kick off the Punta del Este stop of the the Latin America Poker Tour's second season. That blue and white striped flag is decorated with a yellow sunshine. In the middle of that star is a smiling face. It's not quite as good as playing cards by the pool, but it will do. After all, everyone is here to work.


Here in just a few minutes, more than 250 people will come into this room and sit down for three days of poker. Last season, Jose Miguel Espinar defeated a record field of 351 players to win the top prize of $241,735. By Friday night, we will have a new champion.

Keep it here. Unless we get drawn outside by the real sun, we'll be here until the end.

While we wait for the event to begin, take a look at the video blog below.

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