LAPT Rosario: Levels 9-12 updates (1,000-2,000-200)


4:28pm: Players take a 15-minute break
While our players enjoy a stretch and a little fresh air, we're going to close out this post. We'll be back in a few with the blinds up to 1,200/2,400 with a 200 ante.

4:26pm: Barbero, Phillips ousted

We are down to two Team Pros remaining in the field following Dennis Phillips and Nacho Barbero's elimination.

Barbero's hopes for a Season 3 three-peat were dashed when he open-shoved with jack-ten and got a call from an opponent holding ace-nine. Barbero did not improve and he hit the rail.

Soon thereafter, Dennis Phillips made his last stand, committing his last 28,000 chips with ace-three, but ran into pocket kings. His opponent made a king-high flush and Phillips made a gracious exit.

4:20pm: Mas fichas!
Nico Fierro is still maintaining his status as the tournament's chip vacuum. He just knocked out another player at his table, when he shoved with 9♣T♣ and Fierro woke up with K♥K♣. Fierro is up to 485,000.

4:00pm: The six-figure club
Even with 61 players remaining, it still has an elite membership. These are the folks who have successfully hurdled the 100,000-chip mark:

Nico Fierro 398,000
Jose Guevara 205,000
Freddy Torres 197,000
Mario Niciforo 173,000
Roberto Bianchi 165,000
Matthias Habernig 136,000
Andre Akkari 117,500

In one of the big rags-to-riches stories of Day 2, Guevara, known in the Argentine poker world as "Indio," remarkably started the day with only 17,500 and is now the tournament's second-largest stack.

3:45pm: De Leon ousted by "weird hand"
Mexico Team PokerStars Pro Christian De Leon grinded all day long. He worked with ten big blinds for more than two hours. He managed to get it up to 25 bigs before his fanal hand.

"I got my chips in in a weak spot," he admitted.

Play folded around to the blinds. The small blnd who De Leon said had been playing a lot of hands raised. De Leon made a decision to push all-in with king-nine. His opponent held ace-ten and made the call. De Leon didn't catch up and is now gone.

De Leon is disappointed, both in how he had managed to rally and how he went out.

Shaking his head, he said, "That was a weird hand."


3:24pm: Alerting all Hollywood agents
We walked up on a flop of T♥T♣5♦. Eduardo Panno had checked out of the blinds, leading to a 7,000 bet from Terrence Chan, and a call from Mario Donoso. That's when the Panno Show began. He writhed, he mumbled, he wrung his hands, he beseeched some higher power, and then he looked as if he had acquiesced to fate. Panno threw in his remaining chips, amounting to a raise of 27,600. Chan sat for a moment looking peeved before making the call. Donoso got out of the way and Panno triumphantly turned over J♦T♦. Chan, bemused, announced, "I have one out." He turned over J♥J♣ to prove his point. When the 2♥ came on the turn, Chan picked up some outs.

"No heart please," said Panno.

The dealer complied, put out the A♦, and drew an animated "Whew!" from Panno.

He doubled to more than 60,000. Chan is back down under 100,000.

3:20pm: BLINDS 1,000/2,000, ante 200

3:19pm: How do you solve a problem like Maria?
Maria "maridu" Mayrinck did her best to grind up her short stack today, but was just eliminated after a pair of hands that left her down to the felt.

We arrived at her table as she made a pre-flop raise to 7,200 behind the UTG player, who limped in. He made the call and checked to Mayrinck on the Q♥J♣3♦ flop. Mayrinck bet 7,500 and her opponent asked for a count. After cutting out the 17,100 she had behnd, he moved all-in and Mayrinck folded.

A few hands later, Nacho Barbero opened for 4,200 and Mayrinck shoved from the big blind. Barbero made the call, turning over 5♠5♥ while Mayrinck tabled Q♠J♠. Although Mayrinck paired her jack on the J♣5♣2♠ flop, Barbero hit a set of fives. The turn was the J♣, giving her a few more outs, but the river was the 7♦, sending her to the rail. Barbero raked in the pot and is up to about 52,000.

3:10pm: Champion watch
A quick scan of the 78 remaining players shows two former LAPT champions remaining.

Jose "Nacho" Barbero, he of the back-to-back Season 3 wins in Punta del Este and Lima has a chance to make it three wins in one season. A few tables away sits Mattias Habernig, the only person here who has can match Barbero's back-to-back achievement. Habernig won the event in Florianopolis, Brazil.


Mattias Habernig


Jose "Nacho" Barbero

3:03pm: 80 remain
After starting this event yesterday with 254, finishing Day 1 with 126, we are down to 80 players in just the first two and half hours of pay today. Forty of the remaining runners will get paid. Expect a bubble lull within the next couple of hours.

2:55pm: Dabul walking
Veronica Dabul was just seen leaving the tournament area with the look of a woman who has no more chips. We think you can infer what that means.


2:45pm: Akkari doubles
Andre Akkari just got it all in on a jack-high flop. For some reason he didn't look pleased.

"Oops, Akkari?" said one man across the table.

Not oops. Akkari had aces up against ace jack. The two-outer didn't come and Akkari is all smiles and sitting on a healthy stack of 125,000.


2:32pm: Back in action
Players have returned from break.

2:09pm: Break time
Players are now on a 15-minute break.

1:58pm: Tores all aces
It was a raise to 2,900, a re-raise to 6,900 and then a four-bet to 14,900 from Freddy Tores. The original raiser got out of the way, but the second man pushed all-in. He got a snap-call from Tores' aces. Up against kings, Tores held on a 2♥9♥[4♠6♣4♣ board. He is now up to 180,000.

1:52pm: King-Queen no longer the nuts, apparently
So, as she is wont to do, Maria Mayrinck had just finished a long lecture on the virtues and strength of king-queen. It's the nuts, as far as she is concerned. And so, with 12,000 left, she got peeked down at one ace and moved all-in. She was called by Gustavo Klein's...yes, king-queen.

"Don't worry. You got it," Mayrinck said, who apprently had ace-six.

And sure enough, Klein paired on the flop. Then an ace came on the turn.

"Don't worry," Mayrinck reassured Klein.

The ace.

Mayrinck was astounded. She didn't understand. King-queen is always the nuts. Her faith in the hand has been shattered. But, she doubled up.

She went on and on about this for a while when a nearby Terrence Chan made a request. "If she makes the final table, can I request another table?"


1:35pm: A curious hand with Terrence Chan
Terrence Chan was a bit mystified by this hand and was kind enough to recall it to us. Chan raised to 3,000 from under-the-gun. An early position player called and the big blind flat-called as well, leaving himself only 3,300 behind. The flop came down 7-7-3 and the big blind tossed in his last 3,300. Chan raised to 8,000 and the early position player made it 10,200, clearly not a legal raise... or a call... or really anything. Chan wasn't sure if he was trying to raise or not, but the action was ruled a call. A bit confused by the bet, Chan checked the five on the turn. His opponent bet 9,600 and Chan called. The river was a nine and they checked it down.

Chan's opponent showed pocket eights, no good against Chan's jacks and he raked in the pot. He's up to 98,000 and cruising along.

1:30pm: Akkari standing his ground
Andre Akkari may have drawn a tough table today with chip leader Nico Fierro, but he's hanging tough and has about 70,000 at this hour.

1:22pm: Aaron Lerner eliminated
Aaron Lerner came in to Day 2 with only 12,800 in chips and had blinded down to about 8,000 when this hand came about. The action was folded around to the similarly short-stacked button, who moved all-in for a little over 7,000 holding pocket fives. Lerner made the call from the big blind, turning over A♥2♦. The fives held up on the J♠T♥4♠3♥7♠ board, leaving Lerner with only 700 in chips.

Lerner was all-in from the small blind on the next hand. The cutoff limped, the big blind raised to 2,400 and the cutoff came along. Although both players checked the K♠Q♦8♥ flop, the big blind led out on the turn when the 9♣ fell and the cutoff called.

"I'm dead," Lerner said, standing from his chair and mucking his cards as the K♣ hit the river.

1:12pm: Fierro hits 400,000
It's not possible for chip leader Nico Fierro to win this tournament today, but he sure is trying. He just eliminated another player with Q♦Q♠ vs A♣K♣ on a 8♣2♣2♦T♥6♣ board. Fierro now has more than 400,000 chips.

1:11pm: In an insta-nano-millisecond, Wager is gone

That was the first word of Costa Rican Natan Wager's mouth. We knew it wasn't going to be a good story. We were right.

He sat on the button with 33,000, one knee in his chair, and his hands on his cards. He looked down at one ace and decided he wasn't going to sit down. He looked again. Another ace. In went his raise for 2,300. He'd hope to entice the small blind, a savvy player with whom he had some history, to three-bet out of position. It didn't happen. Instead, he was called in the big blind by, as he put it "one of those genius Argentinians--please quote me on that."

The flop came out with a ten a nine and a six. The big blind checked, Wager bet 3,300, and the big blind moved all-in. Wager described his snap call as happening in an "insta-nano-millisecond." The big blind didn't want to show his hand, but eventually turned over ten-eight.

"No seven!" Wager called.

The dealer complied and put out a queen. Wager called for a three, but the dealer didn't listen. Out came jack, giving the big blind a straight.

"He didn't event know," Wager said ruefully.

The 70,000 pot went the other way, and Wager is gone.

1:00pm: BLINDS 600-1200-100

12:32pm: Housekeeping
The LAPT Grand Final started Day 2 with fifteen tables, one of which has already broken. When we reach 80 players, the field will be reduced to ten eight-handed tables. By the end of the day, Tournament Director Mike Ward hopes to have 24 players left.

12:20pm: The rich get richer
As if Nico Fierro didn't have enough of a chip lead, he just busted a player at his table and added another 60,000 chips to his stack, taking him up to a mind-boggling 340,000.

Leo Fernandez's Day 2, however, only lasted a few hands and he made a speedy exit from the tournament area. Another departing short-stack? Tim Vance.

12:00pm: Annnnnd we're back
The 126 players who made it through Day 1 are arriving and sitting down to unbag their chips. We've been told they will play down to three nine-handed tables...unless it gets too late, at which point, they will stop with four tables remaining.

Nico Fierro begins the day as chip leader, but if yesterday is any indication, the chip lead is a tenuous thing.

Play will be underway shortly, as will our live updates.


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Brad Willis
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