LAPT Vina del Mar: Level 19 live updates

Live updates from the Level 19 of the LAPT event in Vina del Mar Chile are brought to you by Change100 and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates.

Blinds: 5,000/10,000/1,000

Last updated 3:04am

3:04am-- Carter Phillips eliminated in 10th place ($9,167)

With the table five-handed and the action folded around to Carter Phillips in the small blind, he moved all in for 100,000. Eduardo Camia, in the big blind, checked his hole cards and immediately called, turning up Ad-Qh. Phillips flipped up 3c-5c and took a few steps back from the table as a sea of humanity surged around it.

"You're gonna flop quads, man. 3-3-3!" called out a Phillips fan from the rail.

The board, however, ran out 7s-4s-4h-Qc-9d and the pot belonged to Camia. Though it looked like Phillips was done for, once the stacks were counted down, he discovered he still had chips. Two of them, in fact.

One of those 1,000 chips was posted in the ante. The other went into the pot before he even looked at his cards. Camia completed the small blind and it looked like we were in for the typical check-down, that is, until Hernan Villa decided to move all in. Camia mucked disgustedly.

It was Phillips' 4d-9c up against Villa's Ts-5c. Both players paired up on the Th-7d-4s flop, but Villa made two pair on the turn when the 5s fell. Before the river card (the 7h) could be dealt, Phillips was shaking hands and bidding his tablemates good luck.

And with that, we have our final table. Finally.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay2_IJG_6311.jpg
Phillips shows off his final two chips

2:54am-- Back in action

Players are back. One more elimination and we're at the final table.

Brad Willis
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