LAPT Vina del Mar: Level 13 live updates

Live updates from the Level 13 of the LAPT event in Vina del Mar Chile are brought to you by Change100 and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Blinds: 1,200/2,400/200

Last updated 5:10pm

5:15pm--Level 13 ends

Players are on a 15 minute break.

5:10pm--Dabul down!

One of our three remaining women, PokerStars sponsored player Veronica Dabul just played her last hand. With the action folded to her on the button, she moved all in for her remaining 23,800 and Vincenzo Giannelli insta-called from the big blind, revealing two red jacks to Dabul's Kd-7c. Giannelli hit a set when the flop came down Jc-Th-6d and the 2c on the turn left Dabul drawing dead. The river was the meaningless 3h and Dabul bit her tablemates adios with gracious handshakes and a smile, despite busting three spots from the money.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_5980.jpg

5:06pm--Sick read? Sick call? Just sick? You decide

With a final board reading Ts-8s-Qh-7c-Td, PokerStars qualifier Brandon Demes pushed all-in for more than 40,000 chips. Though the pot was messy, it looked to have about the same amount in it, and if not, just a little less. Brazil's Ariel Celestino hardly thought about it before announcing, "Call."

Demes smirked. "King-high," he said. He knew he was beat, he just didn't know by what.

Celestino flipped

Demes nearly stumbled into the table. "That's the sickest call I've ever seen," he said and flipped over Ks-9s before walking out of the room.

4:59pm-- Villa vanquishes Velasquez

Another player has fallen as we edge ever-closer to the bubble. Short-stacked Cristian Velasquez moved all in for his remaining 19,100 and Hernan Villa made the call, revealing two black queens to Velasquez's pocket sixes. The board ran out Kc-Jc-Js-Ah-8h and a clearly disappointed Velasquez made a quiet exit.

4:57pm--Chip counts updated

Chip counts from the end of the last level have been updated on our chip counts page.

4:46pm-- Buckley fells Farmer

The all-ins just keep on coming, this latest one over on the TV featured table where Arthur Farmer was all in with Ah-Kc against the pocket jacks of Roberto Buckley, who had him slightly covered. An ace appeared in the door, but a jack was right behind it, the flop coming down As-Jc-9c. The turn was the 4h, the river was the 7c and Farmer made his exit, graciously shaking his opponent's hand before leaving the stage.

With Farmer's elimination, we're down to 32 players, 27 of whom will be paid.

Here's what Farmer had to say a little earlier.

Watch LAPT Vina Del Mar 09: Arthur Farmer on

4:40pm--Yes, indeed, that was a four-way all-in

One all-in hand here will draw a crowd. A three-way all-in makes people go crazy. A four-way all-in nearly required security, an electric cattle prod, and a jail cell. Here's how it went down.

Rodrigo Seiji Sirichuk open pushed with As-6c. Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes, short and in need of a double-up made the easy call with Ac-Qs. Suddenly, though, it became a "woops" moment when Alberb Bari woke up with pocket queens on the button. In went his chips, too. But, wait, there're more! Columbia's Jhon Rua was sitting in the big blind and came to with pocket kings.

That, folks, is how you have a four-way all-in. The board ran out 4s-Jh-6h-7s-5h. Bari and Sirichuk were both eliminated and Gomes went out one hand later.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_5965.jpg

Rua, meanwhile, moved up to nearly 120,000 chips.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_5955.jpg

4:28pm--Manzano doubles through Demes

Alex Manzano opened the pot for a 5,400 raise from under-the-gun, the cutoff flat-called, and Brandon Demes reraised to 15,400 from the button. Manzano wasted no time moving in for about 35,000, prompting the cutoff to fold.

"Well, this sucks," muttered Demes, who called the additional 20,000. "Bad squeeze, bad squeeze."

The flop came down Qc-Td-8h.

"Don't worry, I'll spike a five" quipped Demes with a sly smile.

Close. The turn was the 4d. No help for Demes on the Qd river and Manzano doubled up to 83,000. Demes was left with 44,000.


We're back in action.

3:58pm--Feature table change

The TV crew is switching feature tables, so Level 13 will start a little later than planned. Maria Stern and Veronica Dabul will now be under the TV lights.

3:55pm--Level 13 about to begin

Players are getting ready to return from their break. The green 25 denomination chips have been raced off in favor or a new ante that no longer requires the little chips. Blinds are now 1,200/2,400/200.

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