LAPT Vina del Mar: Level 19 continued live updates

Live updates from the final table of the LAPT event in Vina del Mar Chile are brought to you by Change100 and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates. This post will track the action in Level 19 where play ended on Day 2.

Blinds: 5,000/10,000/1,000

Last updated 5:15pm

5:15pm-- Pass the... what?

Vincenzo Giannelli raised to 23,000, Fabian Ortiz called, and Fabio Escobar called from the big blind. The flop came down 9c-3c-3h. The action was checked to Ortiz, who led out for 50,000. Escobar gave up his hand, but Giannelli moved all in for his remaining 65,000, finally eliciting an excited murmur from the crowd. Ortiz made the call.

Giannelli slapped his cards on table, screaming to the heavens or really whomever would listen in a loud torrent of Spanish as he revealed his 9h-3d for a flopped full house. Our skills at the local language are limited, but sources tell us it was a cheeky phrase equivalent to Joe Hachem's infamous "pass the sugar." Ortiz showed pocket tens and the dealer burned and turned. It was the 3s, Giannelli hitting quads. More shouting, more commotion. The river was the meaningless 2s and Giannelli earned the double-up in truly dramatic fashion.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay3FT_IJG_6391.jpg

5:05pm--All choked up

Although it had little to do with final table play (and really, when it takes 40 minutes to play one orbit, there isn't a lot of poker going on) Fabio Escobar nearly gave Eduardo Camia a shower. Escobar was a little reckless with his bottle of water, took too big a drink, and started choking. We're not sure how much got on Camia, but it wasn't enough to make him stop smiling.

4:56pm--Fool us once...

After re-raising and showing down the 9-2 just a couple of hands earlier, Damian Salas might have thought about chilling out for a bit. Instead, there he was raising again, this time to 32,000 pre-flop. Fabian Ortiz made the call from the big blind. When the flop came down Qc-Ad-9h, both players checked. On the 9h turn, Ortiz checked and Salas bet 40,000. With nary the blink of an eye, Ortiz raised to 85,000 straight. Salas made a show of counting out his chips, but ultimately folded. Of course...he could've had 9-2 again. Good thing for Ortiz, Salas apparently did not.

4:50pm--That's quite a range, Senor Salas

Eduardo Camia put in an opening raise to 31,000 and was met with a reraise to 64,000 total from Damian Salas. Camia called, and both players checked the Ah-9c-8d flop. The Jc on the turn was also met with two checks, as was the 3s on the river. Time for our first final table showdown.

Camia turned up 7h-7s and Salas revealed... 9h-2s, demonstrating our chip leader's willingness to reraise with well, any hand really. Salas' pair of nines took it down.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay3FT_IJG_6362.jpg

4:43pm-- And now, for a turn card

The room still silent and the atmosphere fairly tense, Jaime Ateneloff opened the pot for a 22,000 raise and Damian Salas made the call. The flop came down Js-9c-8h and both players checked. The 2s appeared on the turn and Salas took a shot at the pot with a 40,000 bet. It was enough to lose Ateneloff and Salas dragged the pot.

4:34pm-- Easing away the nerves

Perhaps it's due to the jitters of everyone playing their first final table under the blazing TV lights, but the first three hands resulted in nary a flop. Finally, on the fourth hand, we got our first small taste of action, when Hernan Villa and Eduardo Camia saw a Kc-9d-4d flop after limping in from the blinds. A 16,000 bet from Villa took it down.

4:28pm--Your LAPT Vina del Mar Final table

Here's a look at the final table we're watching right now.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay3FT_IJ2_4827.jpg

4:24pm--Play underway

With the button in front of Leandro Bolatin, we're finally underway.

4:04pm--A look at the final table

As we prepare to get started, here's a look at the final table, courtesy photographer Joe Giron.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay3FT_IJ2_4816.jpg

3:56pm--Final table player profiles

If you are unfamiliar with any of the players sitting among the final nine, check out the LAPT Vina del Mar final table player profiles.

3:47pm--Players taking their seats

Final table play is about to begin.

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