LAPT Florianopolis: Day 3, level 24 and 25 updates (blinds 12,000-24,000, 3,000 ante)


7.30pm: All over
Pedro Velasco is eliminated by Matthias Habernig in the last hand of the day.

In this last hand, Velasco responded to Habernig's 66,000 raise by moving all-in for 350,000.

Matthias found a reason to call, it was probably his [10s][10d]. Velasco showed Q♦J♠ and needed some face cards to stay alive.

5♦3♣3♠ wasn't what he was looking for, but that's what the flop brought. The turn, a 9♦, was closer, but still not what Velasco needed. The river was another small 5♣. With that, Velasco was our 9th place finisher and final table bubble.

At least he'll have take home a nice chunk of change as a consolation prize. His 9th place finish is work R$22,750.

Pedro Velasco.JPG
9th place finisher and final table bubble Pedro Velasco

A full report of the day's action, to follow shortly.

7.12pm: Blind versus blind versus button
Rodrigo Scartezini moved all-in for 84,000 from the button and both blinds called. The small blind was occupied by Dayan Vardanega and Matthias Habernig was in the big blind.

Vardanega and Habernig checked down the 9♣4♣Q♥4♠6♣ and we got to see six hole cards.

Vardanega's A♦K♣ looked pretty good. But it wasn't as good as Habernig's pair of sixes with 5♣6♥. But neither of them were better than Scartezini's Q♣6♥, good for two pairs.

Scartezini is now back up to 300,000

7.00pm: Return of the king
"FILHO DO REI! FILHO DO REI! FILHO DO REI! Thank you my lord! I love you Jesus!" Yes, Andre Scaff just won a big pot.

Scaff moved all-in for 411,000 from middle position and Miguel Velasco made the call.
Velasco showed [10d][10h], a nice sized pocket pair. Scaff turned over A♥5♣, and needed some help. Divine intervention perhaps.

The flop came 6♣Q♣Q♥. The turn? 3♦. But then the river came and it brought an ace. And not just any ace my friends, the A♠. Divine intervention had come and Scaff's wait for Godot was over. He jumped out of his chair and praised the power he held responsible for his double-up.

"FILHO DO REI! FILHO DO REI! FILHO DO REI! Thank you my lord! I love you Jesus!" Screamed Scaff.

Not even in the hand, Robson Kozan dropped to his knees. It's unclear weather he was deeply touched by this miraculous moment, or just disappointed that the final table bubble didn't burst.

Either way, Scaff is up to 850,000 and Velasco is left with 635,000.

6.55pm: Blinds are up
Another hour has gone by and the blinds are up again. This time they're 15000-30000 with a 30000 ante

6.50pm: Hand for hand
things have slowed down considerable owing to play now being hand for hand. Rather than one table of nine there are two tables, one of four, the other of five and each table must wait for the other before dealing.

6.45pm: Nine left
Matthias Habernig continues to dominate the tournament here in Florianopolis. After raising to 60,000, Guilherme Garcia re-raised all-in for 500,000. Matthias couldn't have called faster. Probably because he had A♣A♥.

Garcia showed A♠[10c] and was drawing slim.

The board, 2♣8♠3♠J♣8♦ was devoid of any funny business and Garcia was eliminated in 10th place. He takes home R$22,750.

6.35pm: Another Velasco double-up
But this time it was Miguel. Miguel raised to 58,000 from the cutoff and Rudy Blondeau moved all-in from the small blind. Miguel made the call, putting his tournament life at risk. He showed A♣Q♠ and was racing against  Blondeau's 3♣3♥.

The flop brought a Q♣, and that was all that Miguel needed to take the lead. The complete board was 5♣Q♣7♦5♦4♦, if you'd like to know.

Blondeau is down to 470,000 while Miguel saw his stack rise to 830,000

6.25pm: Azocar out
We're down to eleven and it's Francisco Azocar making way. He moved in with A♦8♥ and was ahead of caller Dayan Vardenega with K♦J♦. The flop left him ahead too, coming A♦7♣J♣. But the T♦ turn opened up a whole new world of possibility, one that became reality on the Q♠ river, making a straight for the jubilant Vardenega.

6.15pm: Chip leader
Matthias Habernig is the current chip leader with 2,070,000.

6.10pm: Donoso down and out
Mario Donoso's miracle comeback from a stack of 10,000 yesterday is over. On a flop of 4♣Q♣6♦ Donoso got his chips in but didn't count on Matthias Habernig's Q♠Q♥. The set was good and was not changed by either the 2♠ turn or 8♥ river. Donoso had left the stage before the river hit the table. Down to 11 players remaining.

6pm: Garcia Scaffles up
Guilharme Garcia just doubled through Andre Scarff when he moved in with jack-three against Scaff's pocket nines. Scaff rightly looked happy with himself, right up to the flop which came 3♦3♣J♣6♦4♣

5.55pm: Santa Valasco
Velasco has made quite the comeback after being crippled during the break. He doubled up his micro stack and then tripled-up, courtesy of ace-jack and two callers.

The board was 9♣Q♥6♥8♣J♥ and his ace-jack was good enough for the triple-up.

Now with a manageable stack, Velasco had some breathing room. The next hand he raised to 70,000 and got called by Matthias Habernig. The flop came 4♠J♥3♦ and Velasco moved all-in for 309,000. Habernig made the call and showed 8♥8♦ and Velasco showed, yet again, A♠J♦. The turn brought a K♥ and the river was an A♥, giving Velasco two pair.

He now has around 800,000 and is back in the game.

5.45pm: The hand of the beast
Matthias Habernig and Pedro Velasco got into a monstrous flop right before the break. It fact, the hand was so large, went 7 minutes into the break. Here's what happened.

The flop was 6♠[1h][10s] and Velasco checked. Habernig bet 140,000 and Velasco called. An A♦ came on the turn, but the action was similar. Velasco checked, Habernig bet out 240,000 and Velasco called.

The river saw similar action. A 7♣ was deal, Velasco checked, Habernig bet 350,000, but this time Velasco moved all-in. Habernig snap-called and showed A♠A♣, for four aces. Velasco showed queen-ten for second pair.

Habernig, with the help of the dealer, raked in the monster pot and is up to 1.55 million. Velasco was left with only 65,000.

5.35pm: Cards in the air
Play resumes in level 24 with blinds at 12,000-24,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Dayan Vardanega, Rudy Bondeau and Matthias Habernig

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Florianopolis:(In order of trips to the sweet shop)Stephen Bartley (3), Alexander Villegas (1, and it was closed).