LAPT Florianopolis: Final Table, level 26, 27 and 28 updates (blinds 30,000-60,000, 5,000 ante)


3.50pm: Break time
That's the end of the level. Players are taking a five minute break.

3.45pm: the big Mo
Dayan Vardanega seems to have seized the momentum

Habernig opened for 130,000 which Vardanega called for a flop of Q♦7♦7♣. Vardanega checked and Habernig bet 155,000. Vardanega then raised to 335,000 which Habernig called for a 3♦ turn card. Again Vardanega checked before Habernig raised to 390,000. At this point Vardanega raised again to 800,000 forcing Habernig to fold.

3.40pm: Raising on the flop
Matthias Habernig opened for 175,000 which Vardanega called for a flop of 7♠9♦K♦. Habernig then made it 225,000 which Vardanega raised to 485,000, taking the pot.

3.35pm: All square
A stalemate of sorts as both players, now even in chips, look to get an advantage.

3.30pm: Not an empty seat

It's practically impossible to get an Empanada around here

3.20pm: All in for the title
Matthias Habernig raises to 130,000 from the button and Dayan Vardanega makes the call. The flop comes A♦4♥K♠, Vardanega checks and Habernig leads out for 155,000. Vardanega calls and we get a turn card, the 4♠.

Vardanega checks again and Habernig bets 225,000. Vardanega responds by raising to 485,000. Habernig calls and the 9♣ comes on the river. Vardanega moves all-in and Habernig calls, showing 4♣7♦ for three fours.

Vardanega also has a four, the 4♦. But he also has a K♥, for the full house and the double-up.

3.15pm: More to Vardanega
Vardanega raised to 165 from the button and Matthias Habernig called. The flop came K♦7♣2♣. Habernig made it 155,000 which was called. Turn 5♥. Habernig checked and Vardanega bet 180,000 forcing Habernig to fold.

3.10pm: Heads-up chip counts
Matthias Habernig - 5,300,000
Dayan Vardanega -- 1,700,000

3.06pm: Heads up
Alexandre Richard moved all-in pre-flop for last few hundred thousand. Calling him was Matthias Habernig who showed A♠J♦ to Richard's K♣9♠. Richard would need help, but there was no sign of it on the Q♦3♣5♣6♠4♦ board. Richard departs in third place for R$154,000. We're heads up.

3.03pm: Richard down some more
Habernig takes one off of Richard. Habernig raises to 120,000 and Richard just calls this time. The flop comes Q♠J♣5♦ and Habernig bets out 155,000 and Richard folds.

3pm: And again
For an account of the very next hand simply read the account of the hand below. Exactly the same.

2.58pm: Richard ready
Matthias Habernig raised to 125,000 and Alex Richard moved all-in. Habernig folded. It's the second time Richard has moved all-in during the last few hands.


2.52pm: Blinds up
We're into a new level, level 28 now, with blinds at 30,000-60,000 with a 5,000 ante.

2.50pm: Habernig again
Richard raises to 115,000 and Habernig called. The flop came 4♠9♠T♣. Both checked for a J♦ on the turn. Another 115,000 from Habernig was enough to force Richard to fold.

2.45pm: Point of order
Something seemed unusual about that last hand until we realised it was probably the first river card we've seen today that did not involve someone moving all in.

2.40pm: To the river
Dayan Vardanega raises to 110,000 and Matthias Habernig makes the call. The flop is Q♠2♠3♥ and Vardanega makes it 125,000, Habernig calls again. The turn is a 7♣ and Vardanega's aggression continued and as he bet 210,000. Habernig folds and Vardanega takes the pot.

2.35pm: Habernig on the attack
Alexandre Richard made it 115,000 which Matthias Habernig called for a flop A♥Q♣3♦. Habernig checked and Richard bet 145,000 which the Austrian called. The J♥ on the turn was checked for a A♣ on the river. At this point Habernig bet 300,000 forcing Richard to fold.

2.30pm: Statistically speaking
The three remaining players include two Brazilians and an Austrian, the same ratio of Brazilian players since the start of the tournament.

2.20pm: Down to three
Matthias Habernig raises to 105,000 and Miguel Velasco moves all-in for 550,000. Matthias calls and shows 6♠6♣, Velasco showed A♠J♥.

The board, 2♦3♥3♠3♦[10s], and no help for Velasco. He's eliminated in 4th place and will win R$113,700 for it.

2.15pm: All Vardanega
Miguel Velasco made it 125,000 and Dayan Vardanega moved all-in forcing, a fold from Velasco. Vardanega has been involved in most pots since the last elimination, folding a couple, winning a couple.

2.05pm: As you were
Back to raise and take, Dayan Vardanega taking a couple as we ease back into regular play.

1.55pm: Down to four
Alexandre Richard raised to 115,000 and Robson Kozan moved all-in for 275,000. Richard didn't take long to call and showed 5♣5♠. Kozan also showed a pocket pair, but his was higher, J♥J♠.

Robson Kozan

The flop was A♦4♠6♠ and Kozan remained in the lead. That is, until a 5♦ came on the turn, bringing much celebration from Richard and his crowd. A Q♦ came on the river and Robson Kozan was eliminated in 5th place.

The Brazilian will take home R$81,300 for his 5th place finish today.

1.45pm: On the card today
Every hand of this final table, whether it's an elimination or a simple raise and take, is cheered by big crowd watching from the rail. Fed up with the main event? Then turn around and watch the side event action taking place a few tables away.

1.40pm: Play resumes
We're back from the break and into level 27. How about an introduction?

1.30pm: Break time
Players have reached the first break of the day, well five of them have, with a level played. When they return blinds will be 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante. Check out the latest scores on the chip count page.

1.25pm: How long?
A press colleague just told us that the quickest final table he'd ever worked took 45 minutes. This one is shaping up to be a quick one with three players eliminated in 15 minutes. Having now said such a thing we can now expect the brakes to be applied.

1.20:Matthias Habernig
You've read a lot about Matthias Habernig these last couple of days and even seen a couple of pictures. If you haven't gotten your fill of Habernig yet, you can check out this video brought to you by the PokerStars Video Blog Team.

1.10pm: Down to five
Andre Scaff moves all-in for 350,000 from the button and Matthias Habernig makes the call in the small blind.

Andre Scaff

Scaff shows 9♣[10c] and Habernig tables Q♠J♠. The board comes 3♣4♦5♠4♥3♠ and we heard no "Filho do rei!" A very quiet Scaff shook Habernig's hand and walked off stage. Andre Scaff is eliminated in 6th place and the pastor will take home R$65,000 this Sunday.

1.05pm: Down to six
Unusual scenes on stage as multiple hugs greet Rodrigo Scartezini who just had his aces cracked by the pocket nines of Dayan Vardenega when all-in pre-flop. The board ran Q♦3♥J♦8♣9♠ to send Scartenezi out on the river in seventh place.

1pm: Down to seven
Shortstacked, Rudy Blondeau moves all-in for 132,000 and Alexandre Richard makes the call. Blondeau is behind in chips and in cards, he shows Q♦5♣ and is up against Richard's A♦8♣.

Eighth place finisher Rudy Blondeau

The board runs 3♠8♥[10c][10s]K♥ and Blondeau becomes the first casualty of the day. He finishes in 8th place, good for R$32,480. Richard up to 750,000.

12.55pm: Justo!
Alexandre Richard moves all-in the hijack On the button Rudy Blondeau decides to go all-in too. The blinds fold and the players are heads up. Blondeau shows A♣A♥, miles ahead of Richard's J♠9♠.

The flop came Q♠6♦9♥, the turn brought a [10h] and gasps from the crowd. The river was a K♦ the Brazilian made his straight and doubled-up. The crowd exploded and an audience member screamed "Justo!" the Portuguese word for justice.

12.50pm: Early detail
A cagey opening round as players find their feet. Needless to say Matthias Habernig remains chip leader with more than 3 million.

12.40pm: And one more for fun...


12.35pm: For openers
Miguel Velasco raises to 95,000 from the cutoff and Dayan Vardanega moves all-in from the small blind. Action is folded back around to Velasco who decides to fold.

Dayan shows ace-ten and takes down the pot.

A few hands later, Miguel Velasco starts action again by raising to 100,000. Vardanega decides to give him action again and re-raises to 300,000. This time Velasco is the one who decides to move all-in and Vardanega makes the call.

Dayan shows another ace this time, the A♥ and a better kicker than last time, the K♣.

Velasco shows 7♠7♥, an old fashioned race ensues.

The board is faceless and comes 2♠5♣8♣[10d]5♥. Velasco doubles up to 900,000 and Vardanega sees his stack shrink to 400,000.

12.20pm: More information
You can profiles of all of the final table players here.

12.15pm: Shuffle up and deal
The dealer and card caller have been introduced and the players have taken their seat. LAPT President David Carrion has announced shuffle up and deal, the final table of the LAPT Florianopolis is now under way.

12.05pm: We're about to begin
A procession of the final table players is taking place. Play will begin shortly.

Chip leader Matthias Habernig

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Florianopolis: (in order of children produced): Stephen Bartley (1) and Alex Villegas (?)