LAPT7 Panama: Try, try again... Day 1B awaits

Dealers sit patiently at the tables. Staff scurries about making sure all is ready. Players are starting to collect outside the entrance to the poker room. The time for preparations is nearly over. Soon begins Day 1B of the LAPT7 Panama Main Event.

It's a second Day 1 flight, which inherently imposes particular themes upon the proceedings -- of repetition, of perseverance, of doing it all over again.

Yesterday saw 175 total entries in the $1,500+$150 tournament play down to just 58 players, with Guillermo Olvera finishing the night having collected the most chips of anyone with a stack of 147,400.

LAPT -PANA-7S--1815.jpg

Guillermo Olvera

By virtue of his strong Wednesday, the Mexican Olvera will get to enjoy a day off today. But many of those against whom he competed will be back again today, repeating what they tried yesterday with hopes of a different outcome.

Among the "if at first you don't succeed" crowd who played and busted Day 1A are Team PokerStars Pros Humberto Brenes and Leo Fernandez, both of whom we'll surely see taking seats again today. Their teammate Nacho Barbero won't be here -- he made it through yesterday with a stack of 65,000 (about average) -- but others will, for sure, likely to help swell today's field to greater proportions than a day ago.

We'll soon see who comes out today -- both the new faces and the old. Then we'll do it all over again, level by level, orbit by orbit, hand by hand. They'll play through 10 one-hour levels today with a dinner break after Level 6, and up until Level 7 begins players will still have that reentry option open to them, should they stumble this afternoon.

We'll be back at it, too, delivering reports all day as we find out together if anyone can catch Olvera today as well as who makes it through to tomorrow's Day 2. Stay tuned!


Photography from LAPT7 Panama by Carlos Monti. Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese. Also check out the start-to-finish live streaming coverage (in both Spanish and Portuguese) at

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.