LAPT Vina del Mar: Level 25 live updates

Live updates from the final table of the LAPT event in Vina del Mar Chile are brought to you by Change100 and Brad Willis. Click refresh to see the latest updates. This post will track the action in Level 24.

Blinds: 20,000/40,000/4,000

Last updated 2:05am

2:05am--Fabian Ortiz battles from half a big blind to win LAPT Vina del Mar

It happened faster than anybody could calculate. Vincenzo Giannelli raised to 130,000, Fabian Ortiz announced all-in, and Giannelli called in a shot for the entirety of his 899,000 stack. Ortiz held As-Jc to Giannelli's Ah-Td.

Though the flops, turns, and rivers had been as exciting as anyone could want to this point, the final board ran out fairly: 7c-Qc-4d-8c-6c.

When the river hit, Ortiz jumped in the air and screamed, "Vamos!"

After accepting congratulations from his supporters, he walked over to Giannelli. Ever-gracious, Giannelli took Ortiz' hand, held it in the air, and declared, "Champion!"


Giannelli wins $58,570.

Ortiz, the man who came back from half a big blind to the championship won $141,426.

We'll have a full final table wrap up in just a bit.

1:56am--And now, for another all in

Both players limped in for 40,000 and saw a Qs-8d-7d flop. Giannelli checked, Ortiz immediately moved all in and Giannelli elected to fold, showing the 7s. Ortiz flashed the 5d-9d and took down the pot.

1:45am--Ortiz gutters Giannelli, evening the stacks

Vincenzo Giannelli raised to 120,000 on the button, Fabian Ortiz moved all in from the big blind and Giannelli called, having him well covered. It was the Ad-6c for Giannelli and the Kd-7c for Ortiz, their respecting entourages on their feet.

"Ace! Ace! Ace!" chanted Vincenzo's Venezuelan choir on one side of the room, a word which, we'll remind you, has a Spanish pronunciation similar to the synonym for an oft-uttered word in our game-- donkey.

The flop came down Tc-8d-6h, pairing Giannelli's six, but giving Ortiz some more outs with a gutshot straight draw. His supporters began calling for a "nueve."

The turn? The 9d.

The Venezuelan contingent fell silent and the other side of the room exploded as Ortiz made his straight. Now the Venezuelans were calling for a "siete" to put a straight on the board and split the pot.

It was not to be, though, as the 9s fell and Ortiz doubled up, nearly evening the stacks. After the hand Ortiz had 1.15 million to Giannelli's 999,000.

1:31am-- First blood to Fabian

Fabian Ortiz had the button on the first hand of heads-up play and limped in. Vincenzo Giannelli checked his option and they saw a flop of As-Ac-2c. Giannelli checked, Ortiz bet 40,000 and Giannelli put in a raise to 100,000. Ortiz wasted no time in three-betting him to 240,000.

"Show me your poker face!" demanded Giannelli with a laugh.

Ortiz comically covered his face and it was apparently enough to convince Giannelli to give up his hand. Ortiz showed A-8 as he took down the pot.

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay3FT_IJ2_4907.jpg

1:11am--Damian Salas in third place ($52,380)

The room was almost asleep. It's late. Everyone can be forgiven for sleeping Vincenzo Giannelli's 124,000 raise from the button. Everybody perked up a little when Damian Salas announced re-raise from the big blind. "All-in," he said. The amount was 520,000.

Giannelli bolted from his chair and yelled, "I call! I'm not stealing!" He held his cards high in the air and then planted them on the table: Ac-Qh.

Salas couldn't beat it. He held Ah-5s.

The crowd rallied behind Giannelli, singing the mini-opera built entirely around his name. The flop fell 9d-3d-6s, enough to give Salas' supporters hope.

"Cuatro!" they yelled in unison.

And there it was...the 4d.

Suddenly, Salas had life. He needed a five, a deuce, or a seven. Instead, he got the 8s.

Giannelli ran around the room, the hero of an anti-tragedy, and the operatic performance rung through the air, crescendoing to a scream of "Venezuela!" and settling again on the name "Vincenzo!"

LAPT CHL_MainEventDay3FT_IJG_6628.jpg

Salas finished in much more quiet third place for $52,380.

The heads up chip counts:

Giannelli: 1,524,000
Ortiz: 637,000

1:02am--New level, new blinds, same players, new antics

As we move up to the 20,000/40,000/4,000 level, Vincenzo Giannelli was just asked to make sure he was holding his hole cards in front of the lipstick camera. Giannelli obliged, then stood up, bent over, put his face in the camera, and said, "Heyyyyy! You in there?!"

That was enough to shake everybody out of the 1am slumber.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour