LAPT Punta del Este: Day 3, Levels 23 and 24 (12,000-24,000, 3,000 ante)


10:30p: Day 3 complete; Final table set That's it for Day 3 of the LAPT Punta del Este. Norbert Ludger, a local player from Uruguay, ended today as the chip leader with 1,596,000. We're finally down to 8 players. One of them will win $279,330 for first place. Which one will it be? Tune in tomorrow at 1pm local time (EST +3) to find out.

Official chip counts will be available shortly. Visit our chip count page. For a list of players who cashed today, visit the prize pool and payouts section.

10:22pm: Ernesto Panno eliminated in 9th place ($14,590) Ernesto Panno shoved and Nacho Barbero called with A♠[10c]. Panno tabled A♥2♣. The board ran out K♥J♦7♥A♦8♥. Nacho won the pot and Panno was out. With his elimination, the final table is set.


Final table Bubble Boy Ernest Panno from Argentina

10:16pm: Bernadrdo Dias doubles through Ernesto Panno Bernardo Dias shoved all in for 308K. Ernest Panno called with A♣Q♠. Dias happily turned over K♠K♦. The board ran out 8♠5♦3♥8♣K♥. Dias won the hand to avoid elimination. Dias doubled up while Panno slipped to around 300K.

10:06pm: Cards Back in the Air

9:44pm: Break Time Players are on a 15-minute break.

9:30pm: Marco Caicedo doubles through Bernardo Dias We experienced the loudest hand of the tournament... thus far. Bernardo Dias opened for a 55,000 raise. Marco Caicedo three-bet shoved for 327,000. Dias paused for few minutes before he made the call. Everyone in the ballroom jumped to their feet anticipating an elimination to set the final table. Dias was ahead with 6♦6♣ against Caicedo's A♦Q♠. Both players stood up, even Dias who has been hobbling around the tournament area with crutches due to an injured knee. The flop came down K♥J♦[10h] and Caicedo's friends went berserk because he flopped a Broadway straight. Dias picked up a few outs when the K♠ fell on the turn. However, the river was the Q♦ and Caicedo faded the boat to win the pot.

9:10pm: Nicolas Cardyn Picks Off Daniella Nicolas Cardyn raised 60,000 and Daniella Zapiello called. They both checked the flop of Q♥Q♦9♥. They both checked the turn when the 2♠ fell. When the K♠ spiked on the river, Nicolas Cardyn bet out 70,000. Daniella Zapiello raised to 170,000. Cardyn headed into the tank again. And once again, someone at the table called the clock on him to make a decision. At the last possible second, he called Zapiello's bet with pocket treys. Cardyn's instincts were correct because Zapiello only had A-J for ace-high. Cardyn dragged the pot.

8:50pm: Norbert Ludges dents Nicolas Cardyn's stack After fifteen minutes of passive play, we had the first sizable pot since the final nine players consolidated to one table. Four players were in this pot. The flop was J♣9♣4♦. Nicolas bet 200,000 and only Norbet Ludges called. The turn was the 7♠. Nicolas checked. Ludges bet 270,000. Cardyn headed into the tank for several minutes as he pondered his decision. Someone at the table called the clock on him and as time ticked down, Cardyn made the laydown. Ludges won the pot and showed the J♦. Cardyn lost around 300K on that hand and slipped to around 500K in chips. Ludges increased his stack to over 1.5 million.

8:34pm: Action resumes

8:28pm: Holding pattern What we thought was going to be a quick pause to move the final nine to the TV table has now turned into nearly a half-hour break. The players, however, were just called back to their seats and we should be back underway shortly.

7:55pm: Re-Draw! The final 9 players are redrawing for seats at the "almost" final table. We're one more elimination away before our final table is set.

7:50pm: Cesar Mostafa eliminated in 10th place ($14,590) Cesar Mostafa was crippled by Andres Korn and two hands later he shoved with Q♦[10c]. Roman Suarez called with K♥K♦. Mostafa could not come from behind to win the hand. Suarez's Kings held up and Mostafa headed to the rail in 10th place. Mostafa began Day 3 as the chipleader, but he could not maintain the lead and fizzled out before the final table.


Cesar Mostafa - 10th place

7:48pm: Jose Capdevila eliminated in 11th place ($12,500) Over at the featured TV table, Jose Capdevila found himself all in with 5♣5♥ against Bernardo Dias' A♦J♥. The flop was A♥6♠3♥ and Dias took the lead. The turn was the 9♣ and the river was the K♣. Dias' hand held up. Capdevila, the last standing player from Chile, busted out in 11th place.


Jose Capdevila - 11th place

7:47pm: Blinds up! We've moved into Level 23, with blinds of 12,000-24,000 and a 3,000 ante. 11 players remain.


LAPT Punta del Este reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Change100 and Paul "DrPauly" McGuire and photographer Carlos Monti.

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