LAPT Rosario: La Mesa Final

lapt-promo.gifIf any of our final table players ever dreamt of seeing their name in lights over twenty feet high, well, today they'll get their wish. As the TV crew scrambles to prepare the stage and set up the audience viewing area, another slickly edited video package introducing our eight finalists is playing on the massive screen that takes up almost the entire far wall. A red carpet (well, actually red and black) is being laid across the center of the room, cutting a pathway to the stage and the shiny silver trophy that is up for grabs along with the $322,280 first-place prize.


The Latin American Poker Tour's third season comes to a close today after a year that took us to Costa Rica, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil and Argentina. One of these eight players will walk away with the payday of their life, and among them is a man who has done it before. Like Jose "Nacho" Barbero before him, Matthias Habernig is going for back-to-back titles, having won the LAPT Florianopolis only seven weeks ago giving us the potential for only three champions in five events this season. Habernig has a bit of work to do, however. The man everyone is chasing right now is Argentina's own Roberto Bianchi who enters the final table with the chip lead after a dominating Day 3 performance.


Here's a look at how the field stacks up:

Seat 1: Roberto Bianchi (Argentina) 1,242,000
Seat 2: William Ross (USA) 352,000
Seat 3: Ivan Saul (Argentina) 179,000
Seat 4: Nico Fierro (Chile) 406,000
Seat 5: Matthias Habernig (Austria) 463,000
Seat 6: Martin Sansour (Peru) 952,000
Seat 7: Bolivar Palacios (Panama) 1,000,000
Seat 8: Daniel Ades (Argentina) 514,000

For more information about our final table players, check out the LAPT Rosario final table player profiles and for a look at the payout breakdown, click over to the LAPT Rosario prizes and winners page.

Cards will be in the air at noon. Stay tuned.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Latin American Poker Tour