LAPT Vina del Mar: Summer party in pictures

It's easy to throw a party in the wintertime. People are cold, bored, and generally uninterested in all things interesting.

In the summertime, though, things are much different. It's hard to throw a party and make people show up. If PokerStars throws a party, though, people come out with bells on. That's the situation here in the southern hemisphere at the LAPT event in Vina del Mar.

Witness the LAPT Vina del Mar welcome party, courtesy of PokerStars Blog photographer Joe Giron.

LAPT CHL_Welcome Party_IJ2_4669.jpg
The crowd at the welcome party

LAPT CHL_Welcome Party_IJG_5310.jpg

LAPT President Glenn Cademartori

LAPT CHL_Welcome Party_IJ2_4657.jpg
Andre Akkari and Christian De Leon Angeles

LAPT CHL_Welcome Party_IJ2_4643.jpg
Relaxing at the welcome party

LAPT CHL_Welcome Party_IJ2_4662.jpg
Maria and Max Stern & Vernoica Dabul

LAPT CHL_Welcome Party_IJ2_4664.jpg
Dennis Phillips and Ylon Schwartz

The folks you see above and the rest of us are bedding down for the night to get prepped for Day 1 of LAPT Via del Mar, Join us here at 12pm local time for full coverage of Day 1.

For a moving picture version of tonight's party, check out this look from our video blogging team.

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Brad Willis
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