LAPT Vina del Mar: A family affair

It's no big surprise anymore to see Humberto Brenes walk into an LAPT tournament room. The only real shocker would be if he didn't show up. He, his visor, and his sharks are now a fixture on this circuit. Furthermore, seeing brother Alex alongside the Shark is a pretty common occurrence, too.

Humberto must have felt like there were enough of his bloodline in the circuit. So, he started bringing his boys.

Although not as regular, we're starting to see more and more Breneses around these parts. In past events, we spotted Brenes progeny #1, Jose Humberto Brenes (who, incidentally knocked Uncle Alex out of the San Jose event in Season 1). Today, we're actually seeing two Brenes sons. The younger Roberto Brenes is in the field as well. He's sitting at the same table with the queen of Costa Rican poker, Maria Stern.

Roberto Brenes (far left) takes his fashion sense from Dad

With an official 216 players in the field, the Brenes family makes up nearly 2% of the field. While no guarantee of a deep run, the Costa Rican royal family stands a greater chance of making the final table than any other.

In other news, one of the biggest pots of the day just played out between two PokerStars qualifiers. After four players limped into the pot, Chile's Sebastian Arrigada made it 575 to play. He got two calles, including Argentinian qualifier Saechi Albento. The flop came down T-6-9. Arrigada checked, a player in the middle made it 2,000, Albento shoved, and Arrigada called.

Arrigada held pocket tens for the flopped top set. Albento was sick with his pocket sixes for the flopped bottom set.

But wait! What's that on the turn. Why, it's a seven. And there on the river, yes, that is an eight. With the board showing a six through ten straight, the two sets split the massive pot.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour