LAPT7 Brazil: Pitta bursts bubble in Brazil

I love the bubble. Emotions run high as the sharks circle the short stacks, nibbling away at the last of their chips. While the players with multiple towers of blue 5,000s spent the last hour texting, reading Twitter, or in the case of Team Online's Caio Pessagno, two-tabling online via PokerStars mobile, those on their last few big blinds had a long, slow sweat that lasted the better part of an entire level.


Caio Pessagno

With 168 players remaining, our first touch and go moment came when Bruna Araujo moved in for her last 29,000 and LAPT Brazil Season 6 champion Victor Sbrissa called. Araujo looked pretty comfortable as she was forced to wait for the action on the other tables to finish and for good reason-- she tabled K♣K♦. Sbrissa revealedQ♦Q♣. Araujo turned a set of kings on the A♠7♥5♣K♥6♣ board and doubled to 60,000.


Bruna Araujo, happy to see Victor Sbrissa's pocket queens

Moments later, the media vultures shot across the room as the tournament's shortest remaining stack, Rogerio Pitta, committed the rest of his chips. Earlier in the level he was down to his last 5,000 and called all-in from the big blind with 3-5 off suit. His opponent showed J-T and picked up a jack on the A-J-3 flop. The turn was a blank and Pitta pleaded for a five. The dealer granted his wish on the river and he doubled up with two pair.


Rogerio Pitta

Back down to 9,000 with 4,000 already committed in the big blind, Pitta watched as Bill Gazes opened the pot for 8,000. Keiji Kimura three-bet to 24,000 from late position and Pitta called all-in.

Pitta J♦J♥
Kimura A♦6♣


Fernanda Lopes sends Pitta some positive vibes

It looked like Pitta was headed for another double-up as the flop fell 9♥2♥2♣. However, Kimura paired his kicker on the 6♦ turn and rivered trips with the 6♥. Pitta made a gracious exit and was immediately pulled away for a television interview as the remaining 167 players burst into cheers.


Everyone is now guaranteed at least R$7,000 for their efforts, although those who made multiple re-entries have a couple of pay jumps to go before they're firmly in the black. As for our Red Spades, four of them have made the money-- Team Pros Angel Guillen and Leo Fernandez as well as Team Online's Jorge Limon and Caio Pessagno.

The plan for the rest of the night is to play to 32 players remain or the end of Level 20. The way things are shaping up, we're betting on the latter.

Photography from LAPT7 Brazil by Carlos Monti. Live streaming of the action in both Spanish and Portuguese is available via You can also follow the Spanish feed at PokerStars or via Facebook, and the Portugeuse feed at PokerStars or via Facebook.

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.