LAPT Lima: Day 3 live updates, Levels 21-22 (10000-20000-2000)

lapt-promo.gif3:53pm: Break time
The remaining 13 players are now taking a 20-minute break.

3:46pm: Jose Alfaro eliminated
It was all-in pre-flop between the short-stacked Jose Alfaro and Jose "Nacho" Barbero.

Alfaro: A♦Q♣
Barbero: K♣9♦

Barbero flopped a king and Alfaro couldn't catch up. He's out in 14th place.

3:42pm: How we started
Here's a look at how we started the day:

3:41pm: Cabrera rushing
Erick Cabrera raised to 53,000 under the gun and Danny Manriques simply shoved. For like a lot. Like more than 800,000. Yeah, a lot.

Carbrera, who had just doubled up and had more than 400,000 in front of him, made the call.

Manriques: A♠K♣
Cabrera: J♣J♠

Manrique's whiffed the flop, Cabrera made his set on the turn, and that was that.

Cabrera is now up to 850,000, while one-time chip-leader Manriques is down to 610,000.

3:32pm: Getting there twice
On a flop of 5♣5♠7♠, Nicasio Juan Sánchez Toranzo checked and Erick Cabrera moved all-in for 247,000. Toranzo made the call with K♥J♠. Cabrera turned over Q♠9♠. Lot of outs for Cabrera, who made his queen on the turn and spade on the river. Toranzo was left shaking his head and shipping the pot to Cabrera.

3:20pm: It's double through Nacho time
With 14 players remaining, the shorties are looking for a chance to double. Carlos Herrera just made it happen, getting all-in with A♠J♣ against Nacho Barbero's K♥Q♥. Herrera flopped his ace and held on for the double up.

3:13pm: Rabbit fails to spring from hat; Karlo Lopez eliminated
Team PokerStars Pro Online Karlo Lopez started this day by showing us a pretty good magic trick. He made his card capper disappear. An accomplished and amazing magician, Lopez pulled off a lot of tricks ove the last few days. His last one, however, left us wanting.

On a flop of 8♠A♥Q♣, Lopez moved all-in and got looked up by Chris Conrad's Q♥J♥. Turned out Lopez only had K♠9♣. The turn and river were both tens and Lopez was gone in 15th place.

And that damned rabbit is fired.

3:02pm: Santiago Piñan Cardenas eliminated in 16th place
Ben Barrows had just opened for three consecutive hands The first two times he got folds. The third time, facing a Barrows' raise to 48,000, Santiago Piñan Cardenas raised all in for 207,000 total. Barrows made the call.

Cardenas: 9♥9♦
Barrows: A♦T♦

Barrows jumped out ahead on the flop and stayed there until Cardenas was dead on a 4♥J♣[A♥4♠7♠ board. Cardenas earned $7,470 for his 16th place finish. Barrows is up to 795,000.

2:54pm: Red Bull gives you folds
Nicasio Juan Sánchez Toranzo completed from the small blind and Jose de la Guardia raised 18,000 more to 34,000. Toranzo called and they saw a flop of 7♠A♥J♥. Toranzo checked and de la Guardia bet 24,000. Toranzo sat back, took a swig of his Red Bull, and then raised to 70,000. De la Guardia was having none of it and made the bet 140,000.

A minute passed. Then another. Then three more. Finally, Toranzo, apparently not bouyed by the Red Bull, folded. De la Guardia moved up to 970,000. Meanwhile, Toranzo is still sipping Red Bull with 450,000.

2:48pm: BLINDS 10,000-20,000-2,000

2:39pm: Annnnnnnd, we're back
Cards are back in the air with nine minutes remaining in level 21 and 16 players remaining.

2:33pm: The "15 minute" break ends
So,'s been something more like 45 minutes. Don't blame us. TV people, re-draws, and other vagaries of tournament poker make time stretch. In any case, it looks like we're about back in action. Everyone is at least seated. So, we have that going for us. Which is nice.

2:24pm: Updated chip counts, 16 left
Danny Manriques -- 995,000
Jose de la Guardia -- 844,000
Jose "Nacho" Barbero -- 788,000
Amer Sulaiman -- 786,000
Nicasio Sanchez Toranzo -- 501,000
Ismael Cadiz -- 491,000
Chris Conrad -- 469,000
Ben Barrows -- 440,000
Rene Aguilar -- 437,000
Silvio Martins -- 362,000
Carlos Augusta Herrera -- 308,000
Jose Alfaro -- 296,000
Santiago Cardenas -- 243,000
Erick Cabrera -- 227,000
Karlo Lopez -- 200,000
Valerio Valera -- 165,000


1:57pm: Manriques on the move
As tourney officials take advantage of this first break of the day to color up chips, it appears Danny Manriques of Chile is our new chip leader with 16 players left. Manriques had a terrific hour, almost tripling his starting stack of 360,000 to around the one million-chip mark.

1:47pm: Gomez out, 16 remain
It took us just about one hour of play here on Day 3 to cut the field from 24 to 16. The most recent elimination took place over on Table 2. Jose "Pepa" de la Guardia opened with a raise, and Jorge Gomez reraised all in, getting a call from de la Guardia.

Gomez showed K♦T♥ and de la Guardia A♦7♠. The board came A♥J♦9♣6♣7♠, and Gomez goes out in 17th, the last of the group getting paid $6,520.

A short break while the remaining players consolidate into two eight-handed tables.

1:40pm: Bonanata out in 18th
Just now Marcelo Bonanata was all in for his tourney life with A♦J♥ and was in tough shape versus Danny Manriques' A♣Q♦.

The flop came nine-high, then a couple of queens on the turn and river rubbed it in even further. Bonanata is out in 18th place.

1:32pm: Baumgartner busted in 19th
We just saw Jacob Baumgartner and Rene Aguilar have a couple of all-in confrontations in short succession. Both went similarly.

In the first, Baumgartner held A♦J♠ versus Aguilar's A♠Q♥. The board came J♣K♣T♥7♠6♠, and Aguilar doubled through Baumgartner.

Then Baumgartner found himself all in with A♦8♦ against Aguilar's K♣K♠. No ace came to save Baumgartner, as the community cards came 3♦7♠J♥Q♦9♥, and the American is out in 19th, earning $6,520.


Jason Baumgartner, end of Day 1 chip leader, out in 19th place

1:27pm: Thompson out in 20th
Erick Cabrera of Peru opened with a raise to 40,000, Steven Thompson of Costa Rica reraised to 125,000, Cabrera responded by pushing all in, and Thompson -- covered by Cabrera -- made the call.

Steven Thompson J♣J♠
Erick Cabrera Q♥Q♠

The next five cards came T♣6♠5♠7♠K♦, and Thompson hits the rail in 20th.


Steven Thompson, 20th place finisher

1:22pm: Cadiz doubles through Barbero
Up on the feature table, Ismael Cadiz just doubled through Jose "Nacho" Barbero. They got all of Cadiz' stack of 145,000 in on a Q♥Q♦9♣ flop. Barbero held 9♥8♥, but Cadiz had A♦Q♠. The 2♣ turn made the K♥ river inconsequential, and Cadiz doubles to about 300,000. Barbero is now back down to around 500,000.


1:16pm: Black bounced in 21st
Danny Manriques opened with a raise to 46,000, then Steven Black reraised behind him to 146,000 total. It folded back to Manriques who pushed all in, and Black called for 330,000.

Manriques showed J♦J♣ and Black A♣8♦. The board came Q♥2♠3♣T♦6♦, and Black is out in 21st.

1:12pm: De la Rosa down in 22nd
Another short stack hits the rail as we're seeing a lot of all-ins here early on Day 3. This time is was Jorge de la Rosa all in with 9♥9♣ and up against Silvio Martins' J♦J♥.

The community cards came Q♣T♥3♥2♥K♦, and de la Rosa is done in 22nd.

1:04pm: Barrows busts Schwalb in 23rd
A short-stacked Jorge Schwalb picked up 6♣6♥ and thought it a good time to commit his chips, but Ben Barrows over-shoved behind him, forcing out the field, then tabling his A♠A♦.

The board came 7♠2♦T♥Q♦2♥, and the Peruvian Schwalb is out in 22nd ($6,520)


Jorge Schwalb, out in 23rd

12:56pm: Guidi gone in 24th
Guidi called his last 8,000, Steven Thompson completed from the small blind, and Silvio Martins checked from the BB. The blinds checked the 9♦5♦Q♥ flop. Then when the turn brought the 4♣, Thompson bet, forcing Ferreira out. Thompson showed 5♣2♠ for fives, and Guidi K♠6♣. The river was a blank, and Guidi is out in 24th, earning $6,520.

12:53pm: Level 21 begins
With blinds 8,000 and 16,000 plus a 2,000 ante.

12:49pm: Nice start for Valera, not so good for Guidi
Steven Thompson opened for 25,000, then Valerio Valera pushed all in for his last 70,000. Then Gino Guidi shoved as well his stack of 80,000. It folded back to Thompson who got out, and the remaining players tabled their cards -- K♥Q♥ for Valera, and A♣7♠ for Guidi.

The flop came all clubs -- Q♣2♣J♣ -- then the K♣ gave Guidi the flush. But the Q♠ on the river made Valera a full house, kings full of queens, and he more than doubles up to about 200,000. Meanwhile Guidi now has less than a big blind.

12:46pm: Let's play some poker
Cards are in the air and the first hands of Day 3 are being dealt. There are actually seven minutes left in Level 20, so we'll see a few hands at 6000-12000-1000 before we move into Level 21.

12:32pm: The waiting game
Still not quite there. Players at Tables 1 and 2 are all seated with their chips stacked before them, but those due to sit at the feature table have yet to take the stage, as some last preparations are being made. There's a small crowd starting to gather outside the ropes, although we expect it to grow soon once play begins.

12:09pm: Now you see it
Still looks as though we are going to be a little while before play gets underway here at the Atlantic City Casino in Lima, Peru. Most of the players are here, with a couple doing interviews at present. They've yet to unbag their chips, which sit waiting for them on the three tables.

Team PokerStars Online pro Karlo Lopez just stopped by our desk to perform a quick magic trick for us, making a card capper disappear. An impressive bit of prestidigitation it was -- we're still trying to figure it out. Lopez is in fifth place at present, and soon will be working on making his opponent's chips all disappear -- and reappear in his stack.

Here is how our 24 players will be seated once play does begin:

Table 1
Seat 1: Steven Black -- 426,000
Seat 2: Jacob Baumgartner -- 128,000
Seat 3: Marcelo Bonanata -- 232,000
Seat 4: Rene Aguilar -- 247,000
Seat 5: Jose Alfaro -- 251,000
Seat 6: Danny Manriques -- 360,000
Seat 7: Jorge Schwalb -- 200,000
Seat 8: Ben Barrows -- 289,000

Table 2
Seat 1: Julio de la Rosa -- 179,000
Seat 2: Erick Cabrera -- 358,000
Seat 3: Steven Thompson -- 115,000
Seat 4: Silvio Martins -- 295,000
Seat 5: Valerio Valera -- 70,000
Seat 6: Jose "Pepa" de la Guardia -- 363,000
Seat 7: Gino Guidi -- 81,000
Seat 8: Amer Sulaiman -- 800,000

Table 3 (feature table)
Seat 1: Santiago Pinan Cardenas -- 289,000
Seat 2: Jorge Andres Gomez Pizarro -- 160,000
Seat 3: Chris Conrad -- 576,000
Seat 4: Nicasio Sanchez Toranzo -- 525,000
Seat 5: Jose "Nacho" Barbero -- 646,000
Seat 6: Ismael Cadiz -- 91,000
Seat 7: Karlo Lopez -- 524,000
Seat 8: Carlos Augusto Perez Herrera -- 268,000

11:46am: Day 3 awaits
Just 24 remain here at LAPT Lima, with Canadian Amer Sulaiman out in front with an even 800,000, followed by Team PokerStars Argentina Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero with 646,000 and American Chris Conrad with 576,000.

The feature table has been fully constructed and as we play down to tomorrow's final table at least one of our three remaining tables will be played up on the main stage. We're still about 15 minutes from the scheduled start, though it may take a little while longer to get the first hands in the air. Back in a few!


LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Brad Willis and Martin Harris and photographer Carlos Monti.