LAPT Lima: Two champions fighting for one title

lapt-promo.gifSeason 3 of the Latin American Poker Tour has had two champions so far. Amer Sulaiman won the Playa Conchal event in November. Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero took down the Punta del Este in Uruguay. If you had to guess, where would you say the two men are ranked going into Day 3 of LAPT Lima?

How about #1 and #2?

This is a story that pretty much writes itself (which is great, because it's 3am here in Lima, and we've been writing for 15 hours straight). Sulaiman and Barbero not only survived to play Day 3 of this second-biggest LAPT event, but finished first and second respectively in chips. It has the makings of a history-making heads up battle. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, we must remember that there are 22 other players still planning to make the final table as well. Something about $250,000 for first place seems to make the others intent on messing up a good story.


Amer Sulaiman - 801,000 chips


Jose "Nacho" Barbero - 646,000 chips

Day 2 was one we all knew would be long. There were nearly 200 players who started, and we had to make it down to three eight-handed tables before we quit. That meant we began at noon and played until 2am when the 25th place finisher was eliminated. It was a lot of effort for all involved, but we expect nothing less on a poker tour that's drawing these kinds of numbers and this caliber of talent.

Our remaining players are a fantastic cross-section of Latin America, with some sprinkles of USA and Canada mixed in for fun. Among them is Team PokerStars Online Pro Karlo Lopez. A noted magician from Puerto Rico, Lopez magically turned his piddling afternoon stack into more than 500,000 by night's end--good for fifth place going into Day 3.


Here in just about eight hours, we'll return for Day 3. Then we will play from our remaining 24 down to the final table of eight.

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Now, we go to sleep, perchance to dream of a heads up match between two champions...and if not that, perhaps something other than scary clowns with big shoes and knives for teeth.