LAPT Rosario: Levels 13-17 updates (3,000-6,000-500)


10:05pm: Robby Westrom eliminated, 24 remain
Robby Westrom got his chips in with the best of it, taking his A♣K♠ up against A♦Q♥. A queen on the flop and another on the turn dashed his hopes of advancing to Day 3 and he hit the rail in 25th place.

With Westrom's elimination, we're down to our final three tables and play has stopped for the night. We'll return at noon tomorrow to play down to an eight-handed final table. Expect a full wrap shortly.

9:50pm: Bolivar Palacios doubles through Nico Fierro
Nico Fierro came in to Day 2 with the chip lead, but lost the vast majority of his stack to Bolivar Palacios on this hand.

Fierro opened for 15,000 from the button, Palacios three-bet to 41,000 from the big blind, Fierro shoved and Palacios snap-called, turning over A♥A♣. Fierro tabled A♦Q♠. The board ran out Q♦7♥7♣5♠3♠ and Palacios doubled up to 365,000. Fierro was left with 105,000.


Bolivar Palacios

9:25pm: BLINDS 3,000-6,000-500

9:23pm: Terrence Chan sniffs out a bluff, scores a KO

Freddy Torres opened for 8,500 and Terrence Chan made the call from the big blind. Both players checked the K♦K♥3♥ fop. The turn was the 4♦ and Chan led out for 18,000. Torres called and they went to the river, which fell the J♦. Chan bet 28,000 and after a bit of a think, Torres raised to 60,000. Chan looked a little perplexed and counted out what he had behind. The call would be for most of his remaining stack. And that board was a little scary.

"I call," Chan said, turning over a flush with Q♦9♦. Torres could only show A♣T♥ for an unimproved ace-high and Chan raked in the pot. He's up to 257,000.


Terrence Chan

9:06pm: Adios, Eduardo
Eduardo Camia moved the last of his chips in the middle with A♣4♥, but ran into Nico Fierro's pocket tens. No ace on the board for Camia, and he departed in 30th place.

9:00pm: Bolivar Palacios with the semi-bluff
There was more than 50,000 already in the pot when we came upon this hand between Bolivar Palacios and onetime chip leader Nico Fierro. Palacios bet 50,000 from early position on the Q♠3♦2♠ flop and Fierro tanked for several minutes before open-folding the Q♣. Palacios showed A♠3♠ for middle pair and the nut flush draw and took down the pot, leaving Fierro a bit stunned.

8:43pm: Tomas Perkins eliminated
Tomas Perkins open-shoved for his last 48,500 and Carlos Perez made the call, having Perkins covered by only 1,500 chips. Perkins turned up J♣J♠ and his face fell about ten stories when he saw Perez's K♣K♠. His move recovered enough, however, to show off his "Tommy Perkins Autos y Motos" polo shirt to the swarming cameras (he owns a car dealership in Buenos Aires if you haven't guessed).

Perkins did not find any help on the A♠9♥9♦4♦7♣ board and he exited in 31st place.

8:36pm: Jose Nadal eliminated
Jose Nadal, PokerStars qualifier from Mexico, just got it all in pre-flop with A♥9♣ versus A♣Q♦. The board brought A♠Q♠3♣[7♣7♦ and Nadal was gone in 33rd place for $6,470.


Jose Nadal

8:28pm: New chip leader
We've just seen one of the bigger pots of the day, this one worth 438,000 chips and going to Mexico's Gerardo Godinez. He held Q♦Q♥ to Jesper Hoog's pocket jacks. It was all-in pre-flop and Godinez flopped his set. Since Nico Fierro has fallen down below 400,000, Godinez is now the chip leader. Hoog, meanwhile, is headed for the rail.


8:23pm: Back from break
With 34 players remaining, the clock has once again resumed its duty of counting off the next level.

8:07pm: Break time
We'd like to make some comment about the call Terrence Chan just made for around 25% of his stack on a 8♦3♠[A♦A♥7♠ board, but we're not competent to analyze it in any way. Just suffice it to say, Chan called with king-queen. He was up against...king-queen. There is a lot going on there that we'll just leave to history.

For now, it's a break and a chance to get rid of the black chips.

7:51pm: Angel(s) among us
Sometimes those aces come at the right time. They certainly did for the only remaining Team PokerStars Pro, Angel Guillen. Moments ago he doubled to around 170,000 with A♠A♥ versus J♦J♥ on a 3♣8♠2♠T♠T♣ board.

7:42pm: Recent eliminations
If you're not keeping up on the bust-out page (which you can find in that little black box on the right), here are the first few folks to bust post-bubble:

37. Guillermo Fogliata (Argentina) $6,470
38. Andre Akkari (Brazil) Team PokerStars Pro $6,470
39. Amaldo Andrea Mesas (Argentina) $6,470
40. Diogo Mariani Guttman (Brazil) $6,470

7:31pm: Andre Akkari no longer in business
It was A♥J♦ for Andre Akkari and 8♥8♦ for Robby Westrom. A race is a race is a race and Akkari lost this one. It's a small cash ($6,470) but a cash nonetheless for the Brazilian Team PokerStars Pro.

7:13pm: Diogo Mariani Guttman eliminated in 40th place
Diogo Mariani Guttman opened for 8,000 from the hijack, Branimir Brunovic three-bet to 20,000 from the cutoff and Guttman made the call. Guttman led out for 20,000 on the 5♣3♣2♥ flop, Brunovic min-raised to 40,000, Guttman shoved and snap-called, tabling K♠K♥. Guttman turned over 6♦6♠. The turn was the 5♥, the river was the T♦ and Guttman's LAPT run came to an end with a 40th-place finish for $6,470.

7:05pm: Akkari doubles
Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari just doubled up with A♥3♦ all-in pre-flop against K♣5♠. Nothing funny happened and Akkari raked the pot.

"We're back in business, baby," he said.

6:51pm: And...some nostalgia
For some idea of how this day started and we got to this point, check out this video we shot this morning.

6:47pm: Girl on girl
While we clean up the mess after the bubble bursting, check out this Team Pro on Team Pro action:

6:38pm: Long way to come to bubble
Severin Walser has just suffered a series of indignities that should earn him a couple years of good karma. Perhaps the worst was his near-bubble short-stack shove. His opponent tanked hard. Hard. He thought and thought...before calling...with aces. Walser had a wimpy jack-five and the aces held up

Walser was left with just 400 in chips. It didn't last him long, obviously. Tough thing was, it was right on the bubble, so he was the last person to exit this tournament with no money.

Perhaps worse, Walser is an online qualifier from Switzerland...which, if our maps are a long way away.

In any case, we're now down to 40 people. Everybody who leaves now is guaranteed money. We'll play until two tables bust and then call it a night.


6:32pm: On the bubble
With 41 players remaining, play has gone hand-for-hand and will stay that way until we have one more elimination.

6:15pm: Wow...sure got quiet around here
With just a couple of players to bust before we hit the money, the action has slowed down significantly. When we hit 41 players, the tables will begin hand-for-hand play. After that, it will just take one more elimination before we open the floodgates.

5:57pm: Robby Westrom chips away at Akkari
We first noticed Robby Westrom because he is wearing the PokerStars Blog's Ironic T-Shirt of the Day, bearing the message "I'm really excited to be here" and at least this morning, he looked like he was thinking more about taking a nap than winning a tournament. The American PokerStars qualifier came into Day 2 with a bit less than his 20,000 starting stack, but as we approach the bubble, he's now sitting on over 200,000 in chips.


Robby Westrom

While Angel Guillen's opponent was tanking on the river with his king-high flush, we turned around and watched Westrom open a pot for 6,000. Andre Akkari three-bet to 14,200 from the cutoff and Westrom called. Westrom checked the 7♦4♣2♦ flop over to Akkari, who bet 17,000. Westrom paused for a moment before moving all-in, having Akkari significantly covered. Akkari found a fold and Westrom raked in the pot.

Don't cry too hard for Akkari, though. He's still on about 78,000 in chips.


5:51pm: You tank-called with that?
Angel Guillen isn't a man easily rattled, but this hand might have sent a lesser player on uber-monkey tilt.

With the board reading Q♦4♦2♠6♦ on the turn, the small blind led out for 5,000 and Guillen called from the big blind. The river was the 2♣ and the small blind checked to Guillen, who bet 7,000. The small blind tanked for so long we were able to watch an entire hand play out on an adjacent table before making the call and turning over K♦3♦ for a king-high flush. Guillen's top pair was no good and he remained stoic despite the slowroll.

5:40pm: Guevara kills Cesar

Cesar Mostafa might not have heard that there is no beating Jose Guevara. That's the best explanation for it. It was big slick for Mostafa versus Guevara's kings. Nothing odd happened and Guevara is up over 350,000.

5:30pm: Panno gets Chan again
Terrence Chan's overpairs are just no match for Eduardo Panno's flopping ability. Earlier, Panno flopped trip tens against Chan's jacks. Just now, Panno flopped a king-hig straight against Chan's pocket kings. Chan is still fine, but now back down closer to 150,000.


5:22pm: Chan chasing Fierro
On a Q♥8♣7♦ flop, Terrence Chan led out for 6,700 and Nico Fierro called from the button. When the Q♦ hit the turn Chan fired again, this time for 16,500. Again, Fierro called. The river was the 8♦ and Chan reached for more chips, settling on a 36,000 bet. It was too rich for Fiero, who mucked his hand, conceding the pot.

With that hand, Chan is up to 211,000, good for second in chips.

5:15pm: Guillen loses ground
A short-stacked player on the button moved all-in for his remaining 19,600 and after a bit of a tank, Angel Guillen made the call from the small blind with A♥4♥. Unfortunately, he ran straight in to pocket kings, the board running out Q♦J♦9♦T♣Q♥ to knock him down to 76,000 in chips.

5:02pm: Chan's WCOOP title defense in jeopardy
Terrence Chan has a problem (although he doesn't see it that way at all). In just about one hour, the $1,050 limit hold'em event of the World Championship of Online Poker will begin. If you haven't been following us to this point, you may not know that Chan won that same event last year.

The problem is, Chan has a better-than-average stack left here in the LAPT Grand Final and he can't very well just get up and walk away from it. We're ten players off the money. Chan's equity sort of requires he stick around.

He's fine with that, by the way. While he's a big fan of WCOOP, he has a bracelet in that series. He does not, however, have an LAPT title under his belt. That's something he could pick up if things go his way over the next 48 hours or so.

Chan made this trip based almost solely on the fact that Argentina has long been on his list of places to visit and he's not made it here yet. "It's not really on the way to anywhere," he observed.

So, he's here. He had a fun time in Buenos Aires, made the difficult six-hour off-highway trek to Rosario, and has now made it down to the top 20% of the starting field.

That said, he is sitting at chip leader Nico Fierro's table and many bad things have happened there to perfectly good people. So, if one of those things should happen in the next hour or so, you'll probably find Chan back at the Pullman Hotel with a laptop in front of him.

How long does WCOOP late registration last, anyway?

4:51pm: Not (exactly) lost in translation

Down to 38,100 in chips Gustavo Kein shoved from the button and after a few moments in the tank, massively-stacked Nico Fierro made the call from the big blind. Kein's K♠J♣ needed to improve against Fierro's A♦2♦, but he got no help on the 8♠3♥2♥5♣5♦ board.

A seething Kein slammed his fist on the table and started muttering in Spanish as he left the table.

"Could you translate some of that for our journalists here?" Terrence Chan asked, turning to the man on his right.

"It was like 'mother something, son of a something'" he replied, the table busting up with chuckles.

4:45pm: Coming back from break
With 54 players remaining, it's time to head for the money. The top 40 players here will walk away with cash. The other 14 will just have a story. Still leading the pack at this hour is Chilean Nico Fierro who is inching up toward 500,000 chips.


PokerStars Blog reporting team as identified by how they take their bottled water in Argentina: Change 100 (sin gas) and Brad Willis (con gas).

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