LAPT Rosario: Day 1, levels 5-8 updates (300-600-75)

lapt-promo.gif9:20pm: Wait. The world just blew up With just a couple hands left in the night, Nico Fierro nearly doubled his stack, again at the expense of Hugo Franca. It was A♣A♥ versus A♦K♦. The 6♣[2♥K♣[2♦2♣ board was an ugly one. Franca, who had 215,000 an hour ago, now has about 10% of that. Meanwhile, Fierro has 238,200. Wrap up coming soon.

9:14pm: Almost done
Players will get four more hands and then be finished for the night. We'll be back right after that with a full wrap-up in another post. Full chip counts will be posted when then come in overnight.

With just a few minutes left to go in the night, chip leader Hugo Adametes Franca came in for a raise, Nico Fierro re-raised from the button, and Franca called. The flop came king-queen-deuce with one diamond. Franca check-called a 15,000 bet and they saw the T♦ on the turn. Both players checked to see the 9♦ on the river. France simply shoved all in. Fierro snap-called with the second-nuts and doubled to 170,000. Franca is now down to around 130,000.


8:45pm: Some perspective
So, when we look at a guy with 215,000 chips, we gotta think...that's a lot of chips. Turns out he's got six times the freakin' average. That is...he could just maintain this stack, he would have an average stack with three tables remaining. That's the life of Hugo Adametes Franca right now.

8:37pm: Brenes bounced
Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes is gone. his pocket tens couldn't hold up against ace-jack.

8:22pm: A look at our chip leader
Brazilian PokerStars qualifier Hugo Franca is our last-level chip leader with a massive stack that is danger of toppling over at more than 200,000.


8:15pm: The not-break is over
We're back in action after the color up. One hour until the players bag'em and tag'em.

8:08pm: While we're waiting...
Here's a little recap of the day so far.

8:00pm: Color up
Players are coloring up right now, which has been declared "No a break" but will function as one anyway. We'll be back when the non-break is over.

7:47pm: Chan vs. Guillen

Terrence Chan just moved closer to the top of the pack after winning a substantial pot from Angel Guillen. Guillen opened for 1,300 from the cutoff, Chan three-bet to 4,200 from the big blind and Guillen called. Both players checked the Q♥8♥2♠ flop. The turn was the 4♥ and Chan led out for 5,500. Guillen made the call. The river was the 7♥ and Chan fired again, making it 12,000 to go. Guillen tanked for more than five minutes before releasing his hand.

Chan is closing in on 80,000 in chips while Guillen slipped to 27,000.

7:28pm: Prizepool and payout information

The official numbers are in. 254 players bought in to the LAPT Season 3 Grand Final creating a prize pool of $1,176,200. 40 places will be paid with the champion earning $322,280 and a lovely trophy.

For a complete payout schedule, check out the LAPT Rosario prizes and winners page.

7:14pm: The trials and tribulations of Aaron Lerner
He must constantly get the question, but I had to ask him anyway.

"Aaron or Derek?"

If you follow the PokerStars Blog regularly, you're probably familiar with the Lerner twins. Hailing from Montreal, the brothers are satellite savants, regularly winning their way into PokerStars events around the globe. They're of the identical variety and having mixed them up before, I needed a verbal confirmation. So it is Aaron Lerner who is playing the LAPT Grand Final today, unless he's playing a seventh-level practical joke on us.

Lerner just scored a double-up, moving all-in from the small blind behind a button raise to 1,500. The button called, turning up A♣J♥ while Lerner tabled K♣Q♠. Lerner spiked a queen on the turn to win the pot and doubled up to about 21,000.

On the very next hand, Lerner opened for 1,500 on the button and both blinds called. The action was checked to Lerner on the K♥8♦4♠ flop and he fired out 1,675. The small blind folded, but the big blind asked for a count of Lerner's remaining chips before moving all-in. Lerner quickly jettisoned his hand, his stack dipping back down to 18,500.

6:56pm: Back to work
The players are back in their seats for the last two levels of the day.

6:40pm: Descanso
The players are on a 15-minute break

6:15pm: Humberto takes a hit, Salles spins out
The Costa Rican shark just took a significant hit to his stack when his opponent rivered a two-outer. A middle position player raised to 850 and Brenes called from the big blind with A♦K♣. Brenes hit top two pair on the A♠K♠7♥ flop and decided to play it slow, checking over to his opponent, who made a 2,100 continuation bet. Brenes called and they went to the turn, which fell the 9♦. Brenes checked again and the MP player checked behind. When the 4♠ hit the river, Brenes led out for 3,500, his opponent moved all-in and Brenes called, having him covered by a little over 20,000. Brenes' two pair were no good, as the four on the river made his opponent a set.

No longer in the room? Gualter Salles, who couldn't turn it around, giving him all the more time to play in Sunday's WCOOP Main Event.

5:50pm: The snake and the flip
Just a bit ago, we were talking about Terrence Chan and the fact that if he makes day 2 of the LAPT Grand Final, he won't be able to defend his 2009 $1,050 limit WCOOP title. That now seems a lot more likely after a recent hand. Chan explained it simply. "I won a flip," he said, as if he is just a lucky guy.


In this case, it was a flip for more than 50,000 in chips, his big slick versus a pair of tens. The board brought two aces and a--if we read it right--unnecessary embarrassed smile from Chan.

Across the table a voice called, "I quit limit hold'em to get away from the likes of you!"

"I play limit bad, and now I play no-limit bad," Chan replied.

His table is perhaps unfairly stacked with good players. Said Maria Mayrinck one anonymous female Brazilian Team PokerStars Pro, "If I'm in a room full of snakes, I'd rather have a blindfold and not know it."

Unfortunately, we think she knows.

5:45pm: BLINDS 200-400, ante 50

5:35pm: Stalking the short stacks
During the WSOP, they're called the "vulture cameras." You know, the ESPN shooters who circle a short-stacked notable's table until he or she busts. We're equipped with laptops rather than DV cameras here, but we've been stalking a few chip-challenged Team Pros for the last half hour. One is still alive and on the rise. The other just headed for the bar.

Gualter Salles has been managing a four-digit chip count since what seems like the first level. He's hanging on with 6,000 at the moment, but after the WSOP Main Event, we've all seen what he can do with a chip and a chair.


Gualter Salles

Alex Gomes, however, was not as fortunate. Down to 7,500 in chips he three-bet shoved over Steven Thompson's 1,000 opening raise holding ace-king. Thompson made the call with pocket sevens. Gomes did not improve and he's free to enjoy the Argentinian spring outside.


Alex Gomes

5:15pm: Got the time, Terrence?
As we peered in on Terrence Chan's table, Maria Mayrinck looked up and tapped at her wrist. A curious move on her part until she explained that Chan is wearing the watch he won for one of his SCOOP titles last year. As you might know, Chan sort of owns the limit poker world. He has two SCOOP titles and a big ol' WCOOP limit championship, too.

As we've mentioned, Chan is in the Day one field today, and Mayrinck pointed out a tough fact for us. If Chan manages to make Day 2 of this event, he will not be able to defend his title in the $1,050 limit hold'em six-max event tomorrow.

Chan still has an ample amount of chips today, so well just have to see what happens.

5:01pm: Smile for the camera
"OK my friend. All-eeeen!" Humberto Brenes said, standing up from his chair and tabling pocket aces.

The only thing is, he wasn't really all-in. And his chips were sitting untouched two tables away alongside his sunglasses, pack of gum, and iPod. The only thing missing was his omnipresent plastic shark. That went into the pot with his other stack of chips.

Confused? So were we for a minute. Until we realized he was "moving in" against the man we've been calling Helmet Cam Guy. Brenes is filming a commercial for PokerStars, all while his live stack is (slowly) anted off. Talk about dedication.

LAPT events are usually a mini family reunion for the Brenes clan, however Humberto's two sons Roberto and Jose Humberto are not playing in this year's Grand Final. Instead, they're hitting the books at their respective universities.


Humberto says: "Stay in school my friends!"

4:47pm: Fiesta time
Actually, the party was last night, but it's still alive in the hearts, livers, and video memories of everyone in the room. And for those who are having a hard time with short-term recall, here's what it looked like.

4:35pm: Halfway through Day 1
With the end of the four level and beginning of the fifth, we have reached the halfway point of Day 1. Players are coming back to 150-300-25 blind.

Among them is Carlos Sanchez, notable as the Latin American player who made the top 3% of this year's WSOP Main Event.


PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of Kardashian sisters with whom we shared high schools): Change100 (2) Brad Willis (0, best he can remember)

Brad Willis
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