LAPT Florianopolis: Day 2, level 11 and 12 updates (blinds 800-1,600, 200 ante)


4.45pm: Break time
That's the end of the level and another 15 minute break.

4.40pm: Arias still going strong
"I'm still alive," said Team PokerStars Online Jorge Arias as he collected his newly earned chips.

He moved all in from under the gun for 13,500 and got a call from Gustavo Hess on the button. Arias' K♥Q♣ was up against Hess' A♥8♥.

Things looked grim for Arias until the river brought a King to save the day. Arias doubled up to 29,000 and Hess was left with 15,000.

"He owed me though," said Arias as he described a hand where he and Hess chopped a pot yesterday. Arias held ace-king and Hess had ace-five. The flop brought two aces and an eight. The turn was a three. So was the river. Full houses for everyone.

"He really did owe me," repeated Arias.

4.30pm: Return to Sander
Said Kamle moved all-in with A♥7♣, getting a caller in Sander Aalders who showed J♦J♠. The flop was harmless for the Dutchman, coming 6♥2♥2♣. But the turn was the beat one, A♠, which prompted Kamle to slap the side of the table instinctively. Sander said nothing, even after the 3♦ on the river meant he'd have to pay off the Colombian.

Kamle up to 41,500. Aalders down to 47,000.

4.22pm: Popeye too strong for Dabul
Veronica Dabul is out having nursed a short stack for much of the day. Marcus Popeye was in the cut off and made it 4,000 to play. Dabul moved in for her last 18,000 from the big blind showing ace-five. for Popeye though ace-jack. no change on the board. Dabul is out.

4.15pm: Three way action
A three way all-in just sent some much needed chips to Henrique Dietrich. He was all-in with A♠K♥ against a caller Ademir Strechar with A♦K♠ and Fernando Saboya, who showed last, seemingly warming his hands over his cards before turning them over to reveal J♠J♣.

Crucially Dietrich had a heart and the board ran 8♥3♥7♥9♦6♥ to make him a flush on the river. Strechar is down to 132,000 while Saboya sits with 59,800. The hand was good for close to 60,000.

4.10pm: The odyssey continues
Homero Ribeira's stack continues to grow.

After calling an opponent's 7,000 all in, Ribeira showed [10c]Q♣ and was up against K♥J♣. The first card on the flop was the one that Ribeira needed, a Q♦. The other flop cards were a 5♦ and the 7♣.

The turn was an uneventful [10h] and the river was a anticlimactic 4♥.
Ribeira is now up to 180,000

3.55pm: Level up
Blinds are now 800-1,600 with a 200 ante as we go into level 12.

3.50pm: We just lost a Wager
The end of the tournament has come for Natan Wager. Having arrived at the feature table he'd worked 13,000 into 20,000 and from the hi-jack opene for 2,500. Leo Fernandez was in the big blind and called with 60,000 behind for a flop of K♠T♣5♠.

Natan Wager

Both checked for a 4♦ turn. Fernandez bet 3,600 which Wager called for a 7♥ river. Here Fernandez checked before Wager moved all-in. Fernandez went into the tank but called, showing T♥8♣ to Wager's 2♠6♠. Wager out. Fernandez up to around 80,000.

3.45pm: Doube Dutch
On the next hand Dario Mascarenhas was at it again. He opened for 2,500 from under-the-gun getting called by Ulises Sanchez, Sander Aalders as well as the seat nine player. The flop came 6♥A♣9♠ which everyone checked for a 8♣ turn.

At this point Mascarenhas spread out a bet of 5,000. Would anyone take him on? Not Sanchez, not Aalders, not seat nine.

3.40pm: Go Dutch
Sander Aalders from Holland had to sigh when Dario Mascarenhas bet on the end. The pot had built up to more than 20,000 on a board of J♥A♣2♣T♥A♥ and now, with nothing left to come, Aalders knew he'd probably lost it. But, he paid Mascarenhas anyway to be sure. Mascarenhas showed him A♠5♠ and Aalders dutifully folded, down to 63,000. Mascarenhas moved up to 67,000.

3.36pm: Nacho's back
Despite being eliminated in the first levels of play yesterday, Jose Ignacio Barbero is back in the tournament area playing poker. And no, he's not in the side event either.

Nacho Barbero is sitting at media row multi-tabling 8-Game on PokerStars. He recently doubled up in a PLO hand where his set of 10's beat his opponents two pair.

He's sitting at one 100/200 table; one 80/40 table; and two 20/40 tables if you wish to join him.

3.30pm: Homero's odyssey
Big stacks have begun to emerge as the field shrinks. 126 players remain and Homero Ribeiro is their current chip leader.

Marcus Popeye (yes, Popeye) raised to 3,100 from early position. Two to his left, Ricardo Tombini moved all in for his remaining 12,500

Ribeiro was on the button and made the call. Action came back to Popeye who looked conflicted.

He thought, thought, and thought some more. He did some math out loud and exchanged some Portugese with Tombini. After thinking a little bit more, he folded.

Tombini showed Q♠Q♣, but it was no match for Ribeiro's A♠A♣. The board brought no miracle for Tombini and he was eliminated.

Ribeiro took in his chips and saw his stack grow to 165,000. Good enough for the chip lead.

For now.

3.20pm: Cold shoulder for warm-up winner
Bolivar Palacios from Panama, a former Sunday warm up winner, just had his stack crippled when his aces were cracked by ace-king, the river making a straight for his opponent. It was a 55,000 pot that leaves the Panamanian with around 20,000.

3.15pm: Karma boy
Angel Guillen, the man who bubbled the bubble in this year's WSOP main event has some chips.

The actual bubble boy, Tim McDonald, received an entry to the 2011 main event, but Guillen, who busted right before him, got nothing. He said he deserves some good tournament karma after that, and judging by the size of his chip stack, he's getting some.
David Pham called from under the gun, and Angel Guillen raised to 4,000. Pham called and the dealer dealt a flop. It was 5♠Q♣3♠ and both players checked.

Angel Guillen

The turn was the [10d] and they decided to check again. The river brought a 2♠ and another check from Pham. Guillen decided to mix things up and threw a blue and a yellow chip in the pot. Good enough for a 6,000 raise.

Pham folded, and Guillen saw his stack grow to 94,000. Almost double the average the stack.

3.10pm: Ups and downs
Rodrigo Seiji has slipped down the chip list, down to around 65,000 now. Meanwhile, getting chatty a table along is Alessandra Braga who is up to 145,000.

Alessadra Braga

3.05pm: Another one gone
Jorge Periera, wearing shorts and a vest along with a straw hat, just eliminated a player, his pocket nines better than pocket eights. He saluted his opponent with a hat tip and stacks up around 140,000.

3pm: Cetl settles for second
Patricia Kim Yamashita just took a pot from the hands of Luiz Cetl. With a board reading 2♣4♥4♦A♦ she raised Cetl's bet of 7,000 to 17,400. Cetl moved chips around a bit but folded.

2.55pm: Table change
Veronica Dabul has arrived at her new table opposite David Bortnik. She immediately, and accidentally, sends her iPod flying across the room and then mucks the first hand. Then she changes the chair she's been allocated to one she's used before and is more comfortable with. She hovers around the 20k mark.

2.45pm: Actually, now we're back
After a delay to allow the television crew to wire up another table full of players, we are now playing again.

2.40pm: We're back
Play resumes with blinds up to 600-1,200 with a 100 ante. For a reminder of the current scores go to the chip count page.

Focusing on the prize

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Florianopolis:(In order of barrels scraped to come up with the next "in order of") Stephen Bartley (1), Alexander Villegas (0).