LAPT Vina del Mar: Level 11 live updates

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Blinds: 800/1600/100

Last updated 2:05pm

2:05pm--Kings fall again

It doesn't appear to be a good day to pick up pocket kings, as Rodolfo Daniel Galan's cowboys just fell to the Qc-Th of Ricardo Bozicevich Masegosa. Their chips went in on the Td-Ts-3d flop and Galan could not improve on the Ah turn or the Qs river. He hit the rail while Masegosa raked in the substantial pot with a hearty "Vamos!"

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_5856.jpg
Rodolfo Daniel Galan laments the regicide

2:03pm-- Everything's coming up aces for Manzano

If we had a sick hand of the day award here, this one would take the cake.

Now, you may recall the uber-dramatic hand that closed the Day 1 action yesterday, when Alex Manzano, Andre Akkari, and a third opponent were all in pre-flop with A-A, K-K and Q-Q respectively. Manzano ended up tripling up on the hand when he flopped quads.

This time, Manzano was the all-in player once again, this time quite the underdog with his As-Js up against Anthony Spinella's Kd-Kc. Both players were out of their seats, cameras swarming the table. The flop came down 8s-8h-6d.

"No running eights!" said Spinella, perhaps a bit too seriously.

"That's what you're worried about?" quipped his friend on the rail as the dealer burned and turned the 4s.

Here's where it gets interesting. The dealer turned up the Th on the river, but another player at the table noticed that she had not burned a card. The ten was turned over and became the burn card as she turned up the real river... the Ah.

Screams, shouts, pandemonium. Many cries of "VAMOS!" and "That's SO SICK!"

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_5874.jpg
Alex Manzano, much happier with the second river

A devastated Spinella did a quick about-face and took a tilt-walk out of the room, followed by several men weilding cameras and boom mikes. He was left with somewhere in the neighborhood of 27,000 after the hand.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_5878.jpg
Anthony Spinella

1:59pm--Hu's fourth life denied

Just moments after Qi Hu got a third life with a sizable side pot, he got all in against former foe Minond Oded. Hu held 8h-8s to Oded's 5s-5d. The flop came down Td-9d-Kd. Oded said something to the effect of, "Hey look! Diamonds!" and Hu looked like he might cry. Across the table, Brandon Demes  said, "You're good, dude. Don't worry."

The ace of clubs popped out on the turn and it looked like Hu might survive. Then the 4d crashed the party on the river. Hu refrained from crying. Oded did not refrain from celebrating. The story ends with Hu walking out and Oded stacking chips. It's a tale we tell too often and a story we'll tell 30 or so more times before we end the day.

1:53pm--Video fix

Here's your first video blog of the intro into Day 2.

Watch LAPT Vina Del Mar 09: Day 2 Intro on

1:45pm--Qi Hu gets another life

It's all-in three ways with Canada's Qi Hu having the worst of it. He holds A-J to Damian Andres Salas' A-K and short-stacked Minond Oded's Q-Q. The board ran out jack-high and Hu got ready to leave. Then he realized he had Oded well-covered and had basically doubled up.

"Oh, I get the side pot," he said. "That's my third life."

1:33pm-- Shirley Rosario Eliminated

"Shirley hates queens. But she's looking good on this one" whispered Rosario's friend Halli who stood craning her neck on the rail, awaiting her traveling companion's fate.

Rosario was all in for her remaining 10,000 or so, her Qd-Qs a significant favorite over Anthony Spinella's Ad-7d. The flop, though came down Ac-5c-3h.

"There's an ace" said Rosario, resigned to her fate.

The turn was the 6d. As the dealer burned and turned the river, we could see paint... but it was the Ks, sending Rosario to the rail.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_5831.jpg

1:31pm-- Earthquake on table 3!

Rodrigo Seiji Sirichuk and Gasperino Loicano were all in pre-flop, Loiacano in great shape holding As-Qs against Sirichuk's Kd-Qh. As the flop came down Ac-Ad-Ts, an elated Loiacano slammed the table with a closed fist with such force that it sent the chip stack of the player next to him tumbling all over the felt. His joy at flopping trip aces was short-lived, however, as the Jc appeared on the turn, making Sirichuk a Broadway straight. The 4c peeled off on the river and Loiacano, silenced now, turned and quickly headed for the exit.

1:28pm--Dabul does double duty

Argentinian smile queen Veronica Dabul just got us two steps closer to the final table. Short-stacked Marcelo Gallardo pushed all-in and got a call from Donald Boivin. Dabul called as well. When the flop came down K-A-T, Boivin pushed all-in and got the call from Dabul. Boivin held K-T for two pair. Dabul was holding A-T for a better two pair. Boivin and Gallardo are both out of the event. 

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_5824.jpg

1:24pm--Shirley Rosario crippled

Well, you can't say she didn't get her money in good. In a pre-flop all in confrontation, Shirley Rosario held A-K, dominating her opponent's Ac-8c. The flop, though, came down a devastating Qc-8d-4h, pairing her opponent's kicker. Though the Ts on the turn gave her a ray of hope with a straight draw, the river fell the Tc and Rosario's stack was decimated. After the hand, she was left with 11,000 in chips.

1:20pm--Level 11 begins

With 55 players remaining, Level 11 is underway.

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