LAPT Punta del Este: Day 3, Levels 19 and 20 (5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante)


5:20pm: Humberto Brenes eliminated in 16th place ($8,350)In the closing moments of Level 20, Humberto Brenes pushed his last 42,000 chips into the middle before the flop and got three callers. Everyone checked down the 6♣5♣4♦5♥2♦ board. Humberto turned up K♦8♦ but Ernesto Panno rivered bottom pair with J♥2♥, ending Brenes' run in 16th place.

Brenes' elimination leaves Nacho Barbero as the last Team PokerStars Pro standing.

5:10pm: BrenesWatch On the first hand after the break, Humberto Brenes doubled up when his Q♥2♥ held up against Ernesto Panno's [10d]7♦. Brenes increased his stack to around 40K. A couple of hands later, Brenes got it all in against Jose Capdevila. Both players held A-J and they chopped the pot. Brenes is still alive, but he's the shortest stack remaining.


Humberto thanking the Great Shark in the sky for his timely double-up

5:00pm: Back in action After an unexpected break, Day 3 resumes. 16 players remain. Norbert Ludges is our chip leader. Humberto Brenes is on life support with a short stack. Here are the new seating assignments...

Featured TV Table:
Seat 1: Nacho Barbero - 501,000
Seat 2: Ernesto Panno - 281,000
Seat 3: Roman Suarez - 551,000
Seat 4: Humberto Brenes - 14,000
Seat 5: Marco Caicedo - 254,000
Seat 6: Jose Capdevila - 320,000
Seat 7: Clas Thorsell - 300,000
Seat 8: Bernardo Dias - 293,000

Table #2:
Seat 1: Daniela Zapiello - 460,000
Seat 2: Pascual D'Alessio - 275,000
Seat 3: Martin Sansour - 632,000
Seat 4: Nicolas Cardyn - 130,000
Seat 5: Norbert Ludges - 800,000
Seat 6: Andres Korn - 400,000
Seat 7: Helio Chreem - 235,000
Seat 8: Cesar Mostafa - 532,000

4:45pm: Take another ten The break has been extended by another ten minutes due to technical difficulties at the TV featured table. Sit tight.

4:30pm: Break Time Players take a 15-minute break. There are 20 minutes remaining at this level.

4:24pm: Diego Maggiolo eliminated in 17th place ($7,300) Argentina's Diego Maggiolo is out after running pocket nines into pocket kings. The final 16 players will redraw for seats on the final two tables.

4:22pm: Humberto Brenes crippled The shark is really hungry now. Over on the TV featured table, Humberto Brenes just ran his pocket jacks into Roman Suarez's pocket kings, leaving him with only 14,000 in chips.

4:20pm: Oliver Rowe eliminated in 18th place ($7,300) Canada's Oliver Rowe failed in his attempt to make back-to-back final tables He bailed out in 18th place.


2009 LAPT Punta del Este fifth-place finisher -- Oliver Rowe

4:17pm: Gil Morgensztern eliminated in 19th place ($7,300) Short-stacked Gil Morgensztern shoved with 8♥6♦. Marco Caicedo called from his big blind with 5♥4♣. The flop was Q♦6♥4♥. The turn was the 5♠ and the river was the 3♦. Caicedo's two pair wont he pot and Gil Morgensztern hit the road in 19th place.

4:05pm: Nacho Barbero doubles through Cesar Mostafa In a blind vs. blind battle, Nacho Barbero limped in and Cesar Mostafa made it an additional 37,000 to go. Barbero wasn't having any of that and moved all-in, but Mostafa made the call.

It was another race, Barbero's Q♣J♦ outrunning Mostafa's 8♦8♣ when a queen hit the flop. Barbero doubled to 500,000 while Mostafa was left with 410,000.


Jose "Nacho" Barbero

3:58pm: Ludges cracks aces, takes chip lead I'm not sure if he's religious, but if there is a poker god, he's on Norbert Ludges' side today. With the action folded to him in the cutoff, Ludges limped in, then called Bernardo Dias' 35,000 button raise. Ludges checked the K♥J♣6♣ flop, Dias bet 65,000, and Ludges came back over the top, making it 140,000 to go. Dias responded with a shove and Ludges snap-called, the pot swelling to nearly a million in chips.

Dias turned over pocket aces, but Ludges flopped top two pair with K♠J♦. The 3♥ on the turn and the T♦ were of no help to Dias, and he shipped all but 170,000 of his chips over to Ludges.

Ludges is now the dominant chip leader with 980,000.


Norbert Ludges

3:54pm: Marcio Caicedo doubles On the featured TV table, Marcio Caicedo from Colombia and Gil Morgensztern were all in on the flop of Q♦9♣[10h]. Caicedo was way ahead with K♦J♥ after he flopped a straight against Morgensztern's A♦8♥. Caicedo's hand held up and doubled up to over 200K.

3:41pm: Blinds Up We're now on Level 20. Blinds are 6,000-12,000 with a 1,000 ante.

3:38pm: Helio Chreem flops the joint Daniela Zapiello and Helio Chreem were involved in a battle of the blinds. The flop was Q♠J♠9♥. Chreem bet 50K and Zapiello called. The turn was the 8♥. Chreem checked. Zapiello bet 75K. Chreem moved all in. A frustrated Zapiello tossed her hand in the muck. Chreem tabled K♠[10s]. Talk about hitting a dream flop with a made straight and an open-ended straight flush draw. Chreem increased his stack to 450K.

3:32pm: Cesar wants to see Both Cesar Mostafa and Norbert Ludges checked an A♥K♠T♥ flop. When the Q♠ hit the turn Ludges checked again, Mostafa bet 32,000 and Ludges called. The river was the 9♣ and Ludges check-called another 60,000 from Mostafa.

Showdown time. Ludges pointed at Mostafa as if to indicate "Hey, I made the call, you show first." Mostafa turned up A♠J♦ for the straight and Ludges began to muck his hand. However, Mostafa wanted to see what he had. Ludges was unwilling to show, so Mostafa called for a ruling. The floorman told Ludges to show his cards and he reluctantly flashed A♦8♦.

3:25pm: Bernardo Da Silvera doubles through Nacho Barbero Bernardo Da Silvera opened for 25,000 from the cutoff, Nacho Barbero reraised to 75,000 from the big blind, and Da Silvera four-bet all in for 228,000 total. Barbero made the call, turning up K♦J♣ to Da Silvera's A♥Q♥. A-9-2-8-6 on the board and Da Silvera scored the double-up to 456,000 while Barbero slipped to 170,000.

3:15pm: Cesar hooks 'em Cesar Mostafa opened from under-the-gun and earned a call from Jose Luis Capdevila in the small blind. Both players checked the K♥K♣6♥ flop. The turn was the K♦ and Capdevila checked again. Mostafa made it 27,000 to go a Capdevila came along. Capdevila checked the 3♠ on the river and after a long think, Mostafa settled on a 68,000 bet. Capdevila called, but mucked his hand as soon as he saw Mostafa's J♦J♣ for kings full.

3:10pm: The Daniela River Bluff Daniela Zapiello (and the rest of table #2 for that matter) has been neutralized during the last level of play by Diego Maggiolo's hyper-aggression. He's taken control of the table. However, Zapiello finally got involved in a hand. Oliver Rowe raised 22K from the button. Zapiello defended her big blind with a call. The flop was Q♦5♦5♠. Zapiello checked. Rowe bet 32K. Zapiello called. Both players checked the turn when the 8♣ fell. The river was the 8♠. Zapiello reached for chips and fired out 60K. Rowe folded and Zapiello took down the pot, but not before she showed her cards -- the 7♦4♦. She missed her draws (flush and gutshot straight), yet fired a bullet at the river anyway. Diego Maggiolo chuckled and rapped his hand on the table. He thoroughly enjoyed her bluff.


Daniela Zapiello is not afraid to get in a gunfight

3:02 pm: Daniel Kowalski eliminated in 20th place ($7,300) Daniel Kowalski and Table 1 wrecking ball Norbert Ludges saw an 8♠6♥5♦ flop for 27,000 apiece. Both players checked, Ludges firing out 43,000 when the T♥ hit the turn. Kowalski shoved for 135,000 and Ludges made the call, his 5♣7♠ trailing Kowalski's Q♣T♠. However, Ludges again found his gin card. Kowalski pounded the table in frustration as the 9♦ hit the river, making his opponent a nine-high straight.

That's two KOs in a row for Ludges, who is currently on 665,000, good for second in chips.

2:44pm: Stevie Chidwick eliminated in 21st place ($7,300) No matter how good Stevie Chidwick got his money in today, he simply could not win a pot. First, Bernardo Dias open-shoved from the button for his last 80,000 and Chidwick looked him up from the big blind with A♠3♠. Dias turned over the lowly T♦5♥, but hit trips when the flop came down 5♠5♣8♣. Threes fell on the turn and river making Chidwick an inferior full house and he was crippled, his stack plummeting to 120,000.

On the very next deal, Chidwick moved all-in over the top of Norbert Ludges' 30,000 opening raise and earned a call, his A♥Q♣ in a race against Ludges' pocket fives. Chidwick hit a queen on the flop, but Ludges drew the two-outer on the turn. Another five spiked, making Ludges a set. Chidwick was drawing dead and despite the brutality of his final two hands, he made a calm exit and headed to the payout desk to collect his $7,300 in earnings.


Stevie "stevie444" Chidwick

2:40pm: Players return from break A new chip denomination has been introduced into play... the 10,000 red chip.


LAPT Punta del Este reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Change100 and Paul "DrPauly" McGuire and photographer Carlos Monti.

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