LAPT8 Bahamas: A fantastic field

They've pushed through seven levels and a little more at the LAPT Bahamas Main Event and are eyeing a 75-minute dinner break due to start at the end of Level 8. Once players return from their evening repast late registration will end and the ability to reenter will be no more, and soon thereafter we'll learn for certain just how big the field for this $3,000 event has turned out to be.

During the last level the overall number of entries pushed up well over 600, and whatever the total prize pool ends up being, it's clear already it will at least challenge the tour's all-time high.

Atlantis Resort_2015 PCA_Giron_7JG7948b.jpg

It's getting crowded in here

Last year during Season 7, the LAPT Brazil event was a record-breaker, drawing 1,167 entries and a prize pool then equaling around $1.95 million USD. Brazil's own Caio Hey won that event to claim a first prize worth R$680,000 (just over a quarter million USD) following a three-handed final table deal.

The other prize pools during Season 7 all hovered just above or below the $1 million mark, and looking back through the LAPT's history there haven't been too many prize pools much bigger than that, an exception coming back in Season 2 at Mar del Plata in Argentina when a $5,200 buy-in Main Event drew enough players to create a $1,455,000 prize pool.

Dominik Nitsche won that event nearly five years ago, earning a $381,030 first prize for doing so. And in fact Nitsche is here today making a belated return to the LAPT after having picked up three WSOP bracelets, a WPT title, and a number of other deep cashes in the interim.

Dominik Nietsche-PCA2015-LAPT-Monti-0325.jpg

Dominik Nitsche

Nitsche was nursing a below-average stack the last we checked. Meanwhile Rolando Soria of Argentina was the first player to spin a stack up over the 100,000-chip mark earlier in the afternoon, with his fellow countryman Daniel Ades joining him in the six-figure club prior to dinner's arrival.

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree was also spotted with a stack of more than 80,000 not long ago, giving her above average chips even after a couple of hundred players have been felted.

Liv Boeree-PCA2015-LAPT-Monti-0151.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree

We're going to fill our tummies as well here shortly, then return for the final four 50-minute levels of the night during which we'll find out some official totals for this event and see who among those making up this big LAPT Bahamas field are positioning themselves best for tomorrow's Day 2.

Photography from LAPT8 Bahamas by Carlos Monti. Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.