LAPT Florianopolis: Levels 1 and 2 updates (50-100 blinds)


2pm: Break time
We're reaching the end of level two. For the latest chip counts go to the chip count page.

1.50pm: Brenes battered
Roberto Brenes, son of Humberto, just took a knock, down to 11,000 after an ugly board gave him a set but gave his opponent a full house. On a board of Q-J-K-Q-4 Brenes the younger showed Ace-Queen, beaten by the King-Queen.

1.35pm: Akkari out
The table of death has claimed its first victim: Andre Akkari.

When we arrived at the dreaded "Table 37", there was a flop on the board and two players with cards in front of them. The flop was 8♠2♣5♦ and the players were Angel Guillen and Andre Akkari. Akkari had bet 1,600 and Guillen called.

Andre Akkari - OUT

The turn brought a 7♦ and fireworks. Guillen bet 2,500 and Akkari raised to 7,900. Guillen didn't call, he didn't fold either, he re-raised to 16,500. I'd be lying if I said the action ended there, because it didn't. Akkari moved all-in and Guillen called.

Akkari showed a pocket kings, trailing behind Guillen's 7♠5♠. No king came to save Akkari and he was eliminated. He now has time to relax and enjoy the beaches here in Costão do Santinho, a nice change of scenery from his hometown, and industrial capital of Brazil, São Paulo  

1.20pm: It could have worked
There's something about a heroic move with four-deuce. It's the type of play that looks good if you win it, immediately bestowing the holder with almost super human power as they make their straight or full house.

Steven Thompson was on the position, staring glory in the face. "I lost with jacks and I lost with queens," said the Costa Rican. "So I was trying something different."

After limping the flop came four-deuce-seven. With two pairs Thompson checked to his opponent who make it 1,500 then moved all in when Thompson re-raised to 5,000 (leaving himself 5k behind). Thompson called and was up against kings. All was good until the turn card seven made his two pair useless. A blank on the river and Thompson was out. It was still heroic.

1.10pm: Dabul down
Team PokerStars Pro Veronica Dabul is down to 20,000 after losing out in a pot against a Russian player by the name Vladimir Fogel. On a board of J♣Q♦6♣3♦3♠ Dabul had been calling Fogel's betting, reluctantly so on the end after pulling a few faces. It was the kind of face that knew it was behind. Fogel turned over A♣A♦ while Dabul had nothing left to do but fold.

Veronica Dabul

1.05pm: Blinds up
That's the level up. We're into level two with blinds at 50-100.

12.55pm: Outside looking in
There are 12 tables outside of the main room with the likes of Humberto Brenes and Alex Gomes out there, along with the cast of the table of doom.

12.50pm: Here to win
Many players decide to take a nice poker hiatus after the gruelling seven weeks known as the World Series of Poker, but not Brandon Demes.

He didn't take the WSOP Main Event too seriously, but he wants to win this one. "I really didn't want to play the (WSOP) main event, but I kept getting lucky," said Demes.

He had friends to see and things to do in Las Vegas. He finished day one with a decent stack, but busted out come day two. "But I came alone this trip," said Demes. "I want to play this one and win it."

Demes put his headphones back on and raised to 225 from UTG. He got a call from the cut-off, and Sanyo Mourat re-raised to 1,025 from the small blind. Demes called and the cut-off folded. The flop came J♥[10c]6♦ and Mourat led out for 2,050. Demes called.

The turn was an action packed Q♣, but both players slowed down and checked. On the river, the dealer dealt another jack and Mourat gave another check. Demes bet 3,600 and Mourat folded. Demes now has 24,000 and the dedication to win a tournament.

12.40pm: Maridup
An early clash on the unofficial feature table. Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck just took a pot from Nacho Barbero (who will likely win this event). On a board of 2♥9♣K♠5♣8♥ Maridu bet 5,000 which Barbero called, folding his hand to Maridu's pocket nines which take her up to 33,000.

Nacho Barbero still on course for a third LAPT title, with the remains of his stack

12.30pm: A look back
While we keep searching for more action here on day one, enjoy some highlights from last night's party. The party looks nice, but the models looks nicer. The video comes courtesy of our PokerStars Video Blog Team.

12.20pm: Housekeeping
There's no split on the day ones here in Florianopolis so what you see today is what you get. This is day one, tomorrow, is day two, as if that needed explaining.

12.10pm: The Table of Death
A term the poker media has come to love due to the action it provides, but it's also each player's biggest fear when their handed their seat assignment. Most players in the main tournament area avoided this "table of doom" with a single pro in most tables.  But the players in table 37 right outside the main tournament room aren't that lucky.


While the nine seat at that table has yet to be filled, the amount of talent at the table compensates. Four PokerStars Team Pro at that table really make it shine. In seat one, we have Maridu Mayrinck; four to her left is back-to-back LAPT champion Jose Ignacio Barbero; to his left is another pro and another Brazilian, Andre Akkari; finally Angel Guillen, the only non-South American Team Pro at the table.

We'll watch this table closely as there's bound to be a Latin clash of chips, cards, bluffs and laydowns.  

12.05pm: Off in Florianopolis
We're under way in Florianopolis. A Big field, spilling over into the room outside. Blinds are 25-50 with one hour levels.

PokerStars Blog reporting team in order of LAPT events covered: Alex Villegas (5), Stephen Bartley (0).