LAPT7 Peru: Typical Peluca

The 99 survivors of the first 16 levels of the LAPT Peru Grand Final are now back from dinner to start Level 17. All have Leandro Csome -- a.k.a. "Peluca" -- to thank for having knocked out Roberto Larrain in 104th just before dinner had come, thereby bursting the money bubble.

The Argentinian is looking good in more ways than one these days. He's added chips throughout the day to build a stack up close to 280,000, around twice the average. He's also appearing especially fit, cutting a figure currently that together with a new haircut contrasts somewhat with our memory of him from past LAPTs.

Speaking of past events, Csome's involvement in the bursting of the bubble today recalls an earlier visit here to Lima, from way back in Season 3. There was a funny scene involving Csome then occurring just as the money bubble was approaching, one characteristic of the Argentinian's lovable sense of humor and why he's such a well liked figure on the tour.


Csome at an earlier LAPT Peru

There were 53 players remaining with only the top 48 making the cash, and play had slowed to a crawl. Finding himself sitting close to one of the large monitors displaying the time clock and players remaining, Csome had an idea.

He found a piece of paper and pen, scribbled the number "48" on it, and stepped over to the screen, holding the paper up to cover the number on the screen. Csome then let out a big cheer, and others nearby quickly joined in. Soon the whole room was roaring, the faux celebration at last settling into laughter and wide grins all around.

It was typical Peluca, you might say. And also indicative of the generally positive vibe one routinely encounters on the LAPT, where even amid the most tense tourney moments there's always a festive feel to the events, full of camaraderie and fun.


Having Csome fun

Alas for Csome on that day, he'd be one of those who would bust shy of the cash. His pretend-bursting of the bubble then had been a bluff, but today he managed the feat for real.

It wasn't long after that tournament that Csome began surviving into the money at LAPT events, including final tabling the LAPT4 Brazil Main Event (where he finished fifth), winning some side events (including a High Roller at LAPT6 Brazil), while also collecting considerable cashes on PokerStars where he plays as "leopeluca."

In other words, while Csome has a reputation for fun, he's also well earned one as an especially formidable foe at the tables.


Csome at the feature table

With 75 players remaining, Csome continues to collect chips here during the early evening, perhaps positioning himself for another trip to a LAPT Main Event final table. Typical.

Photography from LAPT7 Peru by Carlos Monti. Check out the start-to-finish live streaming coverage (in both Spanish and Portuguese) at Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.