LAPT Punta del Este: Day 3, Levels 21 and 22 (8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante)


7:35pm: Nacho speaks Earlier today, our video blog crew caught up with Jose "Nacho" Barbero, now the last Team Pro standing in the LAPT Punta del Este. See what he thinks of his opponents and how he'll spend the money if he wins.

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7:15pm: Clas Thorsell eliminated in 12th place ($12,500) Clas Thorsell's tournament just concluded on quite a strange hand. Bernardo Da Silvera opened for 45,000, Ernesto Panno flat-called, and Thorsell called as well, leaving himself only 14,000 behind. Thorsell put those last few chips in the pot on the 9♣3♠2♦ flop and since it was less than a minimum bet, the floor ruled that both Da Silvera and Panno had to put in 20,000 apiece to call (we raised our eyebrows too). Both men checked down the 7♣ on the turn and the A♣ on the river.

Panno slapped the J♣6♣ on the table for a runner-runner flush, and that was it for Thorsell, who departed in 12th place.

With Thorsell's elimination, Frenchman Nicolas Cardyn is now the only non-Latin player remaining in the field. His ten remaining opponents all hail from South American countries.


Clas Thorsell

7:07pm: Marco Caicedo cripples Clas Thorsell If you ever what happens when a Colombian and a Swede rumble... well you're in the right place. Up at the featured TV Table Marco Caicedo (Colombia) and Clas Thorsell (Sweden) got it all in with a coin flip. Caicedo's A♦K♦ prevailed over Thorsell's 6♥6♦. Caicedo flopped a King to take the lead and then rivered a King (for a bit of an overkill). The Colombian doubled up and left the Swede with 50K.

7:00pm: Martin Sansour eliminated in 13th place ($10,420) Martin Sansour raised 65,000 and Norbert Ludges called. The flop was 8♠4♦2♦. Sansour checked. Ludges bet 107,000. Sansour check-raised 200,000 more. Ludges called. The turn was the 2♣ and Sansour shoved all in. Ludges snap-called and showed 4♣4♠. Sansour sheepishly tabled A♣Q♠ and knew that he picked the wrong time to bluff at the pot. A dejected Sansour headed to the rail in 13th place. Down to 12.


Peru's Martin Sansro is out in unlucky 13th place

6:40pm: Players return from break We're now on Level 22. Blinds are currently 10,000-20,000 with a 2,000 ante. Yes, the big blind is currently worth the original starting stack! 13 players still remain.

6:25pm: Break time We'll be back in action in 15 minutes.

6:20 pm: Andres Korn drops the Hammer Martin Sansour opened for 41,000, Norbert Ledges called on the button, and Andres Korn put the squeeze on, making it 150,000 to go from the small blind. Cesar Mostafa tanked for an eternity from the big blind, making what looked like a very reluctant fold before Sansour and Ledges pitched in their cards.

Korn rolled over 2♦7♦ with a smile and took down the pot.


"Please don't call please don't call please don't call"

6:10pm: Cardyn chipping away at Zapiello Daniela Zapiello has a new nemesis in Nicolas Cardyn. She opened for 41,000 from the cutoff, Cardyn called on the button and both blinds called. The action was checked around to Zapiello, who bet 65,000. Cardyn smooth-called and both blinds folded. When the 9♣ fell on the turn, Zapiello slowed down and checked, opening the door for Cardyn to move all-in for about 400,000. Zapiello gave up her hand, conceding the pot to Cardyn.

6:00pm: Le double for Nicolas Cardyn Daniella Zapiello opened for 45K. Frenchman Nicolas Cardyn shoved for 230K. Daniella Zapiello called with A♥K♥. Cardyn was ahead with Q♦Q♣. The board ran out [10d]7♣5♦J♦[10s]. Cardyn's queens held up and he doubled up, while Zapiello slipped to under 1 million in chips.

5:45pm: Daniela Zapiello reclaims chip lead, eliminates Pascual D'alessio in 14th place The chip infusion Pascual D'alessio received by eliminating Helio Chreem proved to be short-lived. After Cesar Mostafa opened for 45,000 and Daniela Zapiello three-bet to 115,000, D'alessio moved all-in from the small blind for about 250,000 holding J♠J♦. Mostafa folded, but Zapiello called, turning over K♥K♦. D'alessio did not improve and he exited in 14th place.

With that pot, Zapiello took over the chip lead with 1.1 million and is the first player to cross the seven-figure mark.


Pascual D'alessio

5:42pm: Helio Chreem eliminated in 15th place ($8,350) Helio Chreem opened for 45,000 from the small blind, Cesar Mostafa shoved for 262,000 from the big blind and Chreem snap-called with pocket tens. Mostafa sheepishly turned over J♣9♠ as Chreem pumped his fist and stood up from his chair. The 8♦Q♠4♦ flop looked good, so did the 2♠ on the turn, but the T♣ spiked on the river, making Mostafa a queen-high straight. Now it was his turn to fist-pump as Chreem shook his head in disbelief.

Left with 75,000 in chips, Chreem moved all in with Q♠T♠ on the next hand, but could not improve against Pascual D'alessio's K♦J♦.


Helio Chreem

5:25pm: Blinds Up We're now on level 21. Blinds are 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante. 15 players remain.


The coveted winner's trophy

LAPT Punta del Este reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Change100 and Paul "DrPauly" McGuire and photographer Carlos Monti.

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