LAPT Florianopolis: Final table, level 29 updates (blinds 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante)


4.45pm: Matthias Habernig wins LAPT Florianopolis.
Dayan Vardanega re-raised Matthias Habernig's preflop bet to 395,000 in what was to be the last hand of the day.

Habernig called, and a A♠7♦[10h] flop hit the felt. Vardanega bet 480,000 and Habernig called, bringing the Q♦ on the turn. Action was about to get spicy.

Vardanega checked and Habernig bet 650,000. Vardanega responded by moving all-in for his remaining 2 million chips. This produced the last action of the day: Habernig's call.

Vardanega showed A♥7♠, but Habernig showed A♣[10c] for the better two pair. The Brazilians in the crowd jumped up and began to chant for a seven. Their wishes weren't answered as a J♦ came on the river, eliminating Dayan Vardanega in 2nd place. The runner-up, and last Brazilian in the tournament, will take R$251,700.

This makes Matthias Habernig the newest LAPT champion in the world! His reward will be R$435,000 and the prestigious title of LAPT Florianopolis champion.

A full wrap up of today's events will follow shortly.

4.41pm: Back with Habernig
Mathias Habernig now has the advantage back from the Brazilian.

4.40pm: Limping and checking
Matthias Habernig limped in from the button and Vardanega checked his option. The flop, 9♣7♦[10c], was checked down. The turn paired the board with a [10d], and Vardanega led out for 130,000. Habernig called and a J♠ came on the river. Vardanega check-called Habernig's 350,000 river bet.

Habernig showed 8♠4♥ for a straight and Vardanega mucked his hand.

4.30pm: three-bet
On the next hand Matthias Habernig three-bet to 530,000, good for the pot.

4.25pm: Limped pre-flop
Limped pot pre-flop for a flop of Q♠4♥J♠. Vardanega checked and Habernig made it 105,000 which was then raised by the Brazilian to 235,000 which Habernig called. The turn came T♥ which Vardanega bet at, making it 270,000 which Habernig called for a 5♦ river card. Vardanega checked again, then called Habernig's bet of 605,000, showing J♣8♣, but Matthias Habernig showed Q♥5♣ to take the pot.

4.20pm: A hearty board
Vardanega raised to 185,000 from the button and Habernig called. The flop came [10h]Q♥9♥, Vardanega made it 205,000 and Habernig folded.

4.10pm: Showdown
We had a showdown. Here's what happened. Vardanega raised to 190,000 from the button and Habernig called from the big blind.

The flop came 6♠2♥Q♥ and both players checked. The 2♦ on the turn brought another check from Habernig and Vardanega bet out 210,000.

Dayan Vardanega (left) and Matthias Habernig

There was a J♠ on the river and another round of checks. Vardanega showed A♠[10d] and Habernig mucked.

4.05pm: Continue
Habernig raised to 175,000 and Vardanega called. The flop came 7♠9♦K♦, and Vardanega took the pot with a 225,000 continuation bet.

4pm: Level up
A new level, the 29th, with blinds at 40,000-80,000 with a 10,000 ante.

Dayan Vardanega -- 4,200,000
Matthias Habernig -- 2,800,000


PokerStars Blog reporting team in Florianopolis:(In order of departure tomorrow) Alexander Villegas (17 hours from now), Stephen Bartley (27 hours from now).