LAPT Florianopolis: Levels 5 and 6 (blinds 150-300, 25 ante)


6.35pm: Six levels done, two to go
That's it for another level and players are on their last break of the day. When they return they will play two more levels and call it a night. Get the latest chip counts on the chip count page.

6.25pm: Cada update
Even though the contenders for the 2010 WSOP Main Event champion have been reduced to nine, Joe Cada is still the reigning champion and he's made his table aware of it

Cada raised to 800 from UTG and got two callers, the big blind checked his option. On a 9♦5♦8♦ and action was checked to Cada, he led out for 800 and only one player tagged along this time.

An A♣ fell on the turn and Cada led out for 2,500. His opponent looked at him, shook his head and folded.

A couple of hands later, Cada raised from the button. The big blind looked at him and said, "You've been playing a lot of hands." He still folded though.

Cada is now up to 19,000

6.15pm: Chips chips
The latest approximate chip counts are available on the chip count page.

6.05pm: Trivial info alert
For those interested in this type of thing, the entire field of the LAPT Florianopolis is now in the same room. All 12 tables in the outer room have broken.

6pm: Salles and Arias
What happens when seat a former race car driver and an online pro at the same table? The answer is action!

Andres Korn called in the cut-off and Team PokerStars Online Jorge Arias did the same from the button. The small blind tagged along and Team PokerStars Pro Gualter Salles, checked his option in the big blind.

Gualter Salles

The flop was [10s]K♠6♣ and the blinds checked. Korn bet 725 and Arias called, but Salles wasn't going to let them see the turn just yet. He raised to 2,200 and both players called.

The turn brought an A♠, and a world of possibilities. Straights, flushes and royal flushes were now all up for grabs.

Gualter checked and Korn led out again, this time for 3,500. Arias called and Gualter fold, it was easy to tell that he was upset about it.

The river was unnecessary since, the second it was dealt, Korn folded his hand.

Arias laughed and showed Q♦J♣ and asked to see Korn's hand. The dealer revealed 9♣8♣, a stone cold bluff.

"I had a set of sixes," said Gualter, "that was the worst possible turn that could have hit."

Arias was raking in his chips when a familiar face showed up, that face belonged to Humberto Brenes.

"We're fishes here, we don't like sharks," said Arias as Brenes took over the five seat.

After the hand, Arias is up to 30,500 and Gualter has 23,000. Korn finds himself down to 17,000.

5.50pm: Cameras to table Torres
On a board of 9♥7♣8♦4♣ there was an all-in and a bit of pandemonium around the table. Freddy Torres from Colombia was the all-in player, moving all-in on the flop and getting calls from two players, including Mario Donosio of Venezuela. Donosio then moved in on the turn, leaving it between himself and Torres.

Torres showed 6♠6♥ to Donosio's pocket sevens. The K♣ on the river was irrelevant. Torres out, Donosio up to 50,000.

5.40pm: Velasco shoots down Kamicase
Maria Mayrinck bet 750 from under-the-gun. Then she got four callers. She knew this because she counted them before the flop.


Kamicase (I can only assume that's his given name) checked, as did Mayrinck, Pedro Velasco (and the player sat between them). When the action reached Mario Masciotro in seat nine he bet 3,500 to send the action around the table again: Kamicase called, Mayrinck passed ("I wish I could show") the player next to her passed. Velasco held his forehead for a few seconds before announcing "raise", making it 9,200. Masciotro passed leaving it to Kamicase.

He turned over Q♠T♠ in what looked like a submission but was in fact an all in. The dealer was pushing chips to Velasco but dragged them back again as Velasco had called, turning over K♥Q♦, out-kicking Kamicase.

The turn 3♣ and river J♣ changed nothing for Kamicase who, um, crashed out. Velasco celebrated with that locked up fury while Kamicase shook hands and made his way out of the tournament room. Velasco up to nearly 85,000.

5.35pm: Level 6
Level 6 has begun. The blinds are 150-300 with a 25 ante.

5.20pm: Camera on Diaz
Cristiano Vieira limped pre-flop from early position which Bernardo Diaz raised to 750 in middle position. Vieira called for a flop of K♥2♥6♥.

The pattern began. Vieira checked to Diaz who bet 900. Vieira called. On the 3♦ turn Vieira checked again. Diaz bet again, 2,050 this time. Vieira called, spending time in the tank on the way.

The river card came T♥. Vieira checked to Diaz once more. Another 5,025 from Diaz who remained still with headphones in his ears while Vieira moved about a bit in his chair. He had 15,000 behind and was in no mood to bust soon. Vieira passed, leaving the spoils to Diaz who moves up to around 25,000.

5.05pm: Gomez gone
Alex Gomes is out. The Team PokerStars Pro got his chips in with pocket queens only to run into the aces of Ted Pisarczyk who showed aces. The local hope heads to the rail.

Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes

5.00pm: Guyana Watch
We mentioned a lot about Victor Ramdin's poker adventures in South America recently, but that's not the only thing he's been doing around these parts.

This time last week Ramdin was in Guyana working 14 hours a day. A poker table? No, this was all charity work for Guyana Watch, an organization dedicated to providing medical attention to underprivileged children across Guyana. From July 23rd to August 1st alone Guyana Watch managed to attend 3,192 patients.

Victor Ramdin in action

"And we're helping even more," said Ramdin. "We made a list of 31 children in Guyana with heart problems. We're going to find which ones are eligible for surgery, and bring them to the United States for surgery."

Ramdin was born in Guyana and always feels a sense of responsibility to give back to the community. "It's tough being poor in Guyana," said Ramdin.

"If you're born with heart problems, you're dead," he said. "This shouldn't happen. And who knows, some of these kids we save can grow up to be the world's next great leaders. Nothing makes me feel better then saving a child's life," added Ramdin.

His work with Guyana Watch ended August 1st and Ramdin considered staying until the LAPT Florianopolis started.


"But that would've taken over 24 hours in flights," said Ramdin, as he explained the hectic aerial maneuvers he would've had to complete in order to fly from Guyana to Florianopolis.

"There would've been over 5 stopovers!" Ramdin added. It was quicker for him to return to New York and then fly down to Florianopolis, so that's what he did.

Victor now finds himself behind a 26,000 stack, after seeing it fall down to 5,000 earlier today. He's chasing down another victory if for no other reason than to donate even more to charity.

4.50pm: El Grillo done
Christian de Leon is out of his first event as a member of Team PokerStars Pro. "El Grillo," as he is also known, saw the flop of A♥6♥2♥ and after some betting before the jack turn card got his chips into the middle with top two pair. He was up against the flush though which would send him to the rail.

Christian de Leon, out of the LAPT Florianopolis

4.40pm: Quote of the hour
"Karma is a bitch." - Angel Guillen, on a roll, currently with around 100,000 chips. Guillen was the unofficial bubble boy (as opposed to the official bubble boy who received a buy in for 2011) in the World Series Main Event.

4.30pm: Play resumes
Play restarts in level five with blinds at 150-300.

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Florianopolis: (in order of time taken to travel to Florianopolis): Alex Villegas (22.5 hours) and Stephen Bartley (22 hours).