LAPT Florianopolis: Good day (two) sunshine


Something happened over night in Florianopolis. The total cloud cover, that had this been a musical rather than a poker tournament would have had the cast of players singing They call the wind Maria shifted from these parts, and instead headed out to sea, leaving behind nothing but clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine in its wake.

Men and women, used to running between buildings and getting their feet wet, suddenly began walking, a spring in their step and a happy face, with cartoon bluebirds hovering over their shoulders. When passing, staff link arms and spin around in a little dance before continuing on their way, safe in the knowledge that today they don't have to wear heavy coasts and wool hats. The sun is out and it's good to be alive in Florianopolis.


That's goes especially for the 183 players who return today, from chip leader Matthias Habernig with 130,350, all the way through to last placed Andre Da Cruz of Brazil, who returns for a possibly brief encounter with a stack of 5,900. The names of those in between are now available in full with all the official counts are posted on the chip count page.

Without the need for a day 1b today we head straight into day two. We may or may not reach the money in that time. The top 48 players will each finish in the cash, leaving the other 135 free to enjoy the resorts sunshine rebirth.

That's all ahead of us. Play begins at noon.