LAPT Rosario: In search of the final table

lapt-promo.gifThe lights. The bright, shining, make-you-squint lights. Those are usually the first indication that the stakes have changed. When TV cameras and big boom microphones appear in your face, the chip bags are stuffed with big denomination fichas, and every bustout gets you so much closer to fame, the lights are bright and the implications of every decision can be life-changing. That is Day 3 on the Latin American Poker Tour.

At this hour, three tables are under the lights here at the City Center Casino in Rosario, Argentina. In just about an hour, the 24 remaining players will sit down to decide who will make tomorrow's final table. It could be a quick ride, or it could be one that drags long into the night. At this point, the only sure thing is that we have no idea what will happen. Yesterday was proof of that.

Unlike most of the first two days, there is no run-away chip leader. Nico Fierro, the star of Days 1 and 2 fell on hard times at yesterday's end. It opened the door for today's top four to be within just a few big blinds of each other.

Argentina's Francisco de Belaustegui finished Day 2 with 346,000, less than one big blind ahead of Panama's Bolivar Palacios' 342,000.


Francisco de Belaustegui

Those two players may be at the top, but they are being crowded by Mexico's Gerardo Godinez (331,000) and poker wunderkind Terrence Chan (324,000).

Terrence Chan

One Team PokerStars Pro, Angel Guillen, remains in the field today He may not be at the top of the pack, but the toughness he showed in the waning moments of Day 2 proves he will rage against the turning off of the TV lights. He has a workable stack of 172,000 and a chance to earn Team Pro its third bracelet of this LAPT season.


Angel Guillen, the surviving Team PokerStars Pro

Finally, all eyes will be in Season 3 LAPT Florianopolis champion Matthias Habernig. He closed out Day 2 with 272,500, better than average and in a good spot to work on back-to back titles.


Matthias Habernig

As always, we'll be posting live updates throughout the day and until we reach the final table tonight. Keep it here to see who advances for the chance to be the final champion of LAPT Season 3.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Latin American Poker Tour