LAPT Punta del Este: Day 4, Levels 26 and 27 (25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante)


6:28pm... Break time The last five players are heading out on a scheduled 15-minute break. See you in twenty-three minutes.

6:16pm... Nicolas Cardyn likes Nacho's chips Nacho Barbero opened for 200,000. Nicolas Cardyn shoved all in for 550,000. Nacho called. Cardyn was ahead with 9♦9♣. Barbero tabled Q♠[10c]. The flop was K♦9♥4♣. Cardyn improved his hand with a set of nines, but nacho picked up a gutshot. The turn was the 5♠ and the river was the 3♦. Cardyn increased his stack to over 1.2 million. Nacho slipped to under 1 million.

5:55pm: Daniela doubles With the action folded around to him in the small blind, Nicolas Cardyn moved all-in and Daniela Zapiello made the call from the big blind. Zapiello was ahead with A♠8♣ against Cardyn's Q♠6♠. The crowd rose to their feet, their tiny Brazilian heroine at risk of elimination.

The flop certainly made it interesting, coming down 9♠4♠3♥. Zapiello was still ahead with ace-high, but Cardyn picked up a flush draw. The turn was the 2♥, but Cardyn could still win with a queen, a six, a five, or a spade on the river. Zapiello's fans, however, erupted into cheers as the J♣ hit the river, earning her the double-up.

Zapiello is now on 1,380,000 in chips while Cardyn was left with 495,000.


Daniela Zapiello celebrates her double-up

5:43pm: Nicolas Cardyn doubles through Andres Korn Nicolas Cardyn moved his last 525,000 into the middle before the flop holding A♠Q♣. The action was folded around to Andres Korn in the big blind, who made the call with 5♠6♠. Cardyn flopped top pair, the board running out A♦T♦2♦J♦5♥ to double him up to 1,160,000. Korn is down to about a million in chips.

5:38pm... Marco Caicedo eliminated in 6th place ($41,690) Marco Caicedo shoved for 350,000 and Nacho Barbero called. Caicedo was ahead with A♠7♥ against Nacho's K♠Q♥. However, this final table supposed to be the "Nacho Show" which means that Nacho was going to come from behind to win the pot. That was evident when he took the lead on the flop of A♠J♦9♠. The turn was the 6♥. The river was the Q♣. Nacho won the pot with trip Queens. Marco Caicedo from Colombia headed to the rail in 6th place. We're down to 5 players and Nacho is up to 1.35 million in chips.


Marco Caicedo - 6th place

5:20pm... Blinds up! We're on Level 27 30,000-60,000 with a 5,000.

5:18pm... Chop it up! Marco Caicedo shoved and Norbert Ludger called. Caicedo held A♥Q♦ versus Ludger's A♣Q♣. Neither could flush out the other, so they chopped the pot.

4:54pm: Bernardo Dias eliminated in 7th place ($31,270) As the saying goes, an all-in works every time... except once. For the fifth time in a row, Bernardo Dias moved all-in, this time for 700,000 and Andres Korn made the call. Dias' A♥6♠, however, was up against pocket sevens and he could not improve on the J♦6♣4♣K♥9♣ board.

Dias exited the stage in seventh place, while Korn took over the chip lead with 1.7 million.


Bernardo Dias, 7th place

4:45pm... Dias eats some of Nacho's chips Bernardo Dias has been speeding ever since we returned from the break. The young Brazilian has one gear it seems -- all in. As expected, he shoved for 310,000. Nacho Barbero called from his big blind with Q♣6♠. Dias was ahead with A♣8♠. The flop was K♦[10c]8♦. The turn was the A♥ and although Dias turned two pair, Nacho picked up outs with a gutshot Broadway draw. The river was the Q♥ and Dias' hand held up. Dias jumped up to over 700,000. Nacho still has over 1 million in chips.

4:30pm... Cardyn gets it back from Dias Bernardo Dias moved all in and Nicolas Cardyn called all in. Dias held A♣8♠ but he trailed Cardyn's A♥9♥. The flop was [10h]7♣2♥. The turn was the 4♣. The river was the A♦. Cardyn's hand held up and he doubled up. Dias is down to 215,000. Cardyn is back up to 670,000.

4:20pm... Bernardo "Bedias" Dias doubles Action folded to Bernardo Dias on the button. He shoved all in for 220K. Nicolas Cardyn called. Dias was ahead with K♦[10s] against K♣4♦. The board ran out A♣Q♣Q♠5♠6♥. Dias doubled and the Brazilians in the crowd went... nuts. Cardyn is now under 300,000.

4:16pm: Roman Suarez eliminated in 8th place ($20,850) On the first hand of the new level, Roman Suarez opened for 140,000, Nacho Barbero three-bet all-in and Suarez made the call. Barbero had him covered.

It was the A♦7♠ for Barbero and the A♥5♠ for Suarez. The Q♣J♣7♥ flop paired Barbero's kicker and the 7♣ on the turn made him trips. Suarez was drawing dead, the meaningless 6♥ hitting the river as he departed in eighth place.

With that hand, Barbero moved into the chip lead with 1,460,000.


Roman Suarez, 8th place

4:10pm: Back in action We're back and the blinds are up to 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante. All eight final table players are still standing after nearly two full levels of play.

Here's a look at the current chip count:

Norbert Ludger-- 1,425,000
Andres Korn-- 1,000,000
Marco Caicedo-- 865,000
Nacho Barbero-- 740,000
Daniela de Lima Zapiello-- 680,000
Roman Suarez-- 605,000
Nicolas Cardyn-- 525,000
Bernardo da Silveira Dias-- 315,000


LAPT Punta del Este reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Change100 and Paul "DrPauly" McGuire and photographer Carlos Monti.

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