LAPT7 Brazil: Guillen, Pessagno take center stage as Day 3 begins

Welcome back to the LAPT Brazil, where the first hour of Day 3 action has already seen more than a dozen of our 71 returning players eliminated. Today's objective? Play down to a final table of eight. Last night, Argentina's Juan Pablo Franco made quads vs. a full house in the last level to take the chip lead with 1,348,000. About 300,000 chips behind him is Brazilian Andre Edson Coronel, with just over a million.

Although we've been live streaming the feature table action for the last three days, three more cameras, one atop a giant swinging jib now circle the stage. It's currently home to our two surviving Red Spades, Team Online's Caio Pessagno and Team Pro Angel Guillen. Guillen is seated on Pessagno's immediate left and they have already clashed in two huge pots.


Whatcha got there, Caio?

In the first, Guillen opened for 25,000 from UTG and Victor Sbrissa flat-called on the button. The action passed to Pessagno in the big blind and he shipped in his remaining 188,000 in chips. Guillen reraised to 310,000, folding out Sbrissa.

Guillen A♦A♠
Pessagno 5♥5♠

Presto-change-o, the flop fell Q♥5♣3♠, making Pessagno a set of fives. Guillen didn't spike an ace or runners on the turn or river and fell to 534,000 while Pessagno doubled to 388,000.

A few minutes later the two were engaged in a blind vs. blind battle with 154,000 in the pot on a A♥T♠5♠5♦ board. Guillen led out for 78,000 and Pessagno called. Both players checked the 6♥ river and Guillen revealed A♣J♣ to take it down. Guillen moved up to 820,000 while Pessagno sank back to 203,000.

Although defending champion Victor Sbrissa took a big hit early on, he rebounded nicely at Fabio "F1oba" Pereira's expense. Sbrissa opened for 27,000 and Pereira moved all-in for 205,000 only to have Mateus Alencar reshove behind him for 600,000. Sbrissa snap-called all-in, revealing pocket kings. Pereira turned over pocket sevens and Alencar showed A♣Q♥.

Pereira hit a boffo 9♠8♥7♥ flop and made bottom set, but Sbrissa caught the 3♥ and the 6♥ on the turn and river to make a king-high flush. A stunned Pereira hit the rail while Sbrissa climbed to 871,000 in chips.


No mo' Fabio

Also heading out the door this level was BSOP and BPT champion Jorge Breda. All-in with A♣9♣, he ran headlong into Alex Sako's Q♦Q♥ and departed in 62nd place (R$ 11,500).

Presently 56 players remain in contention with the blinds up to 8,000/16,000 in Level 22. To check up on how the field is stacking up, check out the LAPT Brazil chip counts page. For a list of who finished where, head over to the prizepool and payouts page.


Photography from LAPT7 Brazil by Carlos Monti. Live streaming of the action in both Spanish and Portuguese is available via You can also follow the Spanish feed at PokerStars or via Facebook, and the Portugeuse feed at PokerStars or via Facebook.

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.