LAPT Rosario: Levels 22-27 updates (25,000-50,000-5,000)


6:50pm: Martin Sansour wins the LAPT Rosario, Bolivar Palacios eliminated in second place

On the second hand of heads-up play, Bolivar Palacios open-raised, Martin Sansour moved all-in and Palacios made the call.

Palacios: A♦Q♣
Sansour: A♣K♣

Dominated and the LAPT title at risk, Palacios needed some serious help on the flop. Cigarette-smoking buddies since the beginning of the event, Palacios and Sansour stood together as the dealer fanned out a K♦7♠2♥ flop. Palacios was in deep trouble-- only running cards could save him-- but the 4♣ on the turn left Palacios drawing dead. The river was the J♠ and Martin Sansour at last had all the chips in front of him, and the LAPT had it's newest champion. The $322,280 Sansour will take home to Peru is by far his largest career cash, while Palacios earned $188,200 for his runner-up finish.

Confetti fell from the rafters as Queen's "We are the Champions" played at a deafening volume, LAPT president David Carrion awarding him his beautiful new trophy, along with the obligatory oversized check.

Congratulations to Martin Sansour, the Season 3 LAPT Grand Final champion. We'll have a full wrap-up shortly.


LAPT Grand Final champion Martin Sansour

6:47pm: Action resumes

6:34pm: Heads-up chip counts
Martin Sansour 3,505,000
Bolivar Palacios 1,575,000

6:29pm: Daniel Ades eliminated in third place
Bolivar Palacios opened for 110,000 on the button, Daniel Ades moved all-in from the small blind, Martin Sansour folded and Palacios made the call. On their backs, gentlemen.

Ades: J♣7♣
Palacios: A♣K♦

Ades got no help from the 4♣2♠6♠4♠K♣ board and exited the stage, graciously shaking hands with Palacios. He earned $115,270 for his finish.

The action has been paused while the remaining yellow 1,000-denomination chips are colored up. Heads-up play will begin shortly.


6:17pm: At last a little action
Most pots are still raise-and-take-it, but we actually made it to a showdown on the last hand. Martin Sansour limped in from the small blind and Bolivar Palacios checked his option. Both players checked the 9♠8♥3♥ flop as well as the T♦ on the turn. The river was the 9♦ and Sansour led out for 70,000. Palacios made the call, but could not beat Sansour's T♣2♣ for a pair of tens.

On the next hand, Palacios opened for 110,000 from the small blind and Daniel Ades moved all-in. Palacios folded to the tightest player at the table, his stack continuing to dwindle. It's quite difficult to see the chip stacks from our vantage point, but our best guesstimate has Sansour on 3.6 million, with Palacios and Ades on 700,000 and change apiece.

6:08pm: BLINDS 25,000-50,000-5,000

5:46pm: William Ross eliminated in fourth place
After those timely double-ups by Daniel Ades, William Ross had little reason to sit around. He recently began a push-and-pick-it-up campaign. The most recent shove was his last. First to act, Ross moved all-in. Martin Sansour sat on the button and thought for a good long while, then called with A♠2♦. Ross had the piddly Q♣4♣. The flop was inconsequential, bringing 7♠K♠3♥. Then came the exciting turn: Q♠. Suddenly, Ross was back in front. Sansour had all the spades and remaining aces left in the deck. He got the A♦ on the river.

Ross, a PokerStars Supernova Elite who bough in with Frequent Player Points, picked up $84,690 for his fourth place finish.


William Ross, fourth place

5:24pm: Sansour makes a tight laydown
Bolivar Palacios made it 100,000 to go and Martin Sansour made the call from the big blind. Sansourch checked the K♥6♠3♣ flop over to Palacios, who bet 120,000. Sansour called. When the 9♥ hit the turn Sansour checked again and Palacios moved all-in. Sansour open-folded K♣J♠ and conceded the pot.

5:08pm: Action resumes, blinds up to 20,000-40,000-4,000
As expected the 30-minute break turned into a 50-minute break, but at last we're back in action with the blinds up to 20,000-40,000 with a 4,000 ante.

4:31pm: Updated chip counts
While we're waiting out the break, how about some fresh chip counts?

Martin Sansour 2,782,000
Daniel Ades 1,045,000
Bolivar Palacios 986,000
William Ross 398,000

4:20pm: Players take a 30-minute break

4:19pm: Daniel Ades doubles through Martin Sansour
On the last hand of the level, Martin Sansour made a button raise, Daniel Ades moved all-in from the big blind and Sansour made the call. It was Ades' turn to pick up pocket kings and they held up against Sansour's J♠7♠ on the 2♣2♦5♥T♥4♦ board.

4:14pm: Daniel Ades triples up
Down to 150,000, Daniel Ades moved all-in from the button. William Ross flat-called from the small blind, only to have Martin Sansour re-ship from the big blind. Ross released his hand and the cards went on their backs.

Ades: 4♣5♣
Sansour: K♠K♣

Ades picked up a flush draw on the T♦9♣6♣ flop. Although Sansour turned a set with the K♥, Ades' flush hit on the river with the A♣ and he tripled up to more than 500,000.

3:57pm: Sansour trips up Palacios
Bolivar Palacios opened from under-the-gun and Martin Sansour defended his big blind. The flop came down A♣Q♦4♦ and Sansour check-called Palacios' 90,000 bet. Both players checked the 9♣ on the turn. The river was the Q♥ and Sansour led out for 100,000. Palacios folded and Sansour showed Q♣6♠ for trips.

3:49pm: The great slowdown
Not too many chips have changed hands since the epic Sansour-Bianchi hand. The two short stacks, Ross and Ades, seem to be waiting each other out to climb up to third place money while Bolivar Palacios is stealing more than his fair share of blinds.

3:12pm: Martin Sansour takes out Roberto Bianchi in 3 million-chip pot
Wow. I mean, WOW.

We didn't expect this had to develop into the pot of the tournament, but that's exactly what happened moments ago. Martin Sansour opened for a standard raise and Roberto Bianchi called. Bianchi checked the Q♥J♣8♣ flop over to Sansour, who bet 70,000. Bianchi called. The turn came the 6♠ and Bianchi checked again. Sansour bet 100,000 and after about a minute in the tank, Bianchi came along. When the Q♠ hit the river, Bianchi immediately moved all-in and Sansour snap-called, tabling 9♦T♠, having flopped the nut straight. All Bianchi could show was 3♣3♠ as the dealer pushed a mountain of chips toward Sansour. In a flash, the man second from the top was relegated to the rail.

For his fifth-place finish, Bianchi collects $61,160. Sansour is up to more than 3.5 million, while his three remaining opponents are all under a million in chips.


3:01pm: Ross squeezes out a win
Bolivar Palacios came in for a raise under the gun. Roberto Bianco called on the button. That led William Ross to shove for around 300,000 from the small blind. Martin Sansour folded his big blind. Palacios thought for a minute before folding. Bianchi took less time and shoved his cards forward. It wasn't a big pot for Ross, but gave him some much needed chips to get him through another couple of orbits.

2:49pm: Matthias Habernig eliminated in 6th place
Nacho Barbero can exhale now. He'll keep his title as the only player to win back-to-back LAPT titles for at least a few more months, as Florianopolis champion Matthias Habernig just hit the rail.

With the action folded around to him in the small blind, Habernig moved all-in and Martin Sansour called. Habernig was in trouble, his Q♥3♥ up against Sansour's A♠7♦. Although the A♣K♥K♠ flop left Habernig drawing nearly dead, the 9♥ gave him one more card to sweat as he picked up a flush draw. The river, however, was the 2♠ and Habernig had to settle for a sixth-place finish and $49,400.


2:44pm: Coolers continue, Ades doubles
Bolivar Polacios came in for a standard raise and Daniel Ades pushed for 310,000. Palacios snap-called A♦K♦. Ades rolled over K♠K♥. The board ran out 8♣T♠3♣2♦3♠ and Ades doubled to more than 600,000.

2:40pm: Feel slow to you? Let's dance!

2:37pm: Sansour snags another
William Ross made a button raise to 60,000 and Martin Sansour defended his big blind. Both players checked the A♠J♣5♥ flop. Sansour checked the T♥ on the turn, Ross bet 65,000 and Sansour called. The river was the 3♣ and Sansour checked a third time, Ross checked behind.

Sansour showed A♦[7s for top pair while Ross had what Norman Chad might refer to as "squadoosh" with Q♣2♥.

2:27pm: Showdown!
Roberto Bianchi opened from under-the-gun and Bolivar Palacios made the call from the small blind. Palacios checked the A♥J♦7♣ flop over to Bianchi, who bet 90,000. Palacios called and they went to the turn which fell the 5♣. Palacios checked again and Bianchi checked behind. It went check-check again when the A♣ hit the river, Palacios' K♦J♠ good for the win over Bianchi's pocket nines.

2:15pm: Back in action
After an extended break, the cards are back in the air.

1:48pm: Break time
The remaining six players are now on a 15-minute break

1:36pm: Bianchi bullies Bolivar
With the action folded to him on the button, Bolivar Palacios came in for a raise to 50,000 and Roberto Bianchi called from the big blind. Bianchi checked the 8♦7♦4♦ flop over to Palacios, who bet 70,000. Bianchi immediately announced a raise to 180,000 and Palacios folded. Bianchi picked up the pot and remains the dominant chip leader.

1:16pm: Ivan Saul eliminated in 7th place
Ivan Saul opened for 70,000, Martin Sansour three-bet to 150,000 and after quite a long tank, Saul called the additional 80,000, leaving himself only a few big blinds behind. The rest of his chips went in the middle on the 6♣5♦2♠ flop and Sansour snap-called.

Saul: A♣T♣
Sansour: 8♠8♥

Saul needed to catch an ace, a ten, or running straight cards to survive but instead watched the K♥ and the 6♠ hit the turn and river, sending him home in seventh place. His consolation prize? $37,640.


Ivan Saul, 7th place

12:51pm: Early cooler goes from ugly to uglier; Nico Fierro eliminated in 8th place
Nico Fierro came in for a raise to 50,000 and Martin Sansour moved all-in. It was a huge move, one that got a snap-call from Fierro. Based on the stack sizes, you might expect the hands:

Fierro: A♣A♦
Sansour: K♥K♦

If Fierro's hand held, he would've been close to second in chips and potentially on his way to fulfilling a Day 1 to ay 4 wire-to-wire victory. The flop, however, was an ugly one: T♥Q♠J♦.

Suddenly, Sansour went from two outs to six. Could fate be that cruel? Really?

Not on the turn. That was merely a 5♥.

No, Nico's end had to wait for the 9♥ river, a brutal card that sent the Chilean to the rail in eighth place for $25,880.


12:45pm: BLINDS 10,000/20,000/2,000

12:42pm: First pot to Fierro
Daniel Ades opened for a min-raise to 32,000 and Nico Fierro made the call. Both players checked the K♥J♣3♦ flop. When the 8♥ came on the turn, Fierro fired out 40,000 and Ades called. The river was the 5♣ and Ades folded to Fierro's river bet.

12:37pm: Play underway
It's time to start that shuffling and dealing thing. The LAPT Grand Final final table is underway!

12:12pm: Player introductions
The players are now walking down a very long red and black carpet as LAPT President David Carrion does his best Michael Buffer impersonation. Play should begin within the next 15 minutes.


12:00pm: Final table about to begin
The eight final table players are about to sit down to compete for the LAPT Grand Final title. Roberto Bianchi leads the field with 1,242,000 in chips.

Keep it here for live updates until we crown a champion.

Here's a look at the LAPT Grand Final final table players.


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