LAPT Vina del Mar: BrenesWatch, Part 2

Brenes down! Alert the media!

Jose Humberto Brenes, the elder of Humberto's two sons, just met his tournament end after getting his chips in with A-J and running into his opponent's A-Q. Though Brenes flopped good, pairing his jack, a queen arrived on the turn to destroy his hopes of a double-up. He joined his father on the rail and the two are now intensely sweating the two remaining Breneses-- Roberto and Alex.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay1_IJG_5439.jpg

Jose Humberto Brenes, playing earlier today

Roberto Brenes was just greeted by the lovely Veronica Dabul, who just took the empty seat to his right after her table broke. Still young enough to be wearing braces, Roberto appears to be employing his dad's tight, solid style, playing few hands but pushing hard with the ones he does play. After getting down to the 5,000 chip range early on, he has built his stack back up to 13,500. Slow and steady also appears to be working for his uncle Alex, who has 18,200 to work with at present after busting Ylon Schwartz.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Latin American Poker Tour