LAPT Florianopolis: Day 3, level 20 and 21 updates (blinds 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante)


2.30pm: Chips
The news form the last two levels is the stack building of Matthias Habernig who ends the leavel on 810,000. Meanwhile Rudy Blondeau has slipped down the scale to 300,000 while Dayan Vardenega has had his own power surge, sitting with 660,000 at the break.

2.26pm: Break time
Players are now on a fifteen minutes break at the end of level 21. Chip counts at the break will be available shortly on the chip count page.

2.25pm: Twenty left
In the hand before the break Scott Davies moved all in with ace-king and was called by Matthias Habernig with pocket queens. The board ran 2♥4♥4♠5♦T♠. Despite draws on the river nothing came to rescue the American and Davies is eliminated in 21st place.

2.20pm: Is everybody happy?
On a flop of Q♥3♥7♠ Homero Ribeiro announced he was all-in. Alexandre Richard had the option to call and thought for a while about it, eventually calling and showing 3♣3♦ to Ribeiro's K♠Q♣.

Richard seemed quite pleased with himself and performed an exuberant celebration after the J♦ turn and 2♠ river. "Massa! Massa!" he yelled and Andre Scaff sitting next to him joined the celebrations, pointing his index finger dierectly up in a vaguely Bee-Gee stance, although he was seated.

Alexandre Richard

Ribeiro out but Richard up to around 500,000.

2.10pm: Son of the King
We've grown accustomed to hearing loud celebrations here in Florianopolis, the most notable is "filho do rei!" (son of the king)

When we hear this, we know that Andre Scaff is in a big hand. This time he was against Team PokerStars Online, Jorge Arias.

Arias found himself looking at A♥9♥ and decided to put a lot of his chips in preflop. All but one yellow 1,000 chip. Scaff saw 8♠8♦ and decided to just call.

The flop came Q♦9♣8♣ and Arias decided to put his last chip in. He was pot committed. Scaff made the call and showed his set of eights. An A♦ brought a glimmer of hope for Arias, but a [10c] on the river took it right back.

Arias was eliminated in 24th place, making the pay jump to R$11,400.

1.55pm: Chips chips
Chip leaders at the moment are Rudy Blondeau and Migel Velasco, each with close to 600,000.

1.45pm: Nothing to see here
Spoiled by an initial surge of all-ins the pace has slowed somewhat. A few all ins go unanswered bit nothing called.

1.30pm: Club, club, club, club
Martin Fuentes is out. Fuentes, who had not changed his shirt since yesterday for fear of washing away the luck, got it in ahead, showing A♥K♦ against Rudy Blondeau's K♥Q♣. It's round about now that you take note of that club in Blondeau's hand.

The flop came 8♣8♠3♣ then a 2♣. By now you can see where this is going. A 4♣ on the river sent Fuentes to the rail as Blondeau begins to look unstoppable.

1.20pm: Blinds are up
As in most tournaments, the blinds are slowly rising. We're on level 21 and the blinds are now 6000-12000 with a 1000 ante.

1.15pm: Pizza's party's over
Gilberto Pizzamiglio moved all-in from the hijack for approximately 90,000. Rudy Blondeau made the call from the button and both blinds decided to let them play it out.

Blondeau showed A♥[10s], Pizzamiglio showed a K♦, but he also showed a A♠. Blondeau was dominated.

The flop was J♠7♦5♠, Pizzamiglio's domination continued. That is, until a [10c] came on the turn. The river brought a 5♦, not the king Pizzamiglio was looking for and he was eliminated in 28th.

Gilberto Pizzamiglio.JPG
28th place finisher Gilberto Pizzamiglio

1pm: All ins but nothing
More all-ins, just no takers. Cristiane Dias, the last woman standing in LAPT Florianopolis, moved all-in but got not takers, showing two black queens in frustration.

It's a table full of short stacks and Engelberth Moreno was next to shove in the big blind, behind a raise from small blind Gino Leonello who performed a dramatic head shake before folding.

On the next table Sander Aalders moved in with an equally timid response from his table. Still 28 players remaining.

12.55pm: Out in 30th
Claudio Baptista had a pair of jacks and decided to move all-in from middle position. Guilerme Garcia was on the button and looked down to see a pair of kings. With a better pocket pair and better position, Garcia decided to move all-in as well. The blinds folded and Baptista was up against kings. The flop brought nothing but baby cards and Baptista was eliminated in 30th. R$9,750 is what he'll take.

12.50pm:Can't Braga anymore
Alessandra Braga is out in 32nd place.

Pocket queens weren't kind to this lady.

Alessandra Braga moved all-in after Gino Leonello raised. Leonello called her 180,000 chip all-in and showed ace-jack. Braga showed pocket queens and was hoping to avoid an ace. She was quite successful until the river came along.

In a very Barry Greenstein fashion, an ace on the river sent Braga to the rail. She was eliminated in 32nd place, and is the first player to make the pay jump and earn R$9,750.

12.40pm: Down to 32
Richard Gui is eliminated in 33rd, sent to the rail by David Bortnik on the feature table. Gui turned over K♦6♥ against Bortnik's K♠T♦, both hands dodging the board.

Keep tabs on all of the eliminations of the payout page.

12.38pm: Poncie's scheme collapses
Poncie out Poncie moved all-in and got one called by Jose Jorge Pereira. They both had two cards, but they weren't the same ones.

Poncie held Q♠9♣ and Pereira held A♠5♠. The flop was 3♥7♠9♦, giving Poncie the lead.

"Hold!" chanted Poncie as the 7♦ was dealt on the turn. The chant worked. "Hold!" he said again, but this time it wasn't successful. The A♦ fell on the river and Poncie was eliminated in 35th place. He'll take $R8,120, approximately US$4,200.

12.35pm: From the whistle
The all-ins come from the off. First Juan Carlos Herrera who shoved but found no takers, neither did Paulo Rink when he tried the same.

On the feature table though Scott Davies got a caller when he moved all-in. As predicted in the introduction today a short stack doesn't have to stay that way. He showed A♠J♠ to the call from Rudy Blondeau who turned over Q♠T♣.

The board ran A♥7♠K♦2♥3♣ doubling up the American.

12.25pm: Green light
We're off. Cards are in the air with blinds at 5,000-10,000 with a 1,000 ante.

12.20pm: So this bloke walks into a bar...
We're on the starting grid with umbrellas casting shade over us as we wait for the parade lap. Minutes away.

In the meantime have here's the moving images version of the introduction, courtesy of the Video Blog team here in Florianopolis:

12.10pm: Any minute now
Still waiting, so why not have a read through of today's introduction to day three.

12pm: Nearly ready
We were supposed to start at noon but these things never get going bang on time. The players are here, we're just waiting for a few finishing touches here and there before we get cards in the air.

Up for grabs

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Florianopolis:(In order of how many continents they think there are in the world) Stephen Bartley (7) and Alexander Villegas (6).