LAPT Lima: Ready for the big one

lapt-promo.gifOver a breakfast of tasty foods we barely recognized, my fellow blogger Martin Harris and I looked out over Miraflores and to the Pacific Ocean. We're morbid types, so I didn't feel that terrible about wondering how our 21st floor perch would survive a mondo earthquake. Harris was quick to remind me that Lima suffered a horrible and disastrous earthquake back in in the mid-18th century. With another sip of coffee, we set the subject aside. Best we focus on other things.

And so we chatted about something else that looks to be "The Big One."

In just about one hour, we will kick off LAPT Lima, an event that our slim, attractive, and capable tournament director Mike Ward tells us will certainly eclipse the 350 player mark. The last time an LAPT event had more than 350 players, we were reporting on Season 1 in Punta del Este, Uruguay. In fact, only that event and the Season 1 tournament in Costa Rica have made it past 350 players. Since then, the number of players has not climbed above 327...until now.


For the first time in LAPT history, the circuit has landed on Peruvian soil. We're herein Lima now, with at least 100 live satellite qualifiers, even more PokerStars satellite winners, and an untold number of people who have just bought in for the $2,700 entry fee. It's fair to suggest, we're about the experience the Big One for Season 3 right here at Lima's Atlantic City casino.

We will be joined momentarily by a big group of Team PokerStars Pros, including (but not limited to) Dennis Phillips, Maria Mayrinck, Angel Guillen, Leo Fernandez, Greg Debora, Christian de Leon, Alex Gomes, Andre Akkari, Gualter Salles, Jose "Nacho" Barbero, and Veronica Dabul

Most of the players will be trickling in over the next 45 minutes, many of them still recovering from last night's big welcome party at La Rosa Nautica where the pisco sours flowed like wine, men danced with giant scissors, and a year's worth of ceviche found its way into hungry bellies.


Now, though, those happy memories are behind us. It's time to play some cut-throat poker so that we may determine which player among this crowd will be the Big One.

We're scheduled to play eight one-hour levels today. The players will begin with 20,000 chips at 50-100 blinds.

We'll be live blogging right from the first flop to the last river. In four days, we'll have ourselves a champion. For now, though, it's time to get this place movin' and shakin' safely as possible.