LAPT7 Panama: Late night rounds

Round and round go the cards, chips, and action. And as play moves through the ninth of 10 scheduled one-hour levels, we make another round to catch up with various groups we've been following here on Day 1A of the LAPT7 Panama Main Event.

The Panamanian Francis Cruz whom we noted had won a couple of big hands to build a leading stack after the dinner break continued to thrive through Level 8, but has stumbled a bit during Level 9 to fall back to a stack of about 65,000 -- still well above the average, but about half what he had before.

LAPT -PANA-7S--1789.jpg

Francis Cruz

Meanwhile Gerardo Gordinez (110,000), Juan Martin Pastor (80,000), and Rafael Pardo (75,000) have continued to climb the counts.

Also continuing to trend upward is Team PokerStars Pro Nacho Barbero, up around 85,000 at present. His fellow Argeninian and Team Pro Leo Fernandez is doing fine as well with around 55,000, appearing comfortable in his purple sweatshirt on the feature table.

LAPT -PANA-7S--1598.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez

Three women remain among the Day 1A players. Barbara Friedl has about 22,000 and is on the short side, while Jessica Borrego has over 70,000 and is thriving. And Angelina Rich whom we met earlier has maintained a stack of about 45,000.

LAPT -PANA-7S--1702.jpg

Angelina Rich

Speaking of earlier meetings, Joel "JMPRODIGY" Micka with whom we also spoke at the start of the day was just eliminated here in Level 9, closely following another American with a similar online nick, Jordan "JWPRODIGY" Westmorland, who hit the rail just prior. Carter Gill meanwhile remains to represent the States with his stack of about 30,000.

LAPT -PANA-7S--1673.jpg

Carter Gill

We'll keep an eye on both the total number of Day 1A survivors and those big stacks as the night winds down and the last rounds of the night are dealt.

LAPT -PANA-7S--1640.jpg

Photography from LAPT7 Panama by Carlos Monti. Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese. Also check out the start-to-finish live streaming coverage (in both Spanish and Portuguese) at

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.