LAPT7: Guillen doubles, final table nears with 10 remaining

We are only two eliminations away from the LAPT Brazil final table. Four players saw their tournament come to an end in the last hour, one at the hand of Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen.

Mikhail Chabel made it 120,000 to go from UTG and two seats over, Angel Guillen moved all-in for 1 million. The action passed to Victor Talamini in the big blind and he moved all-in for his last 905,000, folding out Chabel. Talamini's A♠Q♥ was crushed by Guillen's K♠K♣ and he did not improve, the board running out ten-high. Talamini took 14th place while Guillen doubled to 2,150,000.


Guillen has the kinks worked out

Munir Berno went out in 13th place, followed by Rodrigo Almeida in 12th. Then it was Stetson Fraiha's turn to move all-in, but his Q♥T♥ didn't catch vs. Joaquin Matias Ruiz's K♠Q♦.

Players are on a 15-minute break and will return to blinds of 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante. Here's a look at the current chip counts:

Victor Sbrissa (Brazil) 7,350,000
Joaquin Matias Ruiz (Argentina) 5,980,000
Andre Cuco (Portugal) 2,600,000
Pedro Soares (Brazil) 2,500,000
Juan Pablo Franco (Argentina) 2,400,000
Caio Hey (Brazil) 1,900,000
Gustavo Lopes Vascao (Brazil) 1,800,000
Angel Guillen (Mexico) 1,720,000
Alex Sako 1,700,000
Mikhail Charbel 1,300,000

Photography from LAPT7 Brazil by Carlos Monti. Live streaming of the action in both Spanish and Portuguese is available via You can also follow the Spanish feed at PokerStars or via Facebook, and the Portugeuse feed at PokerStars or via Facebook.

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.