LAPT Florianopolis: Day 2, levels 17 and 18 updates (blinds 2,500-5,000, 500 ante)


1.16pm: Break time
Another break at the end of level 18. When we return for level 19 blinds will be 4,000-8,000 with a 500 ante.

1.10pm: His name was Guillermo Montero
His name was Guillermo Montero, he was a brave man. He got all his chips in preflop against Alexandre Richard. Montero held pocket ten's and he was up against Richard's A♥Q♠.

Guillaume Montero

The flop came A♣J♦2♣. The turn was a J♠ and the river brought a 4♥. The dealer counted out Richard's chips, 77,500, just a couple thousand more than Montero.

Montero was eliminated in 42nd place, taking away $R8,120 for his two days at the tables.

1.05am: Fernandez flies out
Leo Fernandez is out. the Team PokerStars was last seen walking over to the payout desk, back pack slung over his shoulder and a look of resignation on his face. He moved in with pocket threes and was called by pocket eights that became a set on the flop. All over for Fernandez.

1am: Strechar run comes to an end
Rudy Blondeau just extended his chip lead becoming the first player to reach 400,000. He did this by eliminating Ademir Strechar with kings against Strechar's threes. A king on the flop, etc, etc.

12.55am: Hoshino out
Aldrey Hoshino was on the button, he had position so he moved all-in for his remaining 17,000. He also had aces.

Engelberth Moreno made called and showed queen-six offsuit.

The flop brought a queen and the river decided to bring another one. Pocket aces are good, but they can't beat a set of queens.

Hoshino was eliminated in 46th place, and will take R$8,120 as a consolation prize for getting his aces cracked.

12.50am: The final death of Wallacy Marcal
Marcal has fallen. The one time heir to the bubble finally crashed out in the money, contrary to everyone's expectation not long ago. He shoved with five-six only to run into aces. Predictability followed. Marcal out.

12.45am: Oh Canada
Rudy Blondeau just doubled up to more than 310,000 through Ademir Strechar. On a board of 4♥6♥J♠5♣J♣ Strechar's Q♠T♥ was no match to Blondeau's A♥K♠. Strechar paid him off.

12.35am: Kim's king can't win
Bruno Kim Martino is the first player to cash here in Florianopolis. He'll walk away with R$8,120.

Homero Ribeiro raised to 14,000 from the hijack. Martino was in the small blind and decided to move all-in for 30,000.

Ribeiro thought for a bit before making the call, he showed A♣4♣. Martino also showed an ace, the A♥ . He also had a better kicker, the K♦.

The flop came A♦2♣6♣, giving both players a pair of aces, but it also gave Ribeiro a flush draw.

The turn was a 7♣ and Ribeiro no longer had a flush draw, he had a flush. There's nothing the river could have brought to save Martino and he was eliminated in 48th place.

Homero is up to 112,000, a couple of chips short of the 150,000 chip average.

12.20am: Blinds up
In all the excitement the blinds went up as we entered level 18. Blinds are now 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante.

12.15am: Into the money
Alexandre Fracari is the bubble boy of LAPT Florianopolis. As Wallacy Marcal hung on over on the feature table sat Fracari, whose stack had dwindled to around 40,000. Time to move in.

Alexandre Fracari

When he did it was Francisco Azocar calling. Marcal showed pocket jacks to Azocar's A♠T♠. The both waited for the board, Fracari pacing the stage: A♦3♣5♥3♠5♣. The ace did it. Fracari out and we're into the money.

12am: New candidates needed for bubble boy
Well that may be the end of Wallacy Marcal as the short stack. He'd been doing nothing more than prolonging his agony for some time and after the latest long delay decided it was time to move all-in. He found two callers, who checked down a board of 3♠6♦6♣7♠7♦. Marcal showed his king his: K♣T♥. Sheepishly, the others mucked. The king high was good and Marcal will live on a lot longer than expected.

Wallacy Marcal celebrates surviving another close one

11.50pm: On and on
Still with Marcal, the shortest stack by far. He's folded through the blinds, showing a king twice and plays on a little longer on the proceeds of the hand against Mascioto.

11.40pm: An explanation
Play has slowed on the bubble and needless to say Wallacy Marcal, who has about 6,000 chips left, has the cameras camped next to him, along with anyone wanting to see his demise.

The only problem is he's in no rush to leave. With a big blind left he found ace-king under the gun and shoved, getting called by Mario Mascioto with pocket jacks. When the ace hit the river Marcal got a new lease of life. We play on.

11:20pm: Bubble reached
We're down to 49 players. Action has slowed down a bit since the next player to bust out will be the only one to not cash.

11.15pm: One more gone
Gerard Pensie dispatches a player to the rail with ace-nine versus ace-ten. The Frenchman found a nine on the flop and another on the river, boosting his stack to 155,000.

11.05pm: Bubble approaching
With 53 players remaining were now five places off the money.

10.55pm: Play under way
Play resumes after the dinner break, buffet and, if it was your won't, a boogie to the music from Footloose at the resort's Friday night disco.

The tournament room earlier today

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Florianopolis:(In order of deserts eaten at the buffet)Stephen Bartley (the chocolate thing and the walnut splodge) and Alexander Villegas (just the walnut splodge).