LAPT Lima final table player profiles

lapt-promo.gifBelow are the final table profiles for the eight remaining players in the LAPT Lima main event.

Three hundred eighty-four players started this event four days ago. Now, the final eight are fighting for the LAPT title and the $250,000 first place prize.

Leading the pack is Team PokerStars Pro from Argentina Jose "Nacho" Barbero who is looking for his second consecutive LAPT win.

LAPT Lima final table player profiles

Seat 1: Erick Cabrera (Peru) - 1,426,000

Eric Cabrera is the hometown hero. Hailing from Lima, he is the only Peruvian player remaining in the field. The economics student has spent the last three years perfecting his poker game. This is his first LAPT, but he plays nearly every major tournament held here in the Atlantic City Casino. He loves Omaha, but has a hard time finding a local game, so plays as much of it as he can online.


Seat 2: Ismael Cádiz (Chile) - 1,125,000

Ismael Cadiz comes from Rancagua, Chile. The 60-year-old business man has four grown children and one grandson. He's only been playing poker for the past couple of years. He started playing in a local Santiago poker club, and has since started playing tons of Chilean tournaments.He also played at the LAPT Punta del Este event.


Seat 3: Ben Barrows (United States) - 1,154,000

Ben Barrows is a 22-year-old recent graduate of the University of Georgia. The telecommunications graduate still lives in Athens, GA, but is planning to move to California soon to live with a screenwriter friend and play poker fulltime. Illness led Barrows to Lima. One Saturday night in Athens, he was sick and instead of going out with his friends, stayed in an played a $22 3x turbo qualifier. Next thing he knew he was on his way to Lima. Barrows finished Day 1 with less than his starting stack, but rallied during Days 2 and 3 to make the final table.


Seat 4: Silvio Martins (Brazil) - 594,000

Silvio Martins is 53 years old. Born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, he now lives in Vila Velha. The gym teacher at the Federal University in his state (Espírito Santo), Martins is also a spear fishing enthusiast. Martins grandfather owned a casino, and gave an eight-year-old Martins an opportunity to learn poker. Martins is an admitted amateur who is playing in his first LAPT.


Seat 5: Valerio Valera (Venezuela) - 236,000

Valerio Valera comes from Caracas Venezuela. The 52-year-old businessman has five sons and he is playing his first LAPT. He is a huge fan of poker tournaments and plays every one he can at home. He's been rather successful in his hometown. Now he has a chance to prove himself on an international stage.


Seat 6: Rene Aguilar (Chile) - 691,000

Rene Aguilar is from Santiago, Chile. The 45-year-old businessman has two kids and his been playing cards since his mother taught him to play five-card-draw as a child. He picked up Hold'em four years ago. He considers poker a hobby. This is his second LAPT.


Seat 7: Jose "Nacho" Barbero (Argentina) - 1,817,000

Jose "Nacho" Barbero is attempting to be the first person to win two LAPT titles. The chip leader in today's event, Barbero is just a few months removed from his win in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Back-to-back wins would further cement Barbero's spot as one of the top-performing Team PokerStars Pros from South America.


Seat 8: Carlos Herrera (Colombia) - 434,000
Caroa Herrera was born in Armena, Colombia, but now lives in Medellin. At 25 years old, Herrera, is a civil engineer and currently doig post-graduate work. Poker has become one of his greatest passions, and he plays at least four times a week. This is his first LAPT, but he already played big tournaments in Argentina, Brazil and Domenican Republic.