LAPT Lima: Day 1 live updates, Levels 5-8 (400-800-100)

lapt-promo.gif9:00pm: Day 1 ends -- Baumgartner leads
Day 1 of LAPT Lima has come to a close. Although its madness in here right now, our best estimation is that Jacob Baumgartner has finished the day as the chip leader. He holds 122,925 at the close of play. Luis Hernandez looks to be in second place with 113,800. The full accounting of chips will take a few hours, but we'll have them up on the chip count page as soon as they are available. We'll have a full wrap in just a bit.

8:45pm: Veronica Dabul eliminated
Argentina Team PokerStars Pro Veronica Dabul had been short-stack for the last few hours. She finally got it all-in with A♦4♦ against A♥J♠. Her opponent flopped his jack, Dabul turned a diamond draw, and the river changed nothing. Dabul is gone with ten minutes left to play.


8:35pm: Baumgartner looking to lock up Day 1 lead
We missed everything but the raking of the chips, but in the very back of the the room, Jacob Baumgartner (already in contention for the chip lead) looked to have flopped a set of sevens to eliminate two short-stacks at once. While his chips aren't in perfect towers yet, we've got him figured for somewhere in the neighborhood of 110,000 and the chip lead.

8:22pm: Vince Stephano Vega pushing for chip lead
At this hour, we have two or three people competing for the end-of-day chip lead. The newest of the group is Costa Rica's Stephano Vega who has just pushed his stack up to around 95,000 with half an hour left to play tonight.

8:11pm: Brazil's beauties eying each other
Table breaks and such have put two of Brazil's more attractive poker players (Andre Akkari not counting in this census) together at a table in the middle of the room. Maria Mayrinck and Daniela Zapiello sitting across the table from each other tonight. We've written at length about Mayrinck. Zapiello may not be as familiar to you. She made the final table of the last LAPT event in Punta del Este Uruguay. Both ladies are sitting on stacks in the mid-20,000 range.

daniela_de_lima_zapiello_peru .JPG

8:03pm: Not exactly a race for Salles
Down to around 11,000, Team PokerStars Pro Gualter Salles pushed all-in with ace-nine. He ran smack dab into pocket tens. Salles pulled ahead with an ace on the turn, but ultimately lost on the river when one of two remaining tens popped out of the dealer's hand.

"C'est la vie," Salles said.


8:00pm: Sulaiman climbing
LAPT Playa Conchal winner Amer Sulaiman is doing his best to prove he is no flash in the pan. In the last little bit, he's worked his stack up north of 60,000, good for almost double the average in the last level of the night.

7:56pm: BLINDS: 400-800-100

7:29pm: Jacob climbing chip ladder
Jacob Baumgartner over at Table 3 appears to have pushed out ahead of the field at the moment.

At his table, a player in middle position had raised to 950 before the flop, the player to his left had pushed all in, and the original raiser folded. On the very next hand, the same player tried again, this time raising to 1,525. It folded to Baumgartner on the button who reraised to 4,000. The blinds got out, then Baumgartner's opponent shoved over the top for nearly 20,000.

Baumgartner hemmed and hawed, then finally rapped the felt with his knuckles as he tossed his cards dealerward.

"Show the bluff," he called across the table. "He titled me," grinned his opponent with a jerk of the thumb at the player who'd pushed him out of the previous pot. He turned over one card -- the A♥ -- and dragged the pot.

"Would've been a flip," surmised Baumgartner. "Good bet."

Having passed on that flip, Baumgartner continues to enjoy a big stack. He's sitting with about 85,000 at present.

7:31pm: Alex Brenes loses a monster
It was an average 30,000 stack all-in against Alex Brenes (who had worked his way north of 50,000). Brenes held A♦Q♠ and got it in against A♥K♥. Big slick had the heart flush by the turn and Brenes' six hours of work has been reduced to rubble. He's still alive, but doesn't look especially pleased by that fact.

7:25: Leo Fernandez slaps the concrete
This didn't turn out the way Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez expected it. He saw a flop three ways for 1,200 while holding A♠K♠. The board read K♦T♠4♠. One player led for 2,000, another player moved all-in, and Fernandez called, only to see his opponent's 4♦4♥. Just to make the tragic fall even uglier, the 4♣ came on the turn. Adios, Leo.


7:08pm: Repeat champions?
While there have only been two previous events so far in LAPT Season 3, we still have the possibility of seeing a repeat Season 3 champion. Playa Conchal champ Amer Sulaiman and Punte del Este winner Jose "Nacho" Barbero are both still alive here in Lima. Neither player has added much to his stack today, but with more than 20,000 chips apiece, they are still doing just fine at the 300-600-75 levels.


6:55pm: Two more hours
Players are returning to their seats and are ready to play the final two levels of the night. Tourney officials here agree with us that the players have been grinding pretty hard here today. With 268 players remaining, the field is abnormally large for an LAPT event after six levels. However, as it will now cost more than 1,500 chips per trip around the table, we're looking for a ton of short-stacks to be busting soon.

6:41pm: Break time
Players are now on a 15-minute break. There will be two more one-hour levels played before we're done today.

6:36pm: Nacho pot
Three players -- the two blinds and Jose "Nacho" Barbero on the button -- all checked a flop of 5♦4♠[10h]. The turn brought the 8♣. It checked to Barbero, who bet 800, and only the small blind called.

The river was the A♦. The BB checked, Barbero bet 1,500, then his opponent tossed out four orange (1,000) chips as a check-raise. Barbero looked out of the corner of his eyes at his opponent, then tossed his cards. When his opponent showed him his hand -- A♥[10c] -- Barbero complimented him for having checked.

Barbero looks to have about 24,000 as we come up on the last break of the day.

6:29pm: Money, money, money, money...MUH-NAY
If you are at all curious about how much folks stand to win here, you can find it all right over on our LAPT Lima prizes and winners page.

6:19pm: Ouchie for Christian de Leon
Sometimes things look so, so good. And then they look so, so bad. Just ask Mexico's Christian de Leon who held ace-jack all-in against pocket queens. The flop brought an ace...a jack...and an eight. Beautiful! The turn? A gorgeous three! Fantastic. The river...

Well, you can guess it, can't you?

Christian de Leon is no longer with us.

P.S.--It was a queen.


6:08pm: Here comes Hernandez
As the total field dips further south of the 300-player mark, we're starting to see larger and larger discrepancies at some of the tables between the haves and the have nots.

Luis Hernandez of Bucaramanga, Columbia is sitting behind one of the larger stacks at present, having built up close to the 100,000-chip mark as we near the midway point of Level 6.


Luis Hernandez

6:04pm: A look around Lima
If you'd like to see some moving pictures, we've got them here. Here's a look at the fair city of Lima.

5:57pm: A most uncomfortable seat
"Tres!" Said Samar Jane Hodali Mukarker to her tablemates, following the elimination of another player.

Mukarker is currently nursing a short stack from her seat at Table 29. But she's glad she isn't sitting in the seat to her right. It's a bad one, she's decided, having seen three players who've sat in it get knocked out.

5:50pm: Dennis Phillips done in by Daniela De Lima Zapiello
Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips needed a double-up and felt good about it one a flop with a queen and two jacks. He held king-queen. Alas, Daniela De Lima Zapiello was sitting with jack-eight in her hand. Phillips will have to try again in Brazil in August if he wants to make an LAPT final table.


5:45pm: Angel Gullien eliminated
All-in for his tourament life, Angel Guillen just about sucked out. Holding king-ten, he got it in on a 7-8-T flop. Turned out he was up against Mario Quintaniha's ten-eight. Turn? King. River. Eight. Guillen is gone.


5:41pm: Level 6 begins
Blinds are now 200/400 with a 50 ante.

5:26pm: Making moves
Tables have been breaking over the course of the afternoon, with players in the outer area gradually moving closer to and into the main poker room. We began the day with 20 tables in each location, so once the field is roughly halved, everyone will be in the main poker here at the Atlantic City Casino.

Just now the table in the outer area at which Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck and Jose "Nacho" Barbero were both seated was broken, and now Mayrinck is sitting two to Dennis Phillips' right. Both will be looking to get some chips from the rest of the table -- or each other -- at the nearest opportunity. Phillips is still on the short side with about 9,000, while Mayrinck has 14,000 -- both well below the average stack which about 26,000 right now.

5:21pm: And the winner will receive...
Our bean counters are starting to shoot us all the important numbers. Here are the ones with which you will be the most interested.

Number of entries: 384
First place prize: $250,000

With 384 entries, LAPT Lima is officially the second biggest LAPT event in history (right behind the lower buy-in Season 1 event in San Jose, Costa Rica.

5:02pm: Double-up for Dennis
Three players had limped -- a couple from early position and the button -- then Dennis Phillips pushed all in for 3,500 from the small blind. One of the three stuck around with A♥6♥, and Phillips turned over A♠K♥.

The community cards were dealt -- K♣[10s]6♦9♦J♠ -- and Phillips bumps back up to about 8,000.

4:48pm: Akkari all in, all out
Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari was still in the danger zone when play began in Level 5, and soon found himself pushing all in preflop from middle position for his last 2,850. It folded around to the blinds where he found one caller who tabled K♣9♣. Akkari meanwhile, had to battle for his tourney life with J♥8♥.

The board came 6♣9♥6♦7♥3♦, and Akkari shook hands with his tablemates before making his way to the rail.

4:40pm: Back from break
We've reached the halfway point of the day. After four levels of play, we're at 150-300-25 blinds.

Though it's an approximate number at this point, it looks like we have 329 players left.

Here is Andre Akkari, who was down to just a few chips before the end of the last level, but pushed three hands in a row and goes to the break with a stack of about 5,000.


LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Brad Willis and Martin Harris and photographer Carlos Monti.