LAPT Vina del Mar: Level 16 live updates

Live updates from the Level 16 of the LAPT event in Vina del Mar Chile are brought to you by Change100 and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Blinds: 2,500/5,000/400

Last updated 11:53pm

12:00am--Benoit Gariepy hurt, still alive

Canada's Benoit Gariepy just took a big hit to his stack after getting Kd-Qd all-on against Leandro Balotin 's A-Q and not catching.

Here's a brief interview with the man from Canada in slightly happier times.

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11:58pm--Roberto Buckley eliminated in 16th place ($6,548)

Fabio Escobar opened for 15,000 and with the action folded around to Roberto Buckley, he moved all in for about 45,000. Escobar asked for a count and before he could finish, Escobar made the call, showing Jh-Jc to Buckley's Th-Tc. Ac-8h-4h-9c-Kc on the board and Buckley exited the table in 16th place.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_6169.jpg

11:52pm--Remembering Maria

As we hated to see Maria Stern go a little earlier, we thought it would be nice to take a look at this great interview she shot with our video blog team earlier today.

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11:41pm--Jamie Ateneloff doubles through "Chiquitita"

Jyries "Chiquitita" Aguad Saba opened the action, Jaime Ateneloff moved all in for 38,500 total and Chiquitita obliged with a call. It was a race situation, Ateneloff with 4h-4s for the underpair and Chiquitita with Ks-Jh for the overcards. Remarkably, there was nary a cry of "Chiquitita!" as the board ran out Qd-7d-6s-5c-7h and Ateneloff doubled his stack to 86,000.

11:39pm--Woops. Ricardo Bozicevich Masegosa slips up, and out in 17th place ($6,548)

Carter Phillips came in for a raise to 15,000 under the gun plus one and play folded around to Spain's Ricardo Bozicevich Masegosa in the big blind. Masegosa immediately announced all-in for around 100,000. Phillips didn't ask for a count and could not have called any faster with A-K. Before Phillips event turned over his hand, Masegosa picked his cards up and slammed them on the table in disgust. The Kh-8d mistake hit the felt so hard, the king bounced off the table and onto the floor. No matter. The board didn't bring an eight or a miracle and Masegosa's stack slid over to Phillips.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_6187.jpg
Masegosa suffers regret

11:35pm--Kim Nielsen suffers re-suck, out in 18th ($6,548)

With only 15,000 in his stack and sitting in the big blind Kim Nielsen felt rather obligated to call a raise with any two cards. So he did when Ricardo Bozicevich Masegosa came in for a raise. Nielsen held 8s5s. Masegosa showed As-Tc. Nielsen picked up a eight on the flop. Masegosa walked away from the table and was literally surprised to see the ace that fell on the turn to give him a win.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_5998.jpg

11:24pm-- Kings boost Balotin

Vincenzo Giannelli opened for a raise to 15,000, only to face an all in from Leandro Balotin, making it an additional 60,300 to call. After a lengthy stint in the tank, Giannelli called, only to discover his Kd-Jd was in horrendous shape against Balotin's Kc-Ks. The flop was 9h-9c-8c, Balotin still solidly in the lead, but the turn made things just a bit more interesting when the Th fell. Giannelli leapt from his seat and began screaming and waving a finger at the board like an errant child, imploring for a seven or a queen in rapid-fire Spanish. The river, though was the Ac and Balotin raked in a massive lake of chips (which he is still stacking). Giannelli was left with 130,000.


After the TV time out, the final 18 players are once again in action. We are playing through nine more eliminations before breaking for the night and coming back to play the final table tomorrow afternoon.

11:11pm--Short break

We're on a short TV time out after the re-draw. Back with you shortly.

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