LAPT7 Brazil: Lost in translation

Listen, I'm going to tell you the extent of my Portuguese vocabulary right now. You ready?

"Bon dia." "Cerveja." "Obrigado."

The first one has proven useless on this trip since mornings aren't exactly waking hours here on the LAPT. The second I have yet to taste since arriving, but we'll change that soon enough. And the third is what I typically mumble to service personnel after a poor attempt to communicate in a language they obviously do not speak.

So, when what appeared to be a Brazilian Elvis impersonator came on the mic after the last break and didn't break into "Blue Suede Shoes," I had to seek out a translator.


First of all... is he supposed to be Elvis? Or is that just a look? In Las Vegas it wouldn't even be a question but I'm not sure if that sort of fandom runs this far south.

Second of all... how did he get a hold of the mic?

And third... what the hell is he saying? I recognized some numbers, but was otherwise flummoxed.

Enter blogger Sergio Prado, my savior and spirit guide when it comes to the Brazilian poker landscape.

"He's giving out free massages. Those are table and seat numbers he's calling out."

"But is he supposed to be Elvis?"

Sergio shrugged and we turned our attention to the SKY Poker girls flanking him on either side, clad in fishnet stockings and short, voluminous red skirts.


Level 4 is ticking to a close and I've just been informed we'll be taking a one-hour dinner break. Still alive and kicking in the re-entry period are Team Pros Andre Akkari, Nacho Barbero, and Christian De Leon. Also surviving the first half of the day are Alex Gomes, Joao Neto, Fabian Ortiz, Igianne Bertoldi, Jorge Breda, Ivan Freitez, Ariel Bahia, and Joe Ebanks. With 520 entries and counting, we've officially crossed the 1,000-entry mark and could be looking at a record prize pool on the LAPT.

Now, to seek out sustenance.

Photography from LAPT7 Brazil by Carlos Monti. Live streaming of the action in both Spanish and Portuguese is available via You can also follow the Spanish feed at PokerStars or via Facebook, and the Portugeuse feed at PokerStars or via Facebook.

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.