LAPT Lima: Day 3 live updates, Levels 23-24 (15000-30000-3000)

lapt-promo.gif 6:28pm: Chip counts and final table seat draw
We'll have a full wrap-up in a moment, but first, here's your final table by seat number.

Seat 1: Erick Cabrera - 1,426,000
Seat 2: Ismael Cádiz - 1,125,000
Seat 3: Ben Barrows - 1,154,000
Seat 4: Silvio Martins - 594,000
Seat 5: Valerio Valera - 236,000
Seat 6: Rene Aguiar - 691,000
Seat 7: Jose "Nacho" Barbero - 1,817,000
Seat 8: Carlos Herrera - 434,000

6:07pm: Toranzo out in ninth, final table set
After that hard-luck hand versus Cadiz, Toranzo survived one all-in but could not survive the second, and the Argentinian is our ninth-place finisher.


6:03pm: Toranzo takes a tumble
Nicasio Sanchez Toranzo has been battling fiercely all day. Short-stacked for much of the early part of the afternoon, he'd built back up to average-stack status here with nine players remaining. Then came the following hand.

It had folded around to Toranzo in the small blind who raised, then Ismael Cadiz put in a reraise from the big blind. Cadiz also had spent a lot of the afternoon on the short side, but had also scrapped his way into the middle of the pack here on the final table bubble. He'd also shown a conservative nature for the most part. For example, in an earlier hand Toranzo had check-raised Cadiz on a seven-high board, and Cadiz folded his pocket eights face up.

Back to the hand (at hand). Toranzo put in another reraise from the SB, and when Cadiz shoved Toranzo looked as though he had an upset stomach. He deliberated for quite a while, then finally with a kind of resigned look made the call.

Toranzo turned over Q♠Q♥, then looked to see Cadiz' hand. Alas, his fears were realized, as Cadiz tabled A♦A♥.

The board went 8♦9♦4♣7♥9♥, and suddenly Toranzo is down to less than two big blinds.

6:01pm: Nine remain
Now that we are down to nine players, the tourney is being played hand-for-hand, with five on one table and four on the other. One more elimination, and Day 3 will be over.

5:58pm: Manriques eliminated in 10th
Danny Manriques of Chile open-shoved from the button for about 400,000, then Ben Barrows -- the lone American left -- reraised all in from the small blind. Nicasio Toranzo got out of the way from the BB. Cards on their backs...

Manriques A♦8♠
Barrows T♥T♠

The community cards were dealt -- 6♣K♥5♠2♠6♠ -- and Manriques is out in 10th place, earning $13,040. That hand pushed Barrows up to about 1.3 million.

5:34pm: Barbero bulldozer
Chris Conrad -- victimized earlier in that big pot with Jose "Nacho" Barbero -- just now found himself all in against Barbero as Level 24 was starting. Conrad held Q♦J♣ and Barbero 4♠4♥.

Once again the murmurs in the crowd began to rise as the dealer prepared to deal the flop. We had reached a modest roar by the time the cards appeared -- 6♠8♥4♦. An explosion of sound followed. Barbero remain seated this time, and even though his chair is positioned such that his back is to the crowd, everyone knew had a mile wide smile.

The turn was the 3♠, which made the 7♦ on the river inconsequential. Conrad is out in 11th, while Barbero is now hovering around the 2 million-chip mark.

5:29pm: Level 24 begins
Blinds are now 15,000-30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

5:10pm: ...and a child cried, "What the hell?"
It was a raise from Nacho Barbera, a re-raise from Chris Conrad, and a four-bet shove for 731,000 from Barbera. Conrad made the call with A♣Q♦. If you think Conrad might be calling a little light here, you haven't see the table dynamics with Nacho Barbero involved. And, yeah...Barbero was the light one. He held...8♣4♠.

The crowd, which was in a state of natural frenzy already, lost its mind. Screams of "Hold!" filled the room. Thousands of things were shouted in Spanish. Finally, one wail from the center of the room asked, "What the hell?"


And so the board.


Barbero looked like he'd just discovered the secret to cold fusion. He jumped, did a 180 in the air, ran for the edge of the stage, and covered his mouth in mock-embarrassment.

Yeah, that pot was worth near 1.6 million and the chip lead.

Conrad now looks like someone left a flaming bag of dog droppings on his front porch. He's pulled up his hood and is smiling in a way that makes us think he may well kick a dog if he can find one.


Nacho, Nacho, Nacho.


4:57pm: May all our pots be monsters? All of are pots ARE monsters
Jose de la Guardia came in for a raise to 62,000 and Erick Cabrera re-raised to 130,000. De la Guardia considered his move for a few moments before announcing he was all-in. Defining "snap call," Cabrera put his chips in, an easy decision with A♠A♥. De la Guardia held J♦J♥.

Cabrera is now sitting on 1.5 million.

De La Guardia is out.

4:45pm: Champion Watch loses one; Sulaiman eliminated
We've just had what looks to be the biggest pot of the tournament so far, in the form of a race for around 1.3 million chips. Chris Conrad and Season 3 Playa Conchal champ Amer Sulaiman just got it all-in for the massive purse.

Chris Conrad: A♥Q♦
Amer Sulaiman: T♥T♣

Whoever won the pot (and we're assuming you've figured out who it is) was going to be the new chip leader.

The board ran out A♣A♠5♣9♠2♥ and Sulaiman's chances of a second Season 3 title were gone.


4:33pm: Barrows is officially back
Yesterday we began calling Ben Barrows "The Comeback Kid" after he started the day with 18,000 chips (less than a Day 1 starting stack) and rallied back to finish the day with 289,000. That stack only put him in the middle of the field at the start of Day 3.

Now Barrows has nearly 1.2 million and has a better than half a million chip lead over second place.

That qualifies in my book as "back."


4:16pm: We're back.
Players are back in their seats and the first hands are being dealt in Level 23. There are 13 remaining.


Danny Manriques

LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Brad Willis and Martin Harris and photographer Carlos Monti.