LAPT Player of the Year award race getting tight

lapt-promo.gifIn just a few short weeks, the country of Colombia has taken over the Latin American Poker Tour. For three seasons, the country of Colombia barely registered on the LAPT radar. As of last week, it now holds the record for biggest LAPT tournament in history. Now, with one event lest in Season 4, the country's Pablo Gonzalez is holding on to a first place spot on the LAPT Player of the Year leaderboard.

After five LAPT events across the region, Gonzalez is one of two Colombians among the top ten players vying for the LAPT Player of the Year award. He currently holds a slim 25-point lead over LAPT Sao Paulo winner Alex Manzano. Just behind Manzano is another Colombia, Daniel Ospina.

Here are the top ten players at the moment.

LAPT Player of the Year standings

1. Pablo Gonzalez (Colombia) 1125
2. Alex Manzano (Chile) 1100
3. Daniel Ospina (Colombia) 990
4. Leandro Csome (Argentina) 975
5. Engelbert Varela (Venezuela) 970
6. Amos Ben Haim (Chile) 895
7. Raul Pino (Panama) 880
8. Luis Alexander Yepez (Venezuela) 870
9. Joao Neto (Brazil) 850
10. Miguel Alvarez de Lugo (Venezuela) 830


Pablo Gonzalez, LAPT Player of the Year leader

Gonzalez has been picking up points in both main and side events so far this year. He placed third in the LAPT Lima main event. He followed that up with a first place finish in a LAPT Punta del Este side event. He may not have won the most money on the LAPT so far this year, but he's leading in points, and that's all that matters in this particular race. He'll just have to hold on through the Season 4 grand final (details still to come).

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