LAPT Rosario: Levels 1-4 updates (150-300 blinds)

lapt-promo.gif4:25pm: Level ends, players breakWith the end of level 4, players are headed out for a 15 minute break. We'll be closing out this post of updates and starting one anew in the meantime.

4:15pm: Dominik down
Last year's Grand Final champion Dominik Nitsche's seat is now filled with one Tim Vance. We can only assume he is not sitting on Nitsche, and hence, we're sad to report we will not have a back-to-back LAPT Grand Final champion.


3:55pm: Official numbers in
The seats have been counted, the money has been collected, and the men with the giant abacus have returned without our official number of players. This year's Grand Final has 254 players. We've lost about 35 of those in the early going.

3:45pm: A buffet of choices for Ramdin
Victor Ramdin has a lot of choices before him right now, but none of them involve the Grand Final. Ramdin just hit the downstairs buffet for some food. Earlier today, his set of deuces was bested by a set of fives. He managed to reclaim about 8,000 chips over the next couple of levels, and then get it all in pre-flop with pocket kings against pocket fives. A five fell on the flop and he was gone.

"I was destined to lose to a five today," he said.

Now, Ramdin is trying to decide whether to hop on a plane to London or ride it out here. He says he won't miss the WCOOP Main Event on Sunday, so more than likely he'll be holing up here to grind that monster this weekend.

For now, though, it's lunch time.

3:26pm: BLINDS 150-300

3:03pm: Godfather down
There are two godfathers of poker in the field today. Humberto Brenes you know as the godfather of Costa Rican poker. Jaime Ateneloff is known as the godfather of Uruguayan poker. Ateneloff is no more.

We walked up just as he pushed in his entire stack with A♣A♥. He was up against K♠K♥. The bad news came quick. The first card out was the K♦. The rest of the board didn't bail him out, and he became a victim of Level 3.

3:00pm: Never fear for Victor

As we noted earlier, we always take it in stride when Victor Ramdin suffers an early setback. Down to less than 3,000 in chips, he's already more than doubled up to 7,500 and is smiling and chatting away to his tablemates. Anyone care to wager on his chip count on our next pass?

2:55pm: A bit from the floor
To see how we started off our day, here's a quick introduction.

2:52pm: Missing Moneymaker
It was the kind of day that just seemed to go nowhere for Chris Moneymaker. After the hand we reported earlier in which he lost nearly half his stack, Moneymaker's day collapsed. After a long, long trip to get here, Moneymaker's day ended in the third level of play.

2:39pm: What's Rosario like?
Well, it's quite nice. Imagine the video below, but with fewer umbrellas and more sunshine. The weather has cleared up since we shot this. Still, this should give you some idea.

2:26pm: Back in action

The players have returned from their first break and the blinds are up to 100-200.

2:12pm: Players take a fifteen-minute break

Grab a coffee and a smoke. We'll be back in 15.

1:58pm: Ramdin cooled early

Victor Ramdin's chip stack is barely there anymore. The cause: a set of deuces under a set of fives on a jack-five-deuce board. He was left with less than 3,000 in chips. But, it's Ramdin...the guy does this all the time...short early, chip leader by day's end.

1:44pm: Haberning cracks aces

LAPT Florianopolis champion Matthias Haberning scored an early double-up when he flopped trip eights and his opponent couldn't let go of his overpair. Moments ago, it was deja vu all over again for Haberning, who flopped a set of threes on a five-high board against his opponent's aces. All the money went in on the flop and Haberning's hand held, his stack now nearing the 60,000 mark

1:19pm: Tim Vance doesn't go anywhere anymore
Or so he says. The EPT Copenhagen champion who was famous on tour for a while has shown up here in Argentina. Once a frequent traveler, Vance has been spending a lot more time at home in St. Louis these days. When asked why, he pulled off his hat and showed us a photo of his six-year-old daughter he carries on the inside of the cap. She is, quite literally, on his mind all the time. Clean-shaven and smiling, Vance is here after winning an online qualifier.

1:01pm: BLINDS 75-150

1:00pm: Champions among us Within just a few feet of PokerStars Blog HQ we can see two former LAPT champions.

Dominik Nitsche won the Season 2 Grand Final in Argentina last year, defeating 291 players for the $381,030. He's back here to see if he can pull a back-to-back Grand Final victory.

Just one table over is LAPT Florianoplis champ Matthias Habernig. Last month, he beat out 364 players for the Brazilian R$435,000 first prize.


12:55pm: Quiet on the set
When we saw a man with a helmet-mounted camera atop his head, our first assumption was that yet another new method for live streaming tournaments had evolved. And for a moment, we felt sorry for the poor soul in the two seat, forced to record the action from the heavy lens pointing out from his forehead. Then we realized that the table sandwiched in between 25 and 26 was actually home to a PokerStars commercial shoot. Three women at the table should have been our first clue.


12:40pm: Early misstep for Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker looks a little jet-lagged. From the U.S., it's about a 24-hour journey to Rosario consisting of at least two flights and a long, arduous car ride from Buenos Aires, complicated by various highway closures due to striking workers. We just did it ourselves, so we feel you, Chris.

Moneymaker was just involved in a substantial pot; a middle position player opened for 250, a raven-haired woman in the cutoff called and Moneymaker three-bet to 1,150 from the small blind. Both opponents called and they saw a 9♥5♦4♥ flop. Moneymaker led out for 1,600 and both players called. The turn was the 8♥. Moneymaker slowed down and checked, the middle position player bet 3,000, and the cutoff called. Moneymaker looked perplexed, frowning a bit as he mucked his hand. The river was the 6♠ and the two remaining players checked it down.

The cutoff showed J♣J♦ and the middle position player mucked. Moneymaker told the table he folded pocket tens.

"I don't know. I'm so lost right now," Moneymaker sighed. He's down to 12,000 from his 20,000 starting stack.


12:25pm: "maridu" meets "Unassigned"

Maria "maridu" Mayrinck arrived in the tournament room about five minutes late carrying a buttery yellow Balenciaga bag and hurried over to Table 4.

"I'm wearing my Kim Kardashian pants today. That's very important!" Mayrinck said, as she took her seat.

On her right? None other than Terrence "Unassigned" Chan, whom we like to refer to as the Master of the Limit Hold'em Universe since winning two SCOOP events and one WCOOP title, all in limit hold'em (and two of them in one night).


Elsewhere in the room, we've spotted Team PokerStars Pros Humberto Brenes, Veronica Dabul, Angel Guillen, Dennis Phillips, Leo Fernandez, Alex Gomes and Gualter Salles.

12:00pm: Surround sound

The lights just dimmed here in the tournament room, setting the stage for an extremely high-volume, slickly edited video intro that is presently playing out on a giant screen that takes up almost the entire length of the room. While the audience appears rapt, your humble bloggers fear for their eardrums as the speakers are placed directly behind our table. The bass is as ground-shaking as the first row of a Metallica concert.

Players are taking their seats and cards are about to go in the air.


The tournament room, during last night's super satellite

PokerStars Blog reporting team (by number of LAPT events covered): Brad Willis (7), Change100 (6)

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